Dancing With the Stars 4/9/12 Live Recap: Kiss and Dance!

Another rockin’ show awaits us as Dancing with the Stars continue on with rock week! After Jack Wagner’s elimination last week, the remaining couples dance tonight to save themselves from this week’s elimination. Legendary rock band, KISS will be playing for all the dancers, giving them more rock inspiration as they hit the dance floor! Stay tuned for live updates on your favorite show, only here on Nerdles!

The show begins with a bang as the legendary band, KISS hits the stage! Coming in full make up and leather pants, they stick out their tongue and give a rockin’ performance. We’re all definitely ready to rock as we wait for our favorite dancing star’s performance! Maria and Derek, Donald and Peta, Gavin and Karina, Sherri and Val, Melissa and Maksim, William and Cheryl, Katherine and Mark, Gladys and Tristand, Jaleel and Kim, and Roshon and Chelsie remain on the show, competing to be the best dancing star! Leather, dark make up and spiked accessories dominate their costumes tonight!

First dancers for tonight, team SherVal! Sherri and Val are dancing the Tango, and Sherri gets hard love from Val, as he continues to scold Sherri to keep her form! They dance with the song, ‘Quiet Noise’. The Tango is all about man-woman relationships, and this week, they get to show their own love-hate relationship as a dancing couple!

Back from the break, Sherri and Val get their Tango face on, kicking off the show tonight as the lead dancers. Sherri begins with a solo dance on the judge’s table, giving them a quick lap dance to earn her points. By the end of their dance, she ends up on top of Val, all smiles as they end their dance number. First to judge is Len, where he says that this dance suits Sherri’s bubbly personality, but thought her performance was a little off. Bruno enjoyed the lap dance while Carrie Ann thought the dance lacked exuberance. She earns a total of 21 points, a low score to begin the show.

Now, Katherine and Mark are next, dancing the Paso Doble! To prepare for this dance, Mark brought Katherine inside the boxing ring to bring out her warrior within. Of course, another outstanding performance from this couple! The stage is literally on fire as Katherine flips her skirt all over the dance floor. Judge Bruno felt the energy, although he said her foot work was a little off. Len thought the dance has a lot of promise, and Carrie Ann enjoyed the dance number, but thinks it was a little off, too! Wow! The judges are giving rock hard love to our dancing stars tonight!

Back from the break, Jaleel and Kym prepare for their Tango number. Kym throws Jaleel around as she teaches him the Tango, and she loves it! The song, “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction’ blasts on, and they begin their rockin’ dance number! With their matching red outfits, they we’re on fire! Jaleel keeps his scarf on, to mimic the rock star, Mick Jagger. Carrie Ann loved the smooth performance, while Len thought it lacked aggression. Bruno thought the same, saying that the ‘prowling’ foot work was missing in their dance number. The pair gets a total of 22 points, not bad!

Now, Melissa and Maksim are next, dancing the Paso doble. The pair begins with Melissa being dragged across the dance floor, in white! They add a little drama to their dance, with a choreographed duel between the pair. In the end, Melissa wins and leaving Maksim lying dead on the dance floor. Maksim slipped, and the judges definitely noticed this. Judges’ Bruno and Len comments on Maksim’s slip, saying that the performace might have been ruined because of his last minute slip. Carrie Ann thought it was Melissa’s best performance, and she’s looking forward to seeing Melissa dance to slower song numbers. They get a total of 22 points, a popular score for today’s dancers!

Now, Donald and Peta dance the Paso! Donald makes use of his huge arms, bringing more energy for the show. The shirtless Donald hits the stage, and the pair dance to the Jimi Hendrix hit, ‘Purple Haze’. They are totally rocking it! Donald gets to use his muscles, throwing Peta spinning across the floor. Bruno loves their performance, commending Donald’s muscular physique. Carrie Ann thought it was spectacular, and sexy! Len gets excited to see Donald’s bare chest, and thinks this performance is is best ever. The three judges give the highest score of the night, earning a total of 27 points!

Back from the break, Gladys and Tristan hits the floor, dancing to the song ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by the best rock band of the 80’s, Queen! Their black and silver matching outfits are all over the dance floor, unleashing the Tina Turner in Gladys. Carrie Ann thinks this was Gladys’ most ambitious performance, but was a little off beat. Len, who gave a score of 6, thinks it wasn’t her best dance, and Bruno thought it was good, but lacked impact. She gets a low score of 20 points, another low score in tonight’s show.

Now, Actor William Levy and his partner Cheryl Burke are next, dancing Jive with a twist of rock’n’roll! William comes out in a bandana, chains and black jacket, definitely rockin’ the outfit! Their performance is smoking! It’s packed with energy, with Cheryl even losing her shoe! Len, Bruno and Carrie Ann thought the performance was good, although William’s noticeable lost in timing. They get a total of 22 points!

Back from the break, Roshon and Chelsie are next, dancing the Waltz. Roshon finds it difficult to learn this dance, making it harder with Chelsie screaming to his every mistake. They come out with matching pink outfits, looking so adorable on the dance floor. After those energetic performances, it’s refreshing to watch the first slow dance of the night. Bruno and Carrie Ann thought the performance was smooth, with Carrie Ann commending Roshon to being the best male dancer from the group. Roshon gets his wish, as Len says, “good job, dawg!”.

Now, Maria and Derek are up next, and they are super excited with their Tango dance number. Proving herself to be a fighter, Maria continues on with the show despite a foot injury. The dancing couple looks absolutely stunning in their matching black rockin’ outfits! Again, they seem to be awfully romantic in their dance, and this keeps all of us wondering! Carrie Ann loved the pair’s chemistry, and Len thought Maria’s posture is the best among the pack. They are one of the judges’ favorite, earning a total of 26 points! I love this awesome duo! I wonder if they share more than a dancing relationship, what do you think?

Before going on to the last pair, Jennifer Love Hewitt gets a little spot light tonight while sitting in the front row of the audience. When asked who she’s rooting for, she answers with her sexy voice, Maks. Does this mean they’re coming out to the public as a couple? I hope so! They make a beautiful couple!

Last couple is Gavin and Karina! They were at the bottom of the pack twice in a row, but this doesn’t stop them to give it their best! They dance to the Tango, giving a rockin’ performance! The judges’ thought that Gavin needed to watch his posture. Despite the not-so-good comments that they got from the judges, they still got a score of 23!

That wraps up tonight’s show, but make sure to come back tomorrow for more live updates on your favorite show, only here on the most rockin’ nerd site, Nerdles!

Photo courtesy of Dancing With the Stars.