The Doctors Today (4/9/12): On Making Babies, Baby News, and Dropping A Dress Size (esp. After That Baby!) Live Recap

On The Doctors today, we’re talking baby talk – fertility tests for men, Beyonce’s and Jay-Z’s baby Blue Ivy, and baby yoga! Plus: banishing your beard for good, the Alkaline Diet, beauty product dangers and so much more! Keep your browsers locked here on Nerdles for the freshest live updates on The Doctors!

First on The Doctors today we’ll be talking about babies! The discussion about a baby’s health comes up when The Doctors talk about Beyonce’s and Jay-Z’s alleged over-protectiveness of their famous newborn child, Blue Ivy. The Doctors are fully behind the celebrity’s couple parenting style. The Doctors point out that it’s important to keep a baby safe especially from other people who are sick – who have coughs, rashes, fever, etc. While on the topic of baby safety, The Doctors bring up the story of a woman in Egypt who performs “baby yoga.” We know it sounds exotic and interesting, but in actuality, it’s quite dangerous for infants. The YouTube video of this woman performing “baby yoga” has been deleted for fears that it might be copied by others. If anything, the woman is flipping and swinging babies like they were toys. The Doctors are completely shocked, and point out that such swinging and flipping actions on an infant can cause severe damage to the neck and brain of a newborn.

Back from the break, we discuss having babies. The Doctors point out that more than 7 million people struggle with conceiving each year, and more often than not, it’s the woman who’s thought to be the cause. That’s not always true as Dr. Lisa points out that 30% of the time, the man is the one with the problem. The Doctors show us the Spermcheck Fertility Test. It’s an FDA-approved home test for men that is said to be 98% accurate. It works similarly to a woman’s pregnancy test. A man takes a small sample of his sperm with a suction tube. Mixes it into a provided solution. Then puts six drops of the sperm-solution into a platform that reveals the man’s sperm count. A normal, healthy sperm count amounts to 20 million sperm per milliliter. Check out the photo below:


The Spermcheck At Home Fertility Test.

Now we’re talking about finding love. On a plane. But have you ever had to ride a plane next to the most annoying person in the world? Some guests share their stories about sitting next to people who watched porn during a flight, who talked to themselves, who talked too much, who let out a long stinky fart, etc. Crazy stories, and fortunately, I haven’t had it as bad as them. But Dutch airline, KLM, is going hoping to change all those horrible stories into love stories. The airline will allow passengers to see who will be flying with them by linking their social profiles into a virtual seating chart. This way you can avoid sitting next to that man who’s had too many bears, and instead, sit next to a cut blonde or a tall, dark, and handsome man. Or, as our doctors funnily suggest, create an extremely displeasing fake profile so no one sits next to you on your flight and you get all the space to yourself. The choice is now yours with Dutch airline, KLM. Hopefully, other airlines follow suit, as well.

Up next, let’s talk about beards. What do you prefer? A clean-shaven look, a slight five o-clock shadow, or a full-blown woodman’s beard? On the show, we have Chris who wants to undergo a procedure that will permanently rid him of his thick, rough facial hair. This technique is called the Light Shear Cool Tip. It permanently erases your facial hair using lasers. We can actually see the hair pop out of the skin when the laser lights up Chris’ skin. Here is one of our very doctors with and without a beard, and a before-and-after shot of client who underwent the Light Shear Cool Tip procedure:


The Doctor - a clean shaven look or a bearded look? What do you think?


Light Shear Cool Tip: Before and After

The latest diet craze sweeping across the country, the Alkaline Diet, is discussed by our doctors now. Basically, it’s a diet that avoids highly acidic foods in favor of eating more Alkaline foods. The Doctors set the record straight – this Alkaline Diet is nothing but another diet trend. Avoid it. Eat balanced, healthy meals instead.

The Doctors now talk about breakfast. Are you or your family members skipping breakfast? Stop! Skipping breakfast deprives your body of the nutrients it needs, most especially for children. A bowl of milk and whole grain cereal is the quickest and best bet for breakfast. Skipping breakfast puts your body in hibernation mode which tells your body to store fat, and this could actually make you more prone to obesity. Eating breakfast actually sparks up your body’s metabolism and helps it prepare to start burning the calories it’ll need throughout the day. But is a cup of coffee good enough for breakfast? The Doctors say no, it’s not enough. You need more than just java, but you could add some milk to that cup of joe to add some much needed protein and nutrients your body is looking for at 7AM.

There’s one beauty item that we need to be extremely careful with and that’s lip balm. Excessive and habitual use of lip balm prevents your lips from doing it’s natural job of moisturizing your own lips. The Doctors suggest the best lip balm to use is natural petroleum jelly.

That’s it for the show today. Be sure to visit us again here on Nerdles for The Doctors recap tomorrow!

Photo courtesy of The Doctors.