The View 4/12/12 Live Recap: Comedy Thursday with Tina Fey

On today’s show, the funniest girl from Saturday Night Live Tina Fey will be dropping by for a chat with the ladies. Also, Elisabeth will give us her “Reality Show Round-Up” for this week, so stay tuned for more from The View, only here on Nerdles!

All five ladies come out from backstage, all smiles as another show starts right now! As always, we hear the latest Hot Topics from the ladies on the show. They talk about the twitter war between Democrat Hilary Rosen and Republican Ann Romney. After going on CNN to talk about Mrs. Romney’s lack of experience, she goes on to say that Ann Romney never worked a day in her life. The twitter war begin when Ann answers back saying that she made a choice to stay at home to raise her boys, and that was hard work for her. Although Ms. Rosen believes Ann should not be speaking about women’s issues because she lacks experience, the ladies think that this statement could have been delivered differently. After discussions and arguments, Barbara concludes that bottom line of this discussion is that we are all hopeful that women in this age are now able to freely choose to stay at home or juggle family and career.

Back from the break, Barbara shares last night’s party of the magazine, Hollywood Reporter, where they feature 35 Most Powerful People in Media. Of course, the legendary Barbara Walters is on their list! Congratulations, Barbara! That’s woman power! Moving on, the group looks at the latest on Alec Baldwin and his twitter fiasco. He tweeted that no one in NBC office called him, and The Today Show just showed up in his apartment, who are probably doing a feature on the handsome actor. Following this tweet, he then reveals that he’s leaving the network. The ladies give him a simple piece of advice: stop tweeting, Alec!

Back from the break, Tina Fey comes out to join the ladies! They talk about her show, 30 Rock, and its live airing this coming April 26. On this episode, we can expect costume changes and wig changes, although Tina couldn’t reveal the guest stars that’ll be on the show. Barbara questions Tina if Alec leaving the show and Tina is sure to say that he is not. But if in case the end of the show is on the horizon, then she would not be able to say if Alec will stay with the network. Can’t wait to watch 30 Rock live!

Now, our favorite ‘Reality Show Round-Up’ is on, and Elisabeth starts off with American Idol! She says that everyone did a great job, but it was obviously ladies night as Skylar, Jessica and Elise gave an amazing performance. A reality show called ‘Mamas From the Bronx’ is now showing, where they feature the daily life of Italian boys, or should I say, men, who are still living and dependent with their mothers. You would see these grown men shaving in their bathrooms, shouting to their old, frail mothers to iron their shirts, shine their shoes or even look for the toothpaste. Joy describes being like Jersey Shore on steroids! Next, Dance Moms: Miami show a 5-member dance group, 4 girls and a boy. The boy is the main performer, showing his moves comparable to the Chippendales dancing techniques. Can you picture it now? The boy is wearing pink shorts while he dances. They describe him as a ‘Billy Elliot’, pertaining to the male ballet dancer classic novel. Is this appropriate? What do you think?

That’s it for today’s The View! See how the ladies end another week as we give you live updates of your favorite show, The View, only here on Nerdles!

Photo courtesy of The View