American Idol 4/19/12 Live Recap: Elimination 7 The Second Time Around

The 7 finalists of American Idol took center stage last night as they perform two songs from now and then. Their two songs give America enough to be able to cast the right votes, or have they? We’ll find out who leaves the idol stage, as we go on with elimination night tonight. With no more saves from the judges, the 7 idols will only be 6, after tonight’s results are revealed. Find out if your favorite idol stays or goes as we give you live updates, only here on Nerdles!

After 53 million votes in, the first two pairs who take center stage are the best friends, Joshua Ledet and Hollie Cavanagh. Ryan announces that Joshua didn’t get the right votes…to get to the bottom three, Joshua sighs with relief. Now, it’s Hollie’s turn to find out if she’s safe or not, and sadly, she’s still in the bottom 3 this week. Two more seats to fill up the bottom three side of the stage!

Back from the break, an American Idol homecoming as Kris Allen returns to the idol stage as a bonafide star singing his single ‘Visions of Love’ from his first album, ‘Thank You Camelia’. It’s been three years since his American Idol days, and now, Allen proves to be the true idol that he is, singing his heart out, serenading everyone with his amazing voice.

Now, more results will be revealed. Side-by-side, Skylar Laine and Elise Testone are on stage to find out if they are on the bottom three. Coach Jimmy thinks that Skylar is the best performer on idol to date, but Elise’s ‘Let’s Get It On’ fell flat and might even send her home tonight. Elise thinks the judges are especially hard on her because of her age, while Skylar put things in to perspective after spending a week in the bottom three a few weeks ago. The result: Skylar is safe, and Elise joins Hollie as the second pick for the bottom three.

Back from the break, Ryan Seacrest takes pride in sharing the life of his mentor, the late Dick Clark. It started in 1957, when Dick Clark introduced American Bandstand to American television. This has paved way for up and coming artists to get to stardom, and to change the face of pop music in the face of history. Now, his legacy lives on as he produced some of the most award-winning shows on television.

Now, the crazy LMFAO pumps up the idol stage with their apology anthem, ‘Sorry for Party Rockin’. They bring their crazy crew in, with their crazy dancing and neon outfits. They even brought a dancing zebra on stage!

Back from the break, three idols are on stage to find out the last of the bottom three. Phillip Phillips, who blew us away with his sexy ‘You Got It Bad’, Colton Dixon who came on with his rockin’ ‘Bad Romance’, and Jessica Sanchez with her rendition of ‘Fallin’ will get their results on tonight’s show. Coach Jimmy gets an aha! moment while watching Jessica Sanchez, he figures out that Jessica’s song choices are too old for her age!

Now, the votes come in, and first on spotlight is Jessica Sanchez. After enduring the stress of elimination, Jessica is safe from being on the bottom three. Now, Elise, Colton and Hollie comprise the bottom three of this week’s elimination. Ryan asks Elise to sit down, and watch one of her friends go home tonight, she is safe.

Back from the break, Hollie Cavanagh and Colton Dixon share the stage. It’s Colton Dixon first time on the bottom three, and Hollie, has been in the bottom three for quite some time now. The results are revealed, and Hollie is asked to sit on the couch with the others, as America has voted Colton Dixon off the show. He sings his last song on the idol stage, bringing everyone in tears, as he sings ‘Everything’ with such heart and emotion.

Too bad Colton fans, he just didn’t give enough last night. But don’t fret, because Colton reveals he will still make a music record in the future. So watch out, because idol or not, Colton will still make it to the top. Good night everyone!

Photo courtesy of American Idol.


  1. Vance says

    Colton is incapable of emotion. He just whines his way through with his nasal tone on everything and feigns emotion with his exaggerated/lack of decent phrasing.. It was not a shock that he would be booted after he was abysmal on two songs.