The View 4/20/12 Live Recap: Sherri’s Birthday

On today’s The View, the stage will be packed with different guests who’ll be celebrating with Sherri and the ladies. The cast of HBO’s ‘Girls’, musical guest, Toby Mac and ‘No Guts, No Glory’ author Dr. Steven Lamm. Watch their interviews on The View, only here on Nerdles!

First guest stars on the show are from the new, controversial series of HBO, ‘Girls’. It’s got great reviews, and seems totally worth to watch as it talks about the struggles of teenage girls. The show a clip from the show, where the scene is set in a abortion clinic’s waiting room. Barbara says this show is not another Sex and the City, but a more serious and real depiction of the young adult years.

‘Girls’ stars Lena Dunham, Allison Williams and Zosia Mamot join Barbara, Sherri and Joy as they talk about the new hit show. Lena is the director, writer and the star of the show. She’s really smart and talented at the young age of 25. The show is about four 21-year old girls who are living life. Lena says she wants to talk about the life of young girls who are struggling with self-esteem and sexuality. As Sex and the City is about glitz and glamour, Girls is about the gritty truth of real life.

Allison Williams is the daughter of reporter, Brian Williams and Zosia’s father is David Mamot. Zosia appeared in ‘Mad Men’ as a lesbian girlfriend and Allison made a deal with her parents to finish college before she enters the complicated world of showbiz. Lena’s parents are both artists, which is probably why they passed on their talents to their filmmaker/writer/actress daughter.

Back from the break, ‘No Guts, No Glory’ author Dr. Steven Lamm joins Elsiabeth and the ladies to discuss his book. He educates us about the gut, that it comprises a lot of organs, and not just the stomach. He talks about the phrase ‘trust your gut’, that the brain and the gut really has a connection, and can send signals to one another. His main point for writing the book is to educate people to respect their gut by changing what people eat and taking probiotics and enzymes to protect the gut with living organisms that would kill deadly ones.

Now, Grammy-award winner Toby Mac hits the stage to perform his single, ‘Get Back Up’. It’s Sherri’s wish to hear this band, as she has been a fan of this band. They’re a mix of all genres from rap, rock, pop and funk.

Back from the break, the ladies celebrate Sherri’s birthday with cupcakes from Sprinkles. A surprise comes out from back stage! Sherri’s son Jeffrey turns 7 years old, and the proud mother Sherri is beaming with delight as she stands by her son while she hosts the show. Another birthday show ends, as we welcome the weekend with more fun, fun fun! Happy weekend everyone!

Photo courtesy of The View.