Survivor: One World (4/25/2012) Live Recap – “Never Say Die”

Last week on Survivor:One World, when everyone was against Troyzan – the game shifted. In the reward challenge, the castaways had an auction and part of these were letters from their loved ones. Alicia and Tarzan received heart-warming messages from home. Troyzan opted to purchase what will give him the advantage in securing a slot in the second round of the Immunity Challenge. Worse comes to worst for the ladies, Troyzan won against Tarzan in the final round of the challenge.

Before tribal council, Troyzan plots a plan to turn the tables around, using Christina and Alicia along with the three remaining men in voting out Kim. However, the plan backfired, the female alliance stood strong – Kim’s idol was not flushed out and Leif was sent home packing.

With eight remaining castaways, Troyzan, Tarzan, Alicia, Christina, Chelsea, Cat, Sabrina and Kim, will the all-female alliance end or will Tarzan or Troyzan go home? Find out tonight, only here on Nerdles.

At the start of the episode, Tarzan finally realizes that they are down to two and he now knows he has two options: he has to win the immunity so he can stay a few more days in the island or follow what the women say and go with the flow. With her name written in the parchment twice last tribal, Kim is upset.

Reward Challenge

A reward gets Kim agitated. She doesn’t want Alicia, Christina or Troyzan to be back together in the camp as they could easily plot against her. The reward challenge is simple, the castaways are asked sets of questions about other castaways. Each time a contestant gets the question right they will be able to chop someone’s rope. Once a person’s rope is chopped off, then they are no longer in the running. In the challenge, the pecking order can be traced. It started with Troyzan, Tarzan, Chelsea, Cat, Sabrina then it came down to Christina, Alicia and eventually, Kim won the challenge. She gets to take the helicopter ride for a picnic lunch and brings Alicia with her. Alicia takes Chelsea.

Now, Troy feels he realizes how the alliances are set, with Alicia, Cat and Sabrina in the bottom of the pack. Meanwhile, Alicia, Kim and Chelsea were so excited in the helicopyer ride. They were very excited that she is coming here with all her friends. Chelsea said, she hated the game she just played-because as she didn’t like the questions asked in the challenges.

Kim gets paranoid and starts to think that the people back in the camp are not happy at all, so she has to make a plan to control the damage when they get back. Tides could definitely change when they return. Cat gets furious and expressed that she was pissed off when Kim commented that Chelsea is hungry so she’s taking her. Troyzan made this is an opportunity to play the remaining girls in the game telling Cat she needs to wake up and start playing her game while Sabrina tries to calm her and tells her to not let Troyzan play with their heads. Christina believes Troyzan and is now starting to change affinities.

Now that Kim, Alicia and Chelsea are back, Cat gets paranoid and worried as she doesn’t know what to feel about what Troyzan just said: if it is true or to just get it into her head. Kim then comforts Cat telling her not to be mad. She tells Cat that she likes her and that the challenge earlier was just a game and she’s just playing it. Alicia thinks that not taking Cat in the challenge was a silly move. Now that they are around the camp fire, a giant pig walks in front of them. They get a rope then there running after it, Christina grabs an axe and begins to imagine what could have been if they had killed the pig. Troyzan joins in for laughter as the girls talk about bacon sandwiches.

Kim wins the immunity challenge and Troyzan is depressed, however he feels like he can still go and things are not yet over. Kim is worried that Troyzan might play another idol on Tribal Council (even though he doesn’t have one, in reality). Because of this, the girls split the vote to Christina and Troyzan and tried to give Christina a story as to why they are doing it so she won’t freak out. Alicia laughs at Christina behind her back as she feels that they can do anything with her and that the girl is stupid. Christina talks to Troyzan -she doesn’t trust the women hundred percent. Christina tells Trozan to vote for Chelsea and so will she. Christina is telling Troyzan that they are going split the vote by putting her name down. Troyzan is excited because he realizes he can put Christina’s name down so Christina gets sent home.
Troyzan close to speak to Tarzan and then he tries to speak to Cat convincing her to change her vote.

Tribal Council
But it was different in tribal council, the girls have made up their mind and were unstoppable…

Troy was voted off!

Image courtesy of Survivor One World