The Big Bang Theory 4/26/2012 Live Recap: The Stag Convergence

Tonight on The Big Bag Theory, second thoughts prevail on Bernadette’s mind about marrying Wolowitz. This occurs when at the latter’s bachelor party, his sexual history details were revealed. In this episode, Wil Wheaton has a cameo role being a party guest. Know more information about his episode as we cover this show live, only here on Nerdles.

Bernadette gets cold feet after the bachelor party for Howard was set. Sheldon on the other hand cares more about Wil Wheaton, one of their party guests.

Have you ever thought what Bernadette had seen on Howard? I mean, he’s not really someone ideal. And this was even before we knew of his and Raj’s past, revealed in his bachelor party. Wow, it’s just amazing how Bernadette look over Howard’s dishonesty and his transgression listing video is presently a Youtube hit!

For this episode, who do you think did worse in the wedding party? Was it Bernadette’s maid of honor, Amy or Raj Koothrapalli, the “best man”?

Here are some quotes from “The Stag Convergence” in the latest The Big Bang Theory episode.

Here’s the part when the guys are talking about hiring a stripper.
Raj: “You don’t want strippers? You’re the king of strippers! That one club in North Hollywood named a poll after you.”
Raj:“Maybe we can go up to Napa Valley; they have that wine train.”
Sheldon:“Boo: Wine … but Yay! Trains. I’m in.”
Raj:“Anyway … it’s a beautiful time of year. You travel through the vineyards, there’s a tasting onboard and all the wild flowers are in bloom. It’s magic.”
Leonard:“Look at that, in 30 seconds we went from hiring women to being them.”

Penny:“What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done with a woman? And the time we had sex in the ocean doesn’t count.”
Howard:“Oh c’mon that’s gotta count. There was a really strong undertoe we could have died!”

Wil Weaton:“Hey guys.”
Leonard:“Oh hey Wil, nice of you to make it out tonight for Howard.”
Wil Weaton:“Well it was either this or another hot tub party at George Takei’s.” – Wil Wheaton

This is a really funny introduction made by Amy Farah Fowler:“This is Maid of Honor Amy Farrah-Fowler to bring you the wedding activities just weeks out from the big day. Let’s check in with the beautiful, radiant young woman and her friend who’s about to get married.”

Bernadette: “I’ve actually been thinking I’m going to hyphenate: Bernadette Maryann Rostenkowski-Wolowitz.”
Amy: “Nice. You know you should totally get before somebody snatches it up.”
Bernadette:“Howard already took are of it. Plus he set up our beautiful wedding website with cute little facts about our family histories. Did you know for a while, in Poland, his family and my family were neighbors.” – Bernadette
Penny:“Aww, that’s cool.”
Amy:“No it’s not. I’ll fill you in later.”

Sheldon:“Kidding aside, Howard: you are a good friend, and I wish you nothing but happiness. Bazinga, I don’t! Double-Bazinga, I do!”

Bernadette:“You lied to me. You said you told me about all the girls you’ve been with, but you never mentioned your cousin, the prostate or Raj!”

Amy: “I’m curious, what’s bothering you most? The borderline incest, the prostitute or group sex with a girl dressed as the children’s cartoon character?”
Penny:“Amy, remember when we went over things that would be helpful and things that wouldn’t?”
Amy:“Right. And that was ….?”

Penny:“Oh my god, Howard! That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard … and it came out of you!”

But in the end, when Bernadette locked herself in her bedroom and refused talking to anyone (even Penny!), Howard rose the challenge. He asked Penny to pass the message he wants Penny to hear. And when Bernadette finally came out of her room, Howard tells her that, “I didn’t like the man I used to be, I woudn’t go back to being that man. Even if you won’t marry me, because you make me a better man!”

And you bet, Bernadette slipped out of her hiding place and said, “Oh Howie,” and expect for a smashing finale wedding two weeks from now!

Image Courtesy of The Big Bang Theory.