The View 4/26/12 Live Recap: Shop Smart!

On tonight’s episode, The View will show us how to shop smart with some of the best deals in the market! From shoes to drug store merchandise, online shopping and lots more are unveiled during this “Shop Smart” show. Keep it here only on Nerdles to find out how you can shop smart!

Hot Topics opens the show of The View. The ladies talk about a New York Times article with a survey that shows that rich men use social media to cheat on their spouse. The ladies think it’s not only the rich guys who cheat, but the poor ones too. They say it’s probably because women pay more attention to the kids than to their husbands, and that causes the man to cheat. Elisabeth says its because of the lack of sex, and Barbara agrees with her, too.

Another article from the paper says that couples are now using social media to communicate, and that means arguing on twitter, too! Elisabeth finds it easier to communicate with her husband through email, saying that she can fully express what’s bothering her through this medium. Joy says she just yells at her husband in Costco, making this place more of a neutral ground to fight in. Barbara thinks that social media communication results to less divorce as face to face interaction is lesser.

Back from the break, the ladies are joined by TV personality, Regina Lewis, to talk about shopping for the best deals online! She shares some of the sites she’s found like,, where they give out flash sales of their best selling clothes, shoes and other items for kids. Another is, which is creating a buzz in the interior design world now, for their under $50 items that’s great for home! Regina warns us, because on your first visit you’ll see $2000 chandeliers, but digging deeper into the site, she says we’ll find the best bargains online. They have flash sales schedule that you can follow, and their under $20-$50.

At, shopper’s wil find the best deals on returned items, with as much as 85% off from its original price. Now, car deals you can find online are made easier with a new site called, where a buyer will post for the specific car they are looking for, and bidders will post the price of their car on the site. Regina got a deal on a Toyota, that saved her almost $4400.

A woman can never have enough shoes, so the ladies look at some of the best shoe deals under $50. First on the trends is boat shoes, which are not only used for sailing, but fashion as well. Bongo has them for $19. With ankle flats, City Classified has them at $21. Wedges are also hot this season, as they give the ladies leaner and longer legs. They have it at Forever 21 for $30. Flat espadrilles are also in this season, and Soludos has them for $24-$42. It’s hand made from India, and they have it in different colors, too. They are not shoes for the rain, though, so watch for the clouds before you wear them out!

That’s it for today’s show! But make sure to be back tomorrow, with more live updates of The View, only here on Nerdles!

Photo courtesy of The View.