Undercover Boss 4/27/2012 Live Recap: Philly Pretzel Factory

Last week, CEO and co-founder of Budget Blinds, the largest window cover franchise in North America with above 800 franchise locations, took it personal when two various franchisees commented on their advertising plan.

Tonight on Undercover Boss, Philly Pretzel Factory chief executive officer Dan DiZio goes undercover.  After one franchisee goes rogue, he was forced in to action and was brought to tears when realized he had let his franchise owners down.

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To disguise him for the show, Dan said:: “They bleached my hair white, cut some lines in the side of my hair to make me look younger and hipper, they put some blue contacts in, gave me a retainer, and shaved some diamond-type marks in the back of my head as well.”

Looks like there’s more to the job than what Dan DiZio had thought of. Dan DiZio had been managing 1700 employees spread across eight states in his quest to be a billion dollar company someday. He lost his father when he was a little boy due to lung cancer. Shortly thereafter, he aided a man in selling pretzels in Philly and everything grew there on.

Even though he values his company so much, he doesn’t let it interfere with his life. He always put his family first after being married with two children. He said he is proud of how the company is doing so far, but he wants to explore more on how it is in his franchises.

So he heads to New Jersey to meet one of the franchisees that is not doing so good. He meets Bill, owner of the franchise, and they go out for delivery using Bill’s old car. As they tell stories, Bill talks about how he and his wife runs their store.

Back at the store, Bill tells Dan regarding his special recipe. Dan becomes frustrated when he learned that Bill is not following their franchise system. Bill tells Dan that he may lose everything as he doesn’t earn enough money, not even enough to fix the front window of the store, costing at around $500. When Bill tries to convince Dan to take one of the rolls, he recognizes him. Bill gets his wife’s attention and brings her out, thinking it was Dan, the President of the Philly Pretzel factory franchise.

Dan breaks his undercover gig and finally tells them who he is. Dan tells them that he doesn’t like it thatthey are not operating the franchise properly. Bill’s wife explained that they have met him before and was in dire need of help but he disappointed them. Dan is surprised as he doesn’t remember them having to come asking for help. Bill’s wife told Dan that they met him before and were looking for help, but he didn’t give it to them. Good thing Dan is there so he can help keep the franchise alive. Dan feels that his mom would be ashamed of him because of this.

Now, it is a new day for Dan! He is currently on a PA meeting with Marquess, the Assistant Manager. Unlike Bill’s, this franchise is pretty much a success. Dan aids in twisting pretzels and can’t believe the quick and efficient system in this franchise, with employees making pretzels faster than him. He tries to throw them off so he can keep his status as undercover.

Marquess confides to Dan that he has two daughters who both want to be doctors. They come in and Dan feels inspired. He likes it that Marquess works hard for his family. Dan gets disappointed when Marquess said he needed to land a job with more money and health insurance so he will fore go this opportunity to own his own store.

Now, Dan is at downtown Philadelphia for another franchise store managed by Gino. They then go out for a delivery amidst the rain. While having to walk on the streets, Dan loves how Gino interacts with the people on their day. Gino shares he has two juggle two jobs, including data entry. Gino revealed that they get soaked all the time as they are not provided with rain coats. Dan gets concerned as it put his employees in danger. They returned to the steps after pretzel deliveries are finished. Dan is surprised that they get to drag the carts up. Gino also shares his dancing gig in spare time as it is his passion. He also talks about his grandfather and how he looks up to him even if he’s already dead now. Gino has studied in the University, but later he finds out accounting is not for him.

At the New Jersey store, Dan is going to dress up as a mascot. He then meets Billy to show him how it works. Dan doesn’t like the job and feels uneasy running over the streets, giving out coupons. And when the EMT’s stop and take picture of him, he really gets into it. Billy tells Dan that he is still doing school and he plans to be a cop someday. Dan gets concerned in the costume as it feels really hot inside it.

Upon returning to the store, Lisa, the manager tells him that he pushed in around fifty people not as much as what Billy had done. Now, Billy and Dan sit down to have a talk telling his father feels guilty because he has to pay his own school fees. He then revealed his mother was in the World Trade Center bombing, that she had an accident and got hurt with her spine.

Now, Dan is through with his undercover stint and feels like everyone he was able to meet were stronger and gutsier than him; this experience has changed his life forever.

He gets to meet his employees in his office, and now as Dan DiZio, he offered them the benefits and things he thinks he either lacks on providing them, or what he feels would help each of the franchise he had looked into.


Image courtesy of Undercover Boss