Gossip Girl Live Recap 4/30/2012 | Raiders of the Lost Art

This week on Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 22 – Raiders of the Lost Art, questions would be answered. Is Diana really Chuck’s mother? Is Jack Bass his dad? Keep it on Nerdles for the live recap of the episode tonight.

Serena is still Gossip Girl. Nate still sleeps with Diana and stole her daily planner, which pissed her. Diana tells Jack that she is not Chuck’s mother while Chuck tries to crack her dayplanner code.

Then there goes Dair (Dan and Blair) with no spark at all. Dan lacks inspiration in doing his next book while Blair says she doesn’t want to mope anymore. Because the two trust each other very much, they decide to give each other a little bit of freedom.

Blair then runs to chuck to regain herself. Chuck asks her to crack the code from Diana’s daybook. Lola asks Serena if she can help her by searching Diana’s office. Though Serena agreed, she tells Diana everything. Now, the blackmailing starts!

Blair broke the code right away. Now, they meet at Chuck’s pad to discuss the code. Serena tries to steal the daybook back but they were able to catch her. She joins the trio of Blair, Chuck and Nate for another scheme. Dan then meets an Italian woman who invited him to go to Rome so he can write for the summer! Blair is too pre-occupied and shut Dan when he called her.

When Dorota enters the picture trying to break the code from Diana’s daybook, an event is scheduled to pull through. Diana allegedly gives Gossip Girl’s real number to Serena. Lola takes it because she’s trying to trick Serena. Now, the secret party is on!

Blair and Chuck go off to one of the bedrooms searching for Jack while Diana also appears at the brothel. Dan waits outside the party but didn’t want to enter since he trusts Blair. Diana is apparently the brothel’s boss. Blair was shocked about a revelation, but we don’t know what that is and Jack tells her not to tell anyone. She then tells Chuck to check the house out and the party ended soon.

Chuck found Jack and Lola. Nate found Diana. Now, Serena checks Gossip Girl, finds out she’s blocked from updating. How did that happen? Lola scammed her and the real GG is back! Dan pushed the invitation to Rome away, not telling Blair he did it for her. He tells her they found someone else. And Blair says “I knew that.” Romantic, I guess.

Now, Chuck returns to the scary house and opens the door. Bart Bass is there, standing with Diana!

Goosies! Why is Bart alive, is he his father? Will Diana finally reveal that he is Chuck’s mother? All this and more next week, here on Nerdles!

Image courtesy of Gossip Girl