America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion 5/2/2012 Live Recap: 6 Girls Remain

This week on America’s Next Top Model British Invasion, the top six models go to Macau to model silk gowns. Francis Libiran and Anne Curtis are featured in this episode.

ANTM British Invasion Episode 9 Recap
Back from the judging, Eboni feels relieved she’s still in to be America’s Next Top Model. Laura, on the other hand, thinks Eboni’s mean and Seymone should have stayed. Analiesse says Eboni is so vain. Now, someone knocks at the door – it’s Nigel Barker delivering Chinese food for the girls. Nigel and the girls hang out. And when it’s time for the fortune cookie, the cookie tells them they’re off to Macau! Mr. Jay meets them when they arrive in Macau. They have a really great hotel. Mr. Jay hands out all the keys to their room. They all feel like they are rich as their shower can fit ten people into it. The view is also majestic.

It’s Tyra Mail time and the girls meet Ms. Jay – introducing them to Clement Chen and his astrology students. He then goes on to tell the girls that they will read their palms to know their fortunes. Master Chen tells them about their fortunes and the girls have ten minutes to change their make up and shift their aura. His advice on colors will be the basis of determining who will be the winning model to get a spa treatment. Laura wins the challenge and has no one left to go with but Eboni, one of the last American team members.

Now, off to the photoshoot. Mr. Jay tells them they have to model with accessory – silk worms will be all over them during the photo shoot!

Paul Sang is their photographer for today.

Annaliese takes directions very well, but was emotionless at first. Laura loves bugs and this doesn’t bother her so much. She was plain genius! Eboni takes everything seriously to be able to redeem herself but it seems like her performance this week is just safe but nothing great. Sophie, as always, did very well. Katherine have problems with the shoot. Mr. Jay feels like there’s something wrong every single time. Her emotion delivers but she is also stiff. Alisha is determined to get another best photo but Mr. Jay is confused of what she’s trying to do.

At the panel, Laura impresses the judges as her picture looks stunning. She has an amazing shot with an unbelievable, incredible photo. Eboni has mixed reviews. While Kelly love it as it seems to be a great fashion shot for her, Tyra doesn’t like it. Nigel though loves how she works her body but the neck is a disaster. She is advised to be a little perky in shoots as they love what they see in person. Katherine is not able to reach what is expected of her. For Alisha, all the judges feel that she was just looking pretty rather than selling their garment. Nigel thinks Analiesse’ picture is superb. Judges think she should be a TV host instead, rather than a model. Nigel doesn’t like Sophie’s photo; it is mediocre and the pose isn’t amazing.





The bottom two are Katherine and Alisha and KATHERINE is sent home from Macau!

Image courtesy of America’s Next Top Model.