American Idol 5/3/12 Live Recap: Results of the Top 5 SHOCKER!

It’s another elimination night for American Idol! The competition gets tougher as the idol hopefuls fight to stay in the competition. Also, live performances from the former American Idol, Carrie Underwood, and British alternative rock band, Coldplay is here, too! Who do you think will get eliminated tonight? Find out as we give you live updates, only here on Nerdles!

To kick off elimination night, first to be called from the pack of idols is the high-strung performer, Joshua Ledet. If you remember last night’s episode, his performance of ‘To Love Somebody’ blew everyone off, including the judges. His performance was called “one of the best performances in American Idol, ever!”, giving him a sure spot on the safe side of the stage.

Back from the break, another Ford music video, courtesy of no other than, Ford! And, British alternative rock band, Coldplay, hits the stage, with their amazing new single, ‘Paradies’. Of course, they rocked the idol stage, conquering the idol stage with some of that British Invasion!

Now, back to the elimination results, its Hollie Cavanagh and Phillip Phillips on center stage! Suspense rises for both contestants and the fans, especially for the girls who love the cute Phillips. So who’s safe and who’s in the bottom 2? Although Hollie’s massive improvement in last night’s show was very obvious, she’s the first of bottom 2 in tonight’s show. Phillip is safe, as his charisma won the hearts, and the votes, of America’s lady fans. Too bad for the pretty blonde Hollie, who’s talent is beginning to shine through with each week’s performances. Do you think she deserves to be in the bottom 2? I don’t think so. America may have got it wrong, again!

Back from the break, former idol Carrie Underwood comes back to the stage to perform her new single, ‘Blown Away’. Her voice is great! With her, America did it right! She performs with much energy on stage, showing the idol hopefuls what it takes to be hailed as America’s Idol! Good job, Carrie!

Now, the last pair is summoned on stage, and its Jessica Sanchez and Skylar Laine who’s sharing the stage. After much suspense and performance reviews, Skylar hits bottom 2! The country singer/songwriter didn’t get enough votes to save her from elimination, and it’s her and Hollie on the bottom 2 tonight. Jessica is safe, and with her, it’s her pure talent that keeps her on the show!

Coldplay does another invasion, performing ‘Every Teardrop is a Waterfall’, another dramatic performance by the band, but we’re all just on the edge of our seats to fin out who’s eliminated tonight! Both Skylar and Hollie are so good, how could they be in the bottom 2?!

Back from the break, it’s time to announce the results of tonight’s show. Hollie Cavanagh, the petite songstress who’s finally come out of her shell, and Skylar, the country singer/songwriter full of spunk and energy, are on stage, unjustly placed in the bottom 2 as a result of America’s lack of decision-making skills.

The judges are all sad, as another idol hopeful is about to eave the show. Randy says that this is the best top 5 they’ve had on the show, and at this point, it’s just sad no matter who leaves, because everyone’s just so good! Jennifer praises the idols for being the life of the show, putting their best in each performance. Steven has felt their music, equally devastated that one of the ladies has to leave.

Skylar Laine is eliminated on tonight’s American Idol. Soaring high from the sky, being on top for the past weeks, Skylar hits bottom as she bids farewell to the idol stage. Hollie is in tears as she accepts her safety, cheering for Skylar as she watches from the idol bench. Jennifer sheds tears for Skylar, too! And I’m sure, all her fans are crying for her as she delivers another great performance even as she says good bye to the show. Oh well, that’s the name of the game!

That’s it for this week’s American Idol. Don’t lose hope, people! The season is about to end, with 4 more idols remaining on the show! It won’t be long before we finally have another American Idol for this season. Good night everyone!

Photo courtesy of American Idol.