Undercover Boss 5/4/2012 Live Episode Recap: Fastsigns International

This week on Undercover Boss Fastsigns International CEO Catherine Monson goes under cover! Find out the shocking revelations that got her emotional in the live recap

Her co-workers thinks she’s Louise, a new trainee who is part of a reality show “Second Chances” which lets a divorce rocker chic work out a change in her career. She meets Jen who criticizes the email marketing campaign. She then bonds with her at the bowling alley.

Now, she’s working in a production area. She finds out that the worker mentoring her, Sheldon, has been working for the company for thirteen years. She then goes on to try how the signs production work but she finds it hard to do what they are doing. Now, she finds herself in a sticky situation. Sheldon then reveals he’s a single dad for a long time and him having a kid helped him be patient. He goes on to tell Louise that he met Michelle, her lover, but three weeks in, they found out she has cancer and he proposed to marry her at the end of her chemotherapy.

Louise goes to installation area to meet Gary. She finds it easy measuring and scaling the installation of sticker. However, the hard part is to stick it in without air bubbles. Gary then reveals he’s having a son any minute from now. When he steps away, she’s really having a hard time. Gary tells how his life is before Fastsigns and his struggles in his family. He also reveals he lost his house today. She’s able to relate Gary with her brother telling him he’s quite an inspiration.

Back from the break, she meets a franchisee in Phoenix. She wants to find out what’s really happening as she has met this guy, Scott, before. She has to go climb up the building. They need to drill around thirty-two holes for the ad. Scott feels she has not done any manual labor in the past.  Scott says it’s the American Dream to own a business. She sees a loophole – that they are not training their franchise for these kinds of work. Gary talks about his family and why he prefers to own  a franchise.

She then reflects about her undercover. But this has given her more understanding about her work and her employees, as well as franchisees – some things she is not able to recognize since she accepted the CEO post.

Now, Katherine goes to an equestrian center in California. The workers she work with meet her there to “assess” her as the trainee but she goes on to reveal that she is Katherine Monson, CEO of Fastsigns International. She hires Sheldon to be part of the test group for the website. She will be treating them in a honeymoon of their dreams plus $10,000. She adds $50,000 for the medical bills and chemotherapy fee for his wife.

She then tells Jen is driven and gives her $10,000 with a caveat to spend it to a romantic vacation. She gives her $20,000 for teaching her that to be the best CEO, she has to have fun.

For Scott, the Undercover Boss reveals Scott she’ll be putting up a training program for the business. She gives him $50,000 for a college fund for his daughter. She reveals she never regretted not having a kid because of her mother. She gives him another $50,000 so he can live in a home with his wife, Julie and daughter, Maya.

Lastly, it’s Gary’s turn. She will bring him out to Dallas for a training and tips and tricks to learn more plus his salary for that week! She gives $15,000 for his church. She also gives her a new car as she feels the two-hour long drive makes it even harder for him. She also gives him $50,000 to help their household.

Now, Katherine’s back home and she tells she’s probably going to be a better person.

Image courtesy of Undercover Boss