Celebrity Apprentice 5/6/2012 Live Recap: Blown Away

Last week on Celebrity Apprentice, the teams were tasked to make a jingle and stubbornness and lack of knowledge about the project sent Dayana Mendoza home. Now it’s down to five – Lisa, Teresa, Arsenio, Aubrey and Clay and anybody could win! Who will be fired next? Find out tonight as Nerdles provide you with a live recap of the episode.

RECAP: Back from the board room, Clay and Lisa tried to pull a prank against the other team. Now that Dayana is gone, Lisa is very excited and Teresa is now concerned that Lisa may put the target on her next. The final five contenders are in front of Trump for their next task. Now, they are in Hearst Towers – one of the most prominent and essential publishers globally. They are tasked to make impressive Elle magazine for a design advertisement for the new CHI touch hair dryer.

The teams will have to consider the opinions of their executives CHI and Biosilk. For Forte, Lisa is the Project Manager, while Unanimous picked Teresa. And what’s surprising? This week, two will be sent home. NASA technology designed the dryer. They are reminded that Elle is not vulgar, but sexy. While Aubrey gets hit on by one of the executives, Clay laughs at Lisa. Arsenio speaks his mind about how beautiful Aubrey is but he hates her.

Teresa likes Aubrey’s suggestion to have a futuristic theme. Team Forte thinks that the product is lightweight and not futuristic. They decide to go with a concept, “under the surface.” Now, the teams are dealing with their models. Aubrey wants a redhead model due to the fact that the executive loved her red hair. Lisa thinks whichever model they use, they’ll do good. She plays Teresa’s mind liking every model Teresa wants, too. But, Arsenio figures this out.

Teresa is very surprised with Lisa playing dirty. Clay thinks everything’s hilarious as he knows that the models isn’t the priority for Lisa. trump is offering a total of $100,00 for this task. Wow, Teresa is really a bad negotiator, though she is a very tough lass. Clay and Lisa are laughing their hearts out while Unanimous is not happy with Teresa handling the task as their project manager.

Eric is now checking on Unanimous, she finds out Aubrey’s taking over and Teresa’s a bad negotiator. He likes how Aubrey is so persistent however, Teresa should act more as the project manager. Lisa and Clay don’t know a thing about fashion; they take one of their models to Lord & Taylor to pick clothes. Aubrey is now taking over Team Unanimous while Clay is very overwhelmed with photoshoot.Now, Arsenio helps with art direction while Aubrey offers to be the model with her fiery red hair.

Clay has to go on with the shots even if Lisa’s not yet there as it’s taking too long before she shows up. He was so upset that now, he’s doing all the work while Lisa is just chilling. When Don Jr. shows up, Lisa flatters him and impresses him with their idea. Don thinks Clay is hilarious as he picks out the shots of women being overly confident. At Unanimous, Teresa criticizes Aubrey for letting all hang out, claiming she has no morals.

Aubrey is taking it away too far while Teresa talks about how she is busting her butt and Arsenio not doing anything and doesn’t deserve to win.

Presentation time! Aubrey looks so flashy while Arsenio has faith that they can pull it through. Teresa sucks at talking and presenting their ideas.

“Be at peace with the future of your hair” is the slogan for Unanimous  and Aubrey’s photo comes first. Arsenio is the spokesperson for the volume level of the dryer. Aubrey believes that she saved the day. The executives feel like they lack passion, especially Teresa.

“More than just a new pretty face” meanwhile is Forte’s concept and this just wows the judges. They love Lisa’s presentation though it lacked enthusiasm.

Executives deliberate, thinking both teams did well but Lisa and Clay won!

Donald asks Arsenio why they lost. He tells Donald is priced they lost. Donald asks Aubrey why they lost.  Aubrey tells Donald they took a rest.  Donald asks Teresa why they didn’t give more information about the blow dryer.

Teresa and Arsenio caught in a word fight. Arsenio defends himself as he thinks he did a lot of things Teresa can’t even do. He is offended as he thinks Teresa doesn’t have the right to judge his work.  Donald asks Aubrey if Arsenio play it safe.  Aubrey tells Donald she is not really sure what everyone did.

In the end, Donald tells Teresa is the project manager and the execs were impressed with Aubrey and Arsenio. Donald fires Teresa!

The Interview

Donald Trump sends the final four to an interview with the past winner. In the end, only two of the remaining four will be able to move on to the next project. They were congratulated by Trump and says good luck to them in meeting John Rich and Marlee Matlin.

Donald meets John and Marlee. Marlee thinks Aubrey is beautiful and young but was nervous. When asked about the money she won for her charity, Aubrey is quick to tell she had the most among four. He goes on to tell that Aubrey is a chess player, smart and he feels like he’s being played.

On the other hand, Marlee feels Clay is genuine for his charity and very sweet, wondering whether he is a follower or a leader. John thinks he’s playing safe and when asked if he will win the show, Clay answered he “absolutely will.”he absolutely well.

When asked about Arsenio, John tells he feels good when he’s around and Marlee thinks he gets along with everyone. Marlee says Lisa talks a lot and can’t control her emotions.

Back in the board room, the four were asked questions and it was then revealed that Lisa Lampanelli is fired. Lisa feels she ended her journey in a high note, without arguments and free of headaches.

One more contestant is going to be fired, and then “To Be Continued” is flashed.

Apparently, Donald fires someone else during the first 10 minutes of next week’s episode.

Image courtesy of Celebrity Apprentice