The View 5/7/12 Live Recap: The Doctor Is In

The famous doctor is in today’s The View! Dr. Phil McGraw sits down with the ladies to talk about health and life! Plus, Hot Topics and more, so keep it here only on Nerdles!

The ladies begin the week with their famous Hot Topics that caught their attention. One topic that they’ve been talking about is the ‘Tanning Mom’ making headlines once again. The ladies get worked up because of the recent statement this orange mom made. Apparently, she made a statement regarding the public attention she’s been getting because of her tanning problems. The tanning mom said that throughout her life, people never liked her, and it’s because they are fat, insecure and ugly. Whoopi says the problem is not other people, its tanning mom and her skin problem!

A few days ago, the ladies had dermatologist, Dr. Doris Day in the show, to discuss this controversial topic on tanning. It causes skin cancer and damages the skin tremendously. Also, we are informed that kids are not allowed to be brought in a tanning salon because of the UV rays that may be absorbed by kids, and may cause cancer as well. Moving on, the ladies talk about a new, best-selling book titled ’50 Shades of Gray’ that is being banned by some libraries due to its explicit material. Once again, the ladies are outraged, because people pay these libraries to stay open, so they have no right to withhold materials from the public. Not only that, but these libraries carry other materials such as Kama Sutra, which the libraries call as ‘Classics’ but it’s so much more than that, just like the book. This ban makes people want to buy it more, so it’s pointless to be doing this anyway.

Whoopi shares her recent experience when she was with her family and they were all getting ready to leave. She was trying to gather everyone up in the car, when she and the others realized that the two grand kids we’re missing. They were all in a panic, including Whoopi, which was also being followed by some fans who wanted to chat with her and ask for her autograph. Turns out, the kids went to buy pizza for everyone, but Whoopi got into an altercation with one fan when the guy said, “C’mon Whoopi, wassup?” She said something foul and nasty to shut the guy up, and the guy apologized when he found out that Whoopi was stressing about the kids. While all this is happening, she then saw a man behind a cellphone camera filming the whole thing that’s happening. What bothered Whoopi the most is that this man, after witnessing all that’s happening, didn’t even bother to put down the camera and ask if he could help. That’s America’s obsession with fame, fortune and social media!

Back from the break, Dr. Phil sits down with the ladies to discuss some topics he’s featured on his show. One topic he’s most passionate about is bullying, and he shares that this is happening not only with boys, but with girls as well. They show a clip of his interview with a mom of a kid who was caught beating up another girl. She was with 3 friends, and they were caught on film bullying and beating up this girl who was already on the ground from so much beating. The mother says that her daughter is wrong, but the victim is wrong, too. Dr. Phil was outraged by this, because he feels that it should be the responsibility of the parent to let her child know that this is very wrong. Yet this mother still blamed the victim, something that he thought was very disturbing.

Now, they move on to talk about Robert, a 700-pound man who made a plea on film for someone to help him lose all the weight. He says he’s been on diet, but would get the weight back. He posted this video on youtube and eventually, Dr. Phil heard Robert’s plea. Dr. Phil says it took 2 medic vans to get him out of the house, and that it was hard for the nurses to take his blood pressure because of so much fat. Now, Dr. Phil is helping this man to get back on track and to start fresh.

Back from the break, Norah Jones performs her new single, Happy Pills, off from her new album, Little Broken Hearts. A little serenade for the week beginning!

That’s it for today’s The View! Make sure to come back for more live updates, only here on Nerdles!

Photo courtesy of The View.