American Idol 5/9/12 Live Recap: Top 4 Perform

On tonight’s American Idol, the top 4 idol hopefuls battle it out for the top spot in the show. It gets really tough now! With only a couple more weeks into the show, we’re getting close to finding out who wins the title of American Idol. Who do you think deserves the title? Well, let’s first find out how they do tonight! So keep it here only on Nerdles!

As always, the show features different themes that the idols could follow. First up is California Dreams, followed by a song that the idols wish they wrote. This Idol journey is really a dream for all of them, and we witness the start of their career from their auditions, most memorable performances, to being in the top 4. It won’t be long before their journey ends, so let’s stick around to find out who wins American Idol!

First performance of the night is none other than Phillip Phillips. He sings Creedence Clearwater Revival’s ‘Have You Ever Seen the Rain?’ Behind Phillip’s cool exterior, he says he takes this competition seriously, but makes sure that he enjoys every performance he does. Well, he should! Now, he rocks it out with his good vocals to match the saxophone that’s played by a woman, and she’s pretty awesome, too! Does Phillip deserve a spot on the top 4, or even on the top 3? You decide. But I think Skylar had better talent than he has. The judges seem to disagree, as Steven says that his performance is “a living proof that the road t success is always under construction”. Jennifer says he’s a “Joe Crocker quality” and Randy thinks it was “right on the money”.

Next to perform is Hollie Cavanagh, singing ‘Faithfully’ by Journey. She looks more comfortable with each performance, and not only her voice, but her overall stage presence is really felt now more than ever. Hollie does a great job, and she successfully wowed everyone, especially judge Randy Jackson. He thinks she’s at the peak of her performance, and says now is the right time for her to reach that stage. Her confidence now shines through, and Lady Lo loves how she was able to transition and grow in the show. Steven has certainly noticed how Hollie blossomed in to one of the best in American Idol.

Now, it’s time for Joshua Ledet! He performs ‘You Raise Me Up’ by Josh Groban. Joshua’s voice is American Idol quality, no doubt. He can sing the highest notes, while looking very comfortable as he sings his heart out on stage. But will the fans vote for him? We’ll find out! The judges really like him, with JLO saying that if he keeps it consistent, he might win the competition. Steven applauded him for joining the show and for “singing his tush off”, while Randy praises his talent to sing any type of music.

Last for the first round is the talented Jessica Sanchez, singing Etta James’ ‘Steal Away’. Her voice is exceptional, to the point where you can not only hear it, but actually feel the music on your skin. That’s how good she is! With her talent, she might just win the top spot, but will people give her enough votes to win this competition? Let’s see. The judges were all praises, with JLo saying that Jessica can easily compete with other singers out there, calling her one of the best singers of all time. Steven and Randy like her song, how it showed her versatility as a true artist.

Back from the break, Joshua and Phillip treats us with another duet, singing ‘This Love’ by Maroon 5. A little off on the song choice, but they’re both good singers and was able to pull off this upbeat performance. Jennifer thinks how funny they look because they’re so different, even comparing them to Adam Levine and Usher together on stage. Wow, I’d say, they’re more of Dave Matthews and Marvin Gaye these two.

Up next, it’s Jessica and Hollie’s duet! They’re singing ‘Eternal Flame’. It’s a great, classic song, and I think both of them performed it equally well. The song sits perfect with them, but it’s awkward how they have giant swings set up on stage. Randy didn’t like their performance, because of the lack of range these two brought, but JLo loved the performance, and especially the song they just performed.

Adam Shankman drops by to give us a sneak peek of ‘Rock of Ages’, and host Ryan Secreast pulls a prank on Julianne Hough, who’s in the audience tonight. But the show ain’t over, as the competition continues with the second round!

Phillip returns on stage to sing the song he wished he wrote, Damien Rice’s ‘Volcano’. His performance looks like the same as always, sounding more and more like Dave Matthews, with little variety to every song he sings on stage. The judges think otherwise, saying that his performance tonight was different from any other, and that only he can pull off this song on stage.

Up next is the beautiful Hollie Cavanagh, singing Bonnie Raitt;s ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’ It’s a great song to wish for, but her performance wasn’t as great as the first one. The judges think so, too. Steven and Jennifer thinks that her emotional connection on the song was totally off, and Randy says that this song does not compliment her voice at all. Aww, too bad for Hollie’s round 2 fail.

Next, is the powerful vocals of Joshua Ledet! He sings ‘It’s a Man’s World’ by James Brown. He does great, of course. Hitting his high notes and pouring his lungs out with the performance, Joshua seems to be at ease on stage. His delivery of the passion was truly appreciated by the judges, as he gets a standing ovation from them. The judges thought they’ve seen it all from this performer, but was blown away yet again by his amazing performance.

Last but not the least, it’s Jessica Sanchez back on the idol stage! Her voice is absolutely amazing, singing ‘And I’m Telling You’ from Dreamgirls. She kills it, once again! Her voice compliments her song choice, and there is no doubt that she deserves a spot on top. The judges we’re amazed too! Steven calls it “another winning performance”, and JLo thinks this competition is going to be a “race to the finish”, as all idols at this point (With the exception of Phillip), are really great performers with an amazing voice. Randy says her song choice was one of the hardest songs to sing, but she nailed it. He thinks he might just win this competition, she certainly stands a chance!

Whew! Another show ends, and tomorrow, it’s another elimination round! They’re all great, and now it’s up to America to decide who stays, or who goes home. Find out the results of tonight’s show, as we give you live updates of American Idol, only here on Nerdles!

Photo courtesy of American Idol.