Undercover Boss Finale 5/10/12 Live Recap: Here Comes MasTec CEO!

Tonight, the season finale of Undercover Boss airs and it will feature Jose Mas of MasTec. He’ll get down and dirty with his workers! In the official press release MasTec released, he said: “It was truly an incredible and humbling experience for me to be part of what our outstanding employees do every single day. As I worked with each of them, it was amazing to witness their skill and dedication in everything they do. Our employees’ passion and commitment are definitely the driving forces behind our company.”

Seems legit. Looks like there’s really something to look forward to in tonight’s live finale recap of Undercover Boss. Just keep it on Nerdles for the live blog recap of the episode.

Undercover Boss Finale Recap!

The show starts with some background info about the Miami-based company and the kinds of energy infrastructure it offers for the country. Jose Mas, CEO of MasTec says that whenever we turn our lights on or whenever we use our phone, we see their work. It was his father who established the business after migrating from Cuba. Truly the American dream, aye? He then talks about the tripling of revenues from the year 2007. He goes on to tell he doesn’t know how a lot of jobs in their company works. Though his father is very hands on, he isn’t and he wants to be like his dad.

He goes to Ft. Myers to work with Lex on the power likes. Alex teaches him some means on preventing danger in working from high voltage transformers and line. He then goes to the crane to try and move a transformer into position. He’s too slow but he is able to prepare the cables plugged into the transformers. Alex plays a trick on Jose by acting he got electrocuted when he plugs in the poser. Jose seems shocked as Alex thinks the company does not provide tools and training for their workers.

Jose now heads to Idaho to work in a wind farm with Wendy. Wow, Wendy’s got a lot of comments. MasTec CEO will operate a bulldozer! Wendy tells him he’s too soft spoken and uptight. He’s not doing well getting dirty. Wendy tells him there are some people who don’t want having wind farms installed. She also tells him that she’s apart from her family, and it kills her but she has to do this for a living. Because of this, Jose finds out he needs to work on establishing healthier relationships with their local communities to put up wind farms.

Off to Dallas, Jose meets Rick for a foreman job at the out gas pipelines. They are responsible for replacing gas lines in the neighborhood. Jose then gets busy while digging in the dirt ! They start to work on a live gas line and when Rick gets a fire extinguisher, Jose asks why. Then, he goes on to tell him that a danger of explosion might happen when someone leaves a cigarette while working. Jose finds the work too hard to handle. They then talk about their Rick’s life while having lunch. For the last ten years, Rick feels that the company went downhill. He reveals that they don’t have bonus anymore, as well as they have to reach impossible goals which is not very healthy for the workers.

Now, Jose travels to Oklahoma to meet Hugh, who is working on the the transmission lines. He begins by inserting ground rods around the tower lines. He is working with caution. He finds it hard working with the front end loader so he gets pulled off from using the equipment. They then discuss about the company, Hugh reveals that his Jose’s father interacts with them and that it means a lot to them that he does that. This becomes a wake up call for Jose. He’s in tears saying that his father is still guiding him even if he died almost fourteen years ago.

It’s time to reveal the cover up.

Jose tells Wendy to commit to initiating community events before development of projects. He will have her teeth fixed and gives her $30,000 to pay for her debts.

For Calvin and Alex, Jose tells them that he was a bit offended with their initiation. He goes on to tell them that he will be providing more tools and training for employees. They will  also provide with $25,000 scholarship worth to someone in Ft. Myers.

Up next, Hugh. Jose tells him that they can use the Bahama home for their family, all expenses paid. Jose tells him he inspired him to interact with his employees more. He gives him $25,000! Jose also tells them that he’ll work on having the bonus program reinstated and a revamp in the goals will be researched so it won’t be too much of a hassle for the workers. Jose also gives him $25,000 to aid his sister in law and $20,000 for his wedding!

Committed to make their company provide better service, Jose Mas is a CEO who later on finds out that his employees make their company work and appreciating the true value of their hard work is very important for the success of a business.


Image courtesy of CBS’ Undercover Boss