The View 5/14/12: The Stand on Gay Marriage

On today’s The View, the ladies welcome Suze Orman on the Hot Topics table to talk about something besides finance, gay marriage. Plus, Dr. William Sears drops by to talk about attachment parenting. So stay tuned as we give you live updates, only here on Nerdles!

Suze Orman is in the show to join in our daily dose of Hot Topics. She has been with her wife Karen for almost 12 years, and when she saw President Obama speak about gay marriage, she almost cried, she shares. She shares some of the issues they face as a gay couple, such as not being able to pass on assets to her partner, and not being able to file taxes together. In some states, gay marriage is not allowed, therefore it’s hard for them to adjust state to state. Also, issues on social security are a hurdle to their relationship.

President Obama finally spoke about gay marriage, and he says he “emotionally supports” the union of the same sex. Suze says this is very critical because no other president has been courageous enough to deliver this statement to the public. She is happy because this is a chance for them to get a federal law passed, although there is still uncertainty with the upcoming elections.
Suze says that it is important for gay people to fight for this right not only for emotional and financial issues, but because of the union that they can share, without having to face any other criticism from the public. This is very important, especially to those people who would want to declare their love for their partners who are gay.

Back from the break, Dr. William Sears sits down with the ladies to share some of his insights on “attachment parenting”. It is a style of parenting that brings out the best in both the child and the parent. An important method in attachment parenting allows the parents to be aware of the needs of their baby, eventually being able to make decisions based on the needs they are faced with.

That’s it for Monday’s show! Have a great day everyone!

Photo courtesy of The View.