America’s Next Top Model British Invasion 5/16/2012 Live Recap: Jez Smith

America’s Next Top Model British Invasion 5/16/2012 Live Recap: Jez Smith – The America’s Next Top Model final three, composed of Sophie and Annaliese from UK and Laura from the US will vie for the final two slots in the final runway show.

Last week, Eboni and Alicia were pitted against each other in the bottom two. When the judges decided it’s time for Eboni to go, Alicia told the judges she needs to leave so she asks Tyra to let Eboni stay instead, but Tyra did not budge and said if she decides to leave, Eboni is already eliminated, too. In the end, both girls went home. Who will be America’s Next Top Model British Invasion winner?

This week’s episode entitled Jez Smith will air 9 PM EST tonight at CW. Keep it on Nerdles for live blog recap of America’s Next Top Model British Invasion Episode 11.

America’s Next Top Model British Invasion 2012 Episode 11 Recap: Show starts with an overview of what will happen tonight and Annaliese saying how grueling the elimination was last round. Laura tells us that Alicia doesn’t have the will to continue. Sophie feels Alicia should have stayed longer if only she has the spirit to go on.

Annaliese is concerned about the next challenge as she feels she’s the underdog. Laura feels left out as she’s the only one from the US left.

TYRA MAIL! Get up and go for it! Now the girls know they are in for some go-sees!

The twist? It’s going to be in Hong Kong with Kelly Cutrone. Kelly tells the girls they have the top designers in for their go-sees. They are told that they don’t just get hired… but for each one they book, they get a thousand dollars.

William Tang likes Annaliese but thinks Laura needs to walk more fabulous. Gregory Derham loved Sophie while Henry Lau didn’t like Annaliese as she’s not as daring as he desires.

When Laura headed to Nude is Rude go-see, designer thinks she looks good on clothes but her walk is a letdown.

When they returned, evaluations are made. Starting with Laura whom designers feel looks great in clothes but are doubtful about her walk. She booked two out of four.

Annaliese did well in this challenge as the designers loved her. She gets booked by three out of four.

Sophie is the challenge winner having booked all four go-sees and for that, she’s the new face of Rude is Nude – she’ll get plenty of designer clothes because of that. Now the models are taken out to go on a celebration!

TYRA MAIL: Photoshoot for a fragrance, Dream Come True. Models meet Mr. Jay. For this photoshoot, the winner of the season will have her picture used for the fragrance campaign. They get to pose in a life size fragrance bottle while being shot by photographer Jez Smith.

Because this shoot is too girly and soft, Laura is freaked out. Now, it’s time for Ben Bennett to describe what he wants for the photoshoot.

Sophie stands out for the photoshoot. She’s energetic and had a magical moment there.

Annaliese is next and she’s having problems in conveying happiness. Ending up with a few good ones over a roll of two hundred frames? That’s bad.

Laura feels this is so difficult. Sexy and sultry is better for her. This might just knock her out to be in contention.

In the judging panel…

Sophie was called first.

Laura was second.

And Annaliese is eliminated.

Next week on America’s Next Top Model British Invasion, the final two – Laura and Sophie will walk in Forever 21 Fashion show and one of them will be the winner of America’s Next Top Model British Invasion so be sure to come back next week and check out America’s Next Top Model British Invasion Live Finale Recap, 9 PM EST, only here at Nerdles.

Image courtesy of CW’s America’s Next Top Model British Invasion