Airtime Team Up for the Napster Founders

Napster co-founders Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning are in business once again, teaming up for their new project that they call, “Airtime”. They sent invitations for its launch on June 5, at the Milky Studios in New York City.

This team up first came together when they created Napster in 1999, a peer-to-peer music sharing site that allows music lovers to share audio files and talk about music online. Napster faced numerous lawsuits from record labels, leaving them broke and out of business. But they’ve come a long way after a decade.

Sean Parker founded Plaxo, made his was into Facebook, and joined in the board of iTunes challenger, Spotify. Fanning kept himself busy as well, having founded Snocap, Rapture and Path. Both are famous for their innovative ideas in the software industry, thus, a new project set out to change the social networking community.

Well, no one knows for sure what Airtime is all about. Everyone seems to be buzzing about Airtime, but their secretive marketing strategies have left our questions unanswered. In their site,, they say that “Airtime is a live social video company founded by Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning”, and that’s all they have to say about their service.

With $8.5 million in funding, they didn’t fail to mention their investors in the “About” portion in their site, which reads:

“Located in San Francisco, our small team shares a passion for using the latest video technology to bring people together. Our investors include Founders Fund, Accel Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures, SV Angel, Yuri Milner, Ashton Kutcher,, Scott Braun, and Michael Arrington.”

Airtime went into it’s first per-registration last month, but is now allowing people to sign up for an early beta access through Facebook. It has an app permission request to receive your basic info, email address and your personal info which includes: description, activities, birthday, education history, hometown, interests, likes, location, religious and political views, and work history. Although it seems like Airtime is not a social networking site operating on its own, it may be a systematic way of bringing people together based on their interests, location or even religious and political views.

We’ll never know until June 5. We’ll just have to sit and watch as the count down continues to find out what Airtime is all about. With the success of social networking and the speculation this team has created, it won’t be long until Sean and Shawn are back on top once again.

Photo courtesy of Airtime.