The View 5/21/12 Live Recap: The Fat Show

On today’s The View, the ladies talk about one favorite topic: FAT. It’s going to be all about weight loss, obesity and eating healthy, so stay tuned as we give you a run-down of today’s show. Keep it here only on Nerdles!

Today, sitting in for Whoopi and Sherri is guest co-host, Paula Deen. She’s suffering from Diabetes, a disease that is directly linked to obesity. We can say that Paula is in the chubby side, and her recent diagnosis of Diabetes has been very controversial. It’s good to be finally hearing from her, especially because people look up to her and her “comfort food” recipes.

Dr. Samuel Klein sits down with the ladies, and he talks about the growing epidemic of Obesity in America. He was featured in the HBO documentary film, The Weight of the Nation, where they talk about the rise of this disease in the country. Dr. Klein says that this alarming and steady rise of obesity has to do with the access of excess food, and the lack of physical activity or exercise. He says that obesity is the 5th cause of death, including heart disease, cancer and diabetes that are in the top 10 causes of death in the states.

Dr. Klein further discusses that diabetes is closely linked to obesity, but with just 5% of body fat lost in a Diabetes patient can help reduce this disease by up to 51%. He says it is the lack of policies and government programs that keeps the nation fat and unhealthy. Well, sure, why would they promote good health if it would put McDonald’s and millions of fast foods out of business? (I’m being sarcastic). There are no gyms in schools, and if they do, it’s old and run-down. The school and work system should act to keep people healthy and moving!

Back from the break, Dr. Oz brings out the best and the worst models of our internal organs, mainly the liver and the heart. He shows how a healthy liver should look like compared to a fatty liver. The healthy liver is dark and small while the fatty one is pale in color and large, like it was soaked in water, bloated. He also advices people not to eat animal liver because liver stores and filters toxins and that can be harmful if ingested. The healthy heart isn’t surrounded by fat, but the other ones are covered with fats and arteries that have hardened due to fat deposits.

He says that if a person suffers from obesity from an early age, he or she has an 85% chance of being obesity in his/her adult life. So, Dr. Oz’s advice: cut down the white foods- white rice, bread, dough, etc. and stick with the foods that come out from the ground. Meat is also okay, it’s the processed foods and sweets that keep is fat.

Now, Jaime Oliver talks about his movement to change how schools serve lunch in their cafeterias. It’s been four years since his cause has been heard, and now, almost 99% of schools in America are participating with his food revelation program. It’s not just the cafeteria food, he says. It’s about the whole school approach, from the attitude to the mandatory physical fitness in the schools.

One girl is a teenager suffering from Diabetes since she was 8 years old, and she shares the difference between public school cafeteria foods versus the one in a private school. She’s shares that there’s a certain stereotype in public school food – fatty and quick. But in her private school where she transferred to, she has a variety of foods to choose from the fruit bar, and various salads the cafeteria has to offer. Jaime Oliver says packed lunch are worse, since kids get peanut butter and jelly since 5 years old until they graduate high school.

So, it’s time to wake up, people! And that includes policy makers to take the step to cure the nation from obesity. It’s a long way to health, but it’s just like going to the gym. The more you do it, the more you get used to it… and it’s always, and I mean always, difficult in the beginning. Okay, so promise to get your legs off the couch and on the treadmill? Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Photo courtesy of The View.