American Idol 5/22/12 Live Recap: The Final 2 Performance

On tonight’s American Idol, the final 2 give it their all in their last performance to gain their much needed votes in the competition. It’s the last end towards the end of the road for these two, and I’m sure it’s going to be a battle we wouldn’t want to miss. With amazing talents, astounding vocals to grace the stage and thousands of fans screaming in the audience, the top 2 American Idol contestants will sing their heart out tonight, so keep on refreshing this live recap of American Idol, only here on Nerdles!

Ladies first as Jessica Sanchez opens the show with her performance of ‘I Have Nothing’ by Whitney Houston. It’s a great song for a great singer, and boy was she great! The song compliments her vocal talent, and I’m glad that the executive producer of the show pick this one out for the teenage singer. Her power is showcased on this performance, singing the high notes with ease. She’s giving me goosebumps now, and it’s no doubt that Jessica can sing, no doubt at all. We’ll wait for the judge’s comments til after Phillip’s performance.

Up next, its Phillip Phillips on stage with his performance of ‘Stand By Me’ by Ben E. King. This one’s good too, but a little bit on the slow and steady side. He’s sitting down with his guitar, just like the Phillip we’re used to seeing on stage. His attitude certainly exudes in his performance, and the style of the song is quite different from the original.

Randy thinks that round 1 belonged to Jessica, while Jennifer thinks it’s tough to say who won round 1. She’s right, though. It’s hard to compare an artist with an amazing vocal power versus an artist with his own style and attitude. At the end, who makes the voters pick up the phone to vote? Well, who?

Round 2 begins with Jessica back on stage, singing her favorite song from previous performance. She sings ‘The Prayer’ by Celine Dion, and you know she nailed this one again. Her notes run smoothly from high to low, and her vocal power is stronger than The Hulk. That’s why it’s so odd to be watching her small frame belch out such a big voice. But in one word: great!

Now, it’s Phillip Phillip’s turn to sing his favorite song from previous performance. His ‘Movin’ Out’ by Billy Joel is equally great, with of course, his own style and own guitar. He definitely has his own unique style, that was very prevalent in this performance. The fans go wild, with the crowd on their feet screaming and cheering for this idol heart throb. It’s hard to give all the credit to Jessica, because Phillip’s artistry just shines through each of his performance.

Judges are divided on this round. Randy thinks it’s a tie, Jennifer thinks Joshua won this round, while Steven thinks that Jessica did it again and owned this round. I agree with JLo, although Jessica’s vocals is great, as always, I’ve got to hand it to Phillip.

Round 3 is a song by American Idol, which will be performed by both finalist. Her song, “Change Nothing’ is a good song, but made even better by Jessica’s amazing voice. Randy thought the song was okay, but what made it better was how Jessica made more out of it. He compares her to Beyonce (kind of swag). Jennifer thought she sang really well and that she made her own personal mark on the song, making her performance more than it is. Steven said everyone knows how good she can sing, but this song was not hers.

Now, it’s Phillip Phillip’s turn to sing ‘Home’, and he did well on this one, too. He did better than Jessica. He had the whole set up, from percussion to his guitar, putting his Phillip stamp on the song. All in all, it was great, and the judges loved it, too! Randy appreciated the song more, saying that he loved the song and loved Phillips, and it was his best performance of the night. JLo saw his own personal style, and appreciates how he can make everything his own. Steven says he’s the man with his vulnerability and style, comparing him a ‘Paul Simon’.

Well, that’s it for these two idols! Tomorrow, the results will be revealed! So watch out how they do, as we give you live updates of tomorrow’s results!

Photo courtesy of American Idol.