American Idol 5/23/12 Live Recap: Season 11 Winner!

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, as the winner of season 11’s title holder of American Idol will be revealed! After 132 million votes last night, America has decided who wins this competition. So, who will it be? The Filipino-Mexican Jessica Sanchez, or the All-American country singer Phillip Phillips? I’m sure you’ve been dying to find out who wins tonight, so what more are we waiting for? We give you our live updates of tonight’s 2-hour results show, so don’t forget to refresh, and keep on reading our live updates, only here on Nerdles!

The show opens with a performance from the top 12 dressed in white! They sing “Runaway”, and it’s the last time they’ll be singing together as American Idol finalists on the idol stage. It’s a surreal moment seeing them all together on stage again, and man, must it suck being the other 10 finalists who was eliminated from the competition.

Now, a live performance from one of the finalists, Phillip Phillips with his idol, John Fogarty, singing “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?”. A performance full of energy, and I wonder if he’ll win tonight. I like his uniqueness and true artistry. When you hear his voice, you know its Phillip, and I think that’s his advantage over Jessica. Oh well, we’ll just have to wait for the announcement. Meanwhile, we continue on watching the show, with Joshua Ledet singing with a former American Idol winner, Fantasia! They really do sound alike! Fantasia is like Joshua with a wig! LOL

Back from the break, Jimmy Iovine is with the judges, and a clip is shown, where Jimmy always interchanges Jessica and Jennifer’s name. What we didn’t know was that every time he makes his comments, he calls Jennifer-Jessica, sometimes even “Joshica”!

Now the ladies of the top 12 perform “Ain’t Nobody Loves Me Better”, “Through the Fire” and a mix of other classic hits. With them, Jessica Sanchez sings, and a surprise comes out from the top of the stairs! Chaka Khan singing her original, “I’m Every Woman”! From the top 5 we also welcome back Skylar Laine and Hollie Cavanagh back on stage! What a power performance from the ladies!

Back from the break, American Idol put a music video tribute for the top 2 finalists. Familiar faces like Colton Dixon, Skylar Laine, Hollie Cavanagh and Elise Testone are on the video, and it’s a reminiscing moment. The finalists’ mentor Ben and Robert, Phillip’s brother in law and Jessica’s music mentor, both get a Ford Escape. But, a surprise for the two finalists, as Ryan hands them their own car keys to the new 2013 Ford Fusion!

Now, performing her single from her album that hit its 1 million mark, Rihanna sings “Where Have You Been?”! She’s looking super hot while she’s singing this dance music single. It faintly sounds like another track from another artist, but I just can’t remember what song it came from. She ends her performance with a “I love you, Idol!”, and I’m like, really?

Back from the break, Skylar Laine performs “Turn On Your Radio”, with a surprise duet with Reeba Mcentire! It’s a perfect country-singing duet, and its another huge performance from the idol finalist. Continuing to the show, Steven Tyler shares his dressing room, where there are women all over the place, and his pet sloth! Steven’s lair is as wild as he is!

Now, Jessica Sanchez is back on stage, singing “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston for the second time, only this time, with a different dress! I wonder if she’ll win tonight. As you know, if ever Jessica bags the American Idol title tonight, not only will she be the first Filipina-Mexican, but the first female to win in 4 years! That’ll be shocking! Now, it’s the guys turn to hit the idol stage as the men of the top 12 perform! Joshua does his signature scream and shout, and a surprise comes out from the tops steps, Neil Diamond!

Last week, Adam Lambert surpasses Carrie Underwood on the hit charts! A funny moment on the show, as Randy Jackson always made comments that the contestants can sing the phone book. And now, they make it into reality as the 10 finalists this season holds a phone book and sings in a choir outfit. Seriously? It’s funny.

Now, Randy’s home girl Jennifer Lopez hits the stage singing her latest single. I hope she doesn’t have another moment with her boyfriend, there’s like 100 million viewers tonight! She’s more of a great dancer than a singer, but hey, that’s the business! Now, she does a costume change on stage, from a sweatsuit to a midrib! Well, it’s a lot of Puerto Rico and booty shakin’, that;s for sure.

Back from the break, Ace and Diana, American Idol alumnae have an announcement to make! Its so romantic! Ryan announces that they just moved in together, and the most romantic moment on American Idol to date, Ace proposes to Diana on stage!!! My eyes are tearing! Now, Hollie Cavanagh sings on the idol stage together with Jordan Sparks!

Back from the break, Ryan honors Bee Gees member, Robin Gibbs, a dear friend of American idol. He even performed on the finale 2 years ago. Now, the guys of the top 12 hit the idol stage singing a mix of Bee Gees hits. Time seems to be moving slow as they sing ballads from way back when. This would be a joy to watch if only we weren’t waiting for the announcement of the winner!

Now, after what seems like an eternity, Ryan asks for the envelope that contains the name of the winner of this season’s American Idol. Phillip and Jessica give their thanks to the crew and the fans. Suspense rises, hearts are racing and finally, the winner is… PHILLIP PHILLIPS!!!!!!

It’s a magical moment, as the winner, Phillip Phillips, sings his winner song, “Home”. He truly deserves to be the next American Idol. After his performance, the first thing he does is give his parents a hug, and we’re all rejoicing for this All-American artist. To Jessica fans, don’t worry, I’m sure she’ll still have a career after this. She’s too good of a singer! She just needs to work on her individuality. Anyway, hooray for Phillip Phillips! Enjoy your celebration, Phillip fans! Good night!

Photo courtesy of American Idol.


  1. ProGerman says

    America [edited] the [edited] again, you [edited] morons should not be allowed to pick the winner of a [edited] scratching contest. Phillip? Holy [edited] no wonder this country [edited] so much anymore…from a singing contest to a presidential election…….[edited] America get it right for once!!!………..GERMANY RULES!!!

    • says

      Hey, ProGerman! What’s with the hostility? Relax man, it is only a show. No need to curse. Take a chill pill man, it’s not all that bad. Yeah, Germany rules for sure. I’m glad you we’re rooting for Jessica, though. She is a great singer, but just not enough to fill the “whole package”, I guess. Anyway, thanks for your comment!

  2. Margarita says

    Im confused! How come you have all the details and show isn’t Over yet?! So loyal with this show. I felt so betrayed :'( i will not waste my time watching any reality show ever again !!!!!

    • says

      Hi Margarita! We watch it live and update our articles as it happens, and that sets us apart from other sites.. our updates are live and fresh! Don’t you love it? Anyway, it seems a lot are upset with the results, including yourself, but its all business, and not just a singing contest. If it was, then Jessica would have won. Sorry, Margarita… but don’t fret, I’m sure this isn’t the last time we’ll see Jessica. Thanks for your comment!