The View 5/24/12 Live Recap: Reality Shows and Gregg Allman

On today’s The View, the ladies look at the most shocking and talked about moments on our favorite TV shows on Reality Show Round-Up! Plus, Greg Allman guests on the show to talk about his latest projects including his bio, “My Cross to Bear”. Find out what happens as we give you live updates of The View, only here on Nerdles.

Reality Show Round-Up begins with American Idol, and the much talked about victory of All-American, Phillip Phillips. But, the performance Jessica did last night with Ms. Holiday blew the ladies away. Next, America’s Got Talent shows a guy who has an extraordinary talent, being hit on the crotch and not get hurt. Next, Joy was the moderator on the show, Mob Wives. The wives scream and shout with each other, and with one wife saying, “after this show, we’re fightin’!”. Wow, if one of those women die, we know where to start investigating. Scary.

Back from the break, Joe Scarborough guests on the show to talk about a little politics. Joe is a radio talk show host, lawyer, author and a former politician. He seems to be a credible person to talk about the current issues enveloping the US government and the upcoming elections. He says that there have been numerous times that presidential candidates and their constituents have said something stupid, and its sad that not a single Republican (or Democrat) has stood up to fight against this. He says that when voting, Americans should look for the candidate that talks about the future, not the past.

Now, its time for the music artist, Gregg Allman. He talks about his book, My Cross to Bear. He says it started as a journal, an account of his life that he started in a time of his life where everything was going on. He said he kept this because he knew his life was extraordinary, and the journal is the best way to remember everything that’s happening to him. He talks about his love life, and how he found love with his 7th relationship, and soon-to-be marriage, to a 24-year old lady that looks so gorgeous. Joy says its a trend how old men marry 24-year old women, and only she seems to be laughing with her joke. LOL. Anyway, he doesn’t seem to worry about the 40-year difference, as long as he’s happy. He is asked about his 3-year marriage with Cher, and how excited they we’re when they flew to Las Vegas to get married. He shares in his book that right after the marriage, when they we’re on a plane flying back home, they didn’t speak to one another. We’ll be seeing more of Gregg as he goes on tour soon. And more of his life in his book, so grab a copy now!

That’s it for today’s show, but make sure to keep coming back as we give you live updates of The View, only here on Nerdles! Have a great day everyone!

Photo courtesy of The View.


  1. amy says

    hey morgan, you are an embarassment and you need to show some class. who died and made you judge of everyone else?

  2. morgan says

    Cant believe this guy. cracks me up…what a ego on him..he is so old and sick looking.and the girl. yes girl…just after the money.. if I was this mans kid, or parent, I would be embarissed, ,GREGG ALLMAN, NEEDS to show more class…he is old enough to be her grandfather..