Dr. Oz’s Silver Bullet Special of Super Supplements for 2012

Dr. Oz’s “silver bullet special” today covers his all-time favorite supplements that he’s been promoting throughout the year. Dr. Oz has prescribed supplements for everything. You name it, he’s got a magic pill or potion for it. So what supplements will make Dr. Oz’s shortlist of Super Supplements? Raspberry Ketones? Green Coffee Bean extract? AlgaeCal? Find out below as Nerdles gives you the best of the best of Dr. Oz news.

First up, let’s blast that belly fat. For those in their 30’s or 40’s, you might notice that around your belly just won’t get away. Dr. Oz says this is perfectly for normal for people in this age bracket and one of the best supplements to trim that area down is called Forskolin. Forskolin is a traditional Ayurvedic herb (check out Dr. Oz’s Ayurvedic tips and tricks HERE) that has been used for centuries to treat hypothryoidism, respiratory disorders, and heart disease. It was soon observed that taking forskolin (found in the roots of plants in the mint family) also helped burn belly fat. Forskolin helps burn fat in two key ways:

  1. Forskolin helps stimulate LIPOLYSIS which is the breakdown of the lipids that contain fat in the body. In increasing lipolysis, forskolin also helps to increase cAMP production. (cAMP is an important signal carrier in the body that helps to maintain proper biological responses in our cells that control our hormones and other extracellular signals).  Studies show that obese patients have impaired cAMP production. Therefore, obese patients using this kind of herbal supplement will benefit as it regulates the body’s lipids and sugars.
  2. Forskolin also increases thyroid function. An active thyroid also leads to an active metabolism which then ultimately leads to faster weight loss. Dr. Oz prescribes that we take 125mg of forskolin at the start of every day.

7-Keto is another fat burner that is one of Dr. Oz’s favorites. 7-Keto is just like forskolin – it helps to keep our metabolism pumped and primed to continue burning the fat in and around our bodies. As we age, our metabolism drops which adds those inches to our waistline. But if we take 7-Keto, this will help rev up our metabolism by stimulating our thyroid gland. In turn, our stimulated thyroid glands will help convert that fat that we have into muscle! The more muscle we have in our bodies, the faster we’ll burn fat. Dr. Oz prescribes that we take about 100mg of 7-Keto both morning and night.

One of the #1 reasons why we gain weight is not necessarily because of the foods we eat. Rather, it’s because of stress! When we get stressed out, our body releases a hormone into our system called cortisol. High cortisol levels running through our bodies have been associated high fat storage in the belly area. If we can lower our cortisol levels, we can also lower the amount of belly fats around our waistlines. Relora is the solution to decreasing our body’s cortisol levels. Another herbal plant supplement, relora regulates the amount of cortisol in our bodies by making us feel relaxed and calm. For best results, Dr. Oz prescribes that we take relora 3 times daily (350mg pills).

Caraway seeds take a prime spot on Dr. Oz’s list of super supplements for 2012. Caraway seeds help “carry” away your belly fats by reducing bloating. These seeds have been used for over 5,000 years beginning in the Middle East. In fact, as a member of the parsley family, caraway seeds actually aren’t seeds at all. They’re considered a fruit. Today, these “seeds” are mainly used in baking breads, in cheeses, and are used in flavoring for curries, sausages, and even liquors. To our body’s benefit, caraway seeds are nature’s remedy for bloating. Bloating occurs when bad bacteria build up in our stomachs and convert the food we eat into gas. This causes our gut to spill over our belts. Not a pretty sight. Eating caraway seeds, however, attack the bad bacteria in the stomach that is causing the bloating and gas problems. Dr. Oz prescribes taking a handful of caraway seeds after breakfast and the rest of your meals.

Dr. Oz’s silver bullet is a miracle appetite suppressant diet pill. If you’re the type who just can’t diet long enough because your ravenous appetite always wins the best of you, then try saffron extract. If you’re the type that can’t stop eating comfort at the end of a long day at work because it makes you feel good, then try saffron extract. If you’re the type who wants a quick fix pill that does it all, then try saffron extract.

When we eat (especially those yummy, sugary comfort foods), we’re turning on certain chemicals in our brain that make us feel good. As we all know too well, this sort of “foodie high” only lasts so long before we begin looking for that same feeling over again. This ultimately leads to an endless, unhealthy cycle of overeating. Saffron extract, however, aids to regulate the our brain’s chemical receptors to help keep our mood and cravings in control. More than just a spice, the Persians have been using saffron for centuries to help them relieve stress and improve their moods. By following in their ancient wisdom, taking saffron extracts will give us greater control over our over-eating behaviors and generally make us feel good about ourselves.

Moving on from fighting fat, Dr. Oz now offers super pills and potions that will help us fight cancer. With the help of Dr. Lindsey Duncan, a Natur0pathic, Dr. Oz gives us his best “cancer fighters in a bottle.” IP-6 is a vitamin-like substance that can be found in animals and many plants, especially cereals, nuts, and legumes. As an anti-cancer supplement, IP-6 has been used to prevent cancer, including prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, and blood cancers. Dr. Oz prescribes taking 500mg of IP-6, twice daily. Second on Dr. Oz’s list of cancer fighting supplements are black raspberries. Black raspberry supplements may help prevent cancer of the esophagus and the cervix. It’s the chemicals and compounds that form the raspberry’s deep dark color that provides this supplement with it’s healing powers. One single capsule of black raspberry supplements is equal to four cups of real black raspberries! Dr. Oz prescribes taking 300mg, twice daily. The last supplement on the list for cancer killers is Vitamin D-3. It’s stated that most Americans have a Vitamin D-3 deficiency and is something that should always be present in our diets. Vitamin D-3 make help prevent cervical, breast, and colorectal cancer. Dr. Duncan takes this and black raspberries everyday so it would seem smart to follow in her footsteps. She prescribes taking 1,ooo UI daily.

Dr. Oz intends to keep us healthy on the inside, and he also wants to keep us looking good on the outside. According to the great Dr. Oz, there is a miracle pill that will stop aging – L-Carnosine. As we age, the level of L-Carnosine in our bodies dwindle to as little as 60% in our bodies. L-Carnosine is mostly found in the brain and inside our cells. High level of L-Carnosine help to reduce fine lines and even improves brain function. But after turning as young as 30 up to 40 and beyond, you’ll notice that not only do you feel less energetic but you’ll probably spot a few more wrinkles here and there that were never there before. L-Carnosine can reverse all of that. Bascially, L-Carnosine inhibits the formation of age-inducing substances called “advanced glycation end products” (AGEs). AGEs are abnormal, cross-linked and oxidized proteins which are implicated in loss of cell function, genome integrity and accelerated aging. Studies also reveal that L-Carnosine protects DNA and proteins from cross-linking, and even binds to already formed AGEs and inactivates them. Dr. Oz prescribes that we take L-Carnosine twice daily with food, and that that best time to start supplementing with this is when we turn 30 – the earlier we start something good, the greater the benefits for us as we age.

Other supplements that Dr. Oz promotes to keep us beautiful on the outside cost less than $10. One of these includes Primrose oil. If you have crows feet and are not sure if the beauty products you are already using are working or not, then you have to try to supplement with Primrose oil. Dr. Oz says it works to banish those crows feet wrinkles. He prescribes taking 500mg twice daily. Biotin B-Vitamin is another supplement that Dr. Oz suggests for those healthier nails. Biotin B-Vitamin will help your nails grow, and make them stronger so they’re less likely to crack. Last on Dr. Oz’s super beauty supplements under $10 is black currant oil. Black currant oil is a supplement that is used specifically for your hair. If you want healthy hair with lesser split-ends, black currant oil will help rejuvenate your hair and make it look alive and healthy. Dr. Oz prescribes taking 500mg twice daily for better hair.

So Dr. Oz has provided us with this very thorough list of super supplements that will keep us healthy and beautiful, but what about Dr. Oz himself? What supplements does he take? Dr. Oz reveals that he takes one-half of a multi-vitamin in the morning and finishes the last half of it in the evening. Dr. Oz says to find a multivitamin that contains Vitamin A, C, D, E, K, and some iodine. Dr. Oz also takes combination vitamin containing calcium and magnesium – 600mg calcium and 400mg magnesium. He says to take this a few hours after taking a multivitamin. To keep his skin healthy, Dr. Oz takes Vitamin D3 everyday. To keep his heart healthy and to  prevent heart attacks, Dr. Oz takes three baby aspirin at night to keep the flood flowing smoothly.

Phew! Those are quite a few silver bullets of super supplements. We hope you found this article helpful, and if you have any questions or helpful comments, please do let us know below. Until the next Dr. Oz, please do visit us here again at Nerdles for only the best of the best news from the one and only Oz.

Image courtesy of Dr. Oz.