The Only Dr. Oz Approved 7-Day Crash Diet with Joel Fuhrman

Dr. Oz says, “This is the most effective diet I’ve personally ever seen.” And he’s talking about a crash diet here, folks. If you’ve been following the show as we have here on Nerdles, then you know this is not something Dr. Oz would say about a crash diet. In fact, Dr. Oz typically advises against crash diets. Rather, Dr. Oz’susual advice is that a slow and steady weight loss is the best way to keep those pounds away forever. Today, however, Dr. Joel Fuhrman joins us on the show with a new seven diet plan fully backed by the great Oz.  What could this seemingly too-good-to-be-true diet be?

The first rule about this diet: Do NOT exercise. Yes, that’s right. Do NOT exercise. It’s quite hard to believe, but Dr. Oz and Dr. Fuhrman say that if you can stick to this diet and NOT exercise, you will lose 10 pounds in 7 days. It seems to be getting more unbelievable as we go along, huh? But don’t worry as Dr. Oz has actual testimony from real people who got real results from this diet, and he also explains why passes his tests and get the Dr. Oz Seal of Approval.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman has seen over 20,000 patients over his career. He knows what works. He knows what doesn’t work. One woman who followed this plan lost over 120 pounds over the coarse of a year. Another shed 100 pounds herself. Dr. Fuhrman’s “crash” diet plan takes a new look and approach at eating. Instead of paying too much attention at a food’s fat and calorie content, we should be first noticing the healthy nutrients in the foods we eat. In this sense, don’t look for the low calorie numbers but keep an eye on the high nutrient numbers of foods.

The basis of this diet plan lies on the Nutrient Density Scale where food is rated from 0 to 100 depending on their nutritional content. From the lowest rated foods to the highest rated foods, here’s an example:

Sweets & Treats – 0
Red Meat – 6
Full-Fat Dairy – 8
Starchy Veggies – 25
Fresh Fruits – 45
Dark Leafy Greens – 100

To succeed in this “crash” diet, you’ll need eat those foods that have the highest ratings on the Nutrient Density Scale above. Think about it this way, the higher the rating the higher number of pounds you’ll lose. In this case, the more your diet is composed of dark leafy greens, the better. But this doesn’t mean you should only eat dark leafy greens (I doubt I can stay on a diet like that longer than three days). You don’t have to eat just fruits and veggies. Feel free to eat those other foods on the scale, but make sure to eat diaries and meats in moderation else they sabotage your weight loss gains.

If you eat more the high-rated foods above, you’ll burn more fat. For example, let’s say you eat a 1,000 calories worth of potato chips every week (this is more than realistic), and you don’t burn it off. You’ll gain 15 pounds over the course of a year, and you’ll only crave more chips to eat. However, if you ate more greens instead of chips, you’ll actually lose weight over the course of that same year. If you don’t think you can stick to a diet like this, Dr. Oz mentions the “90/10 Rule.” The 90/10 Rule means that 90% of your diet should be nutrient dense (vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruits, and beans) while 10% of it should be of healthy lean meats, oils, and dairy.

Dr. Oz suggest BOM – Berries, Onion, and Mushrooms. These will kickstart your body into fat burning mode which is the exact thing you’re looking for with this “crash” diet. These BOM foods help manage your insulin and glucose levels. Have them everyday, by rotating them throughout your daily meals. Speaking of meals, here’s a sample day with this Dr. Oz approved “crash” diet:

  • For Breakfast
    • Eat a meal with oatmeal! Add some fresh fruit. Avoid heavy proteins like dairy or bacon. A light and lean breakfast will keep your body in detox mode. Don’t forget. Do NOT add sugar to your oatmeal. I know it’s tempting for that extra flavor, but oatmeal already has sugars in it so don’t add anymore.
  • For Lunch
    • A guest on the show admitted she typically had rice, curry, and fried chicken for lunch. Based on the Nutrient Density Scale, this is the wrong way to go. Dr. Fuhrman suggests having beans instead. Beans will make you feel full, lower your insulin levels, and continue to help your body burn more fat.
  • For Dinner
    • Have a slice a pizza – a pita pizza. More specifically, have a pita pizza with broccoli. You can also try an eggplant roll up.

If you can stick to this healthy, Dr. Oz approved “crash” diet for seven days, then Dr. Fuhrman says you will lose 10 pounds in that week alone. But this “crash” diet is healthy enough that it doesn’t just have to be a “crash” diet. If you can make the new habits you’ll learn in this seven day “crash” diet a part of your lifestyle, then it won’t feel like a diet any longer. It will become your default method of eating. Then, if you really want it – really want it – you too can lose 100+ pounds over the course of a year.

That’s the best of the best of Dr. Oz for today. If you want more Dr. Oz , check out our archives HERE. Until the next show, be sure to visit Nerdles again for the latest and best Dr. Oz news.

Image courtesy of Dr. Oz.


  1. zaida cruz says

    i would love to follow the 7 days crash diet but i dont have a way to find the rest of the recipe for it, can you pleae help me i’m very obesy i have diabety and high blood presure i have try all difrent diet but nothing seeing to work please i really need to get this resipe .PLEASE DR. OZ HELP ME..THANK YOU