Dr. Oz: Rocket Fuel for Your Metabolism

With the successful landing of NASA’s “Curiostiy” rover on Mars, Dr. Oz  launches his own mission of giving us the rocket fuel we need to fire up our metabolism. Today, Dr. Oz lists his top metabolism boosters so stick with Nerdles as we give you the best of the best of Dr. Oz news daily.

Our metabolism is what keeps our body burning – in a good way, of course. The food we eat, the weights we lift, the diets we go on – the success of these are all highly dependent on our metabolism. It tells our body whether or not to convert what we eat into muscle  or into fat. Below, Dr. Oz shares with us his fave foods, drinks, and supplements to burn fat and boost our energy levels.

Rocket Fuel Type #1: Belly Blast Hot Shot

Dr. Oz prescribes that we take this first thing in the morning to give our metabolism the kick it needs to burn all day long. Just mix together 2 tablespoons of tomato juice, half a teaspoon of horseradish, a dash of hot sauce, some fresh lime, and you’re good to go!

Rocket Fuel Type #2: Kombucha Wonder Drink

Are you ready for another kick? Instead of the fuzzy, carbonated stuff you usually drink at lunch, Dr. Oz says to skip the soda and go for  a Kombucha Wonder Drink. At $3 a bottle, it may cost more than your average Coke but it’s USDA certified organic, fights cancer, protects your liver, and oh, boosts your energy, too. FYI, skipping your usual Coke for a drink like for an entire year will help you lose 7 pounds; no exercise necessary. I wonder what it tastes like though.

Rocket Fuel Type #3: Spicey Red Icey

(Gotta love these names Dr. Oz gives his drinks, yeah?) A “Spicy Red Icey” is a combination of red wine like Malbec with ice chips and some mint. The wine will help relax you, and even boost your metabolism for 95 minutes are your last sip. The ice will force your body to use energy to warm the drink, and the mint is mostly there as an after-thought as Dr. Oz says the smell of it will keep you away from late-night snacking.

Rocket Fuel Type #4: Power Supplements

  • Fucoxanthin (or “Xanthigen” online) is a combination of brown seaweed and pomegranate seed oil. 200mg daily will help to burn off those extra layers of belly fat.
  • Sancha Ichi is nut grown in the mountains and rainforests that’s loaded with antioxidants and plenty of healthy Vitamin E. 600mg daily will also attack your belly fat.
  • L-arginine, a mainstay on Dr. Oz’s supplement lists, balances the body’s hormones. If taken with exercise the effects are even more beneficial as all your hard work will help increase muscle mass, and in turn, your metabolic levels rise. 2000mg, 3 times a day is the recommended dosage.

Rocket Fuel Type #5: Calorie Confusers

Trick your body to always be prepared for sudden changes and it will learn to ready itself by always keeping your metabolism at the ready, too. To do this, vary the total number of calories you eat each day. Instead of consuming 2,000 calories daily, switch it up. For example, on Monday consume 2,000 calories and on Tuesday just have 1,200 calories.

Rocket Fuel Type #6: Spices, Seeds, and Spirulina

Vanadium, a nutrient present in black peppers, dill seeds, and parsley can help build muscle and burn through excess fat. Make sure to top off your meals with these for some extra flavor and extra kick. Dr. Oz calls spirulina a “miracle from the sea” as it’s filled with proteins and amino acids the body uses to fuel our cells.

More of Dr. Oz coming tomorrow as Nerdles continues its mission to give you the best of the best of Dr. Oz news daily. Want more Dr. Oz? Check out our archives HERE.

Image Courtesy of Dr. Oz.