Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition Finale Recap LIVE: 548-pound Jarvez Gets Back In The Game (8/19/12)

Tonight is the finale for the second season of Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition with Chris Powell. We begin the show’s finale episode from Portland, Oregon. 28-year-old Jarvez is over 300 pounds, and we first see him on the show having trouble getting out of his car. In the past, Jarvez was an offensive lineman as a guard but now he can’t even fit into his 3XL jersey. “Food is life. Food is what you need to survive,” Jarvis says. (Please refresh this page every few minutes as we update it at every commercial break.)

The weight of his weight finally hit him when he had to call in sick because he had torn all of his pants and had nothing to wear to work. The catalyst for his extreme weight gain, Jarvis says, was the death of his mother who had suffered from sickle cell anemia. He’s gained over 200 pounds since her death. His life, however, is about to change when Chris Powelll surprises Jarvez at work.

Day 1: At the California Health and Longevity Institute, and Jarvez takes his first step onto the industrial strength freight scale. His official weight: 548 pounds. Even before they hit the gym, Chris challenges Jarvez to do 50 pushups on his toes, and Jarvez is game. Does he do it? YES. “The number after 548 is death, so I’m going to do what he (Chris) says to do,” Jarvez says.

Day 4: Jarvez hits the gym for Chris’ infamous “Fight of Flight” workout. Of all past guests on the show, Jarvez doesn’t stop, doesn’t compain, doesn’t cry. Instead, all he ever says is: “What’s next?” Chris’ reply? “Some rest and some food,” he says. Back at a completely transformed house, Chris and Jarvez discuss their Phase One Goal: 135 pounds. In the next three months (where people lose the most weight), Jarvez will have to step it up to lose all that weight. To inspire him, Chris offers Jarvez two tickets to the Superbowl!!! (Jarvez tears up and jokingly says it’s “allergies”, and I think he’s even more pumped to lose the weight.)

Day 9: Jarvez is going to take Chris on a pedicab and take him around the city. He’s pushing, he’s pedaling, but they have to stop because Jarvez breaks the bike seat. This throws Chris off and hopes this doesn’t take discourage Jarvez. It doesn’t. Jarvez seems to push even harder. (There has to be a point where he breaks, right?) By Day 67, Jarvez has Thanksgiving, Christmas, and his birthday right after one another. But as Chris says, “He’s killing it.” On Day 73, Jarvez has lost about 115 pounds. On Day 90, the Phase One Weigh-in, Jarvez needs to step up on the scale and have it read 413 pounds or less for him to get the Superbowl tickets. Jarvez’ weight after 90 days: 406 pounds. Jarvez has lost 142 pounds!

But now the most difficult point of the program kicks in when Chris has to leave Jarvez. Before he leaves Jarvez on his own, Chris gives him his Phase Two Goal: 80 pounds. Jarvez now has another 90 days to lose those pounds. By Day 101, Jarvez says he can finally touch his toes. At Superbowl XLV, Jarvez travels to Arlington, Texas for the game. Chris has another surprise for Jarvez and has former Green Bay Packer all-time leading rusher Ahman Green to train him for a day as NFL players do.

Day 117: Jarvez is back from the Superbowl and he’s still doing great. On Day 140, however, things go wrong. Jarvez suffers from vertigo. Chris talks to Dr. Schaack about Jarvez’ condition and learns that there’s very little they can do for him at the moment. Jarvez needs to rest and keep hydrated and he’ll eventually be well enough to get back in the game. But it’s up to Jarvez to decide for himself when he’s good to go.

Chris worries that this set back is going to hamper Jarvez’ drive and that he might not be able to get over it. At the six month mark, it’s time for Jarvez’ Phase 2 Weigh-in. The scale needs to read 326 pounds or less for Jarvez to meet his Phase Two goal. His weight: 358 pounds. Nonetheless, Chris tells him he’s lost 190 pounds in 6 months – a rare feat amongst many men.

Day 181: Jarvez is back in the game. All of his life, Jarvez has never stepped on a diving board for fear of breaking it. Now, however, you can’t get him off of it. But all the smiles and laughs become tears when Jarvez visits his mother’s grave on her birthday. Jarvez says that if not for this program, he may not have been able to deal with the death of his mother.

Day 240: Jarvez and his supportive wife Adriana go on a sort of second honeymoon in Tucson, Arizona. This time is different now because Jarvez can actually do the more active things with his wife. But there’s more in store for him as Chris shows up out of nowhere. Chris doesn’t live too far, and decides to surprise them with – yes – a bike ride. The last time Chris and Jarvez rode on bikes, Jarvez broke the seat. Chris wants to make it up to him, but surprisingly, Jarvez refuses. He looks pretty serious, repeatedly saying, “No.” Chris does talk him into it though and Jarvez conquers the tough terrain and hills on the bike ride.

Day 270: This is the day for Jarvez’ Phase 3 Weigh-in. Back at the California Health and Longevity Institute, Chris is completely shocked at the physical changes he’s seen in Jarvez since first seeing him on Day 1. At the scale once again, Jarvez needs to lose enough weight in order to be eligible for the skin surgery. Jarvez’ final Phase 3 weight: 284 pounds. He’s lost over 74 pounds in just three months. Chris comments that 74 pounds is what most people lose in phase one of his program, but Jarvez “isn’t like most people.” Dr. Stoker approves him as an excellent candidate for the skin surgery.

Day 365: It’s time for Jarvez’ Final Weigh-in. As one of Chris “greatest transformations of all-time”, he cannot wait for everyone to see the brand new Jarvez. For the final time in a year, Jarvez steps on the scale. Jarvez’ final weight: 267 pounds. Total weight lost over the year: 281 pounds. From a size 70 waist down to a size 38 waist – WOW.

A few months after Jarvez’ final weigh-in, he actually made about 20 pounds back. To rememdy this, he now rides the bus to work to avoid going using the drive-thru at a fast food restuarant and he also referees basketball. But the biggest surprise? Jarvez and his wife Adriana are having a baby girl!

And for one last time this season, check out another Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition before-and-after photo of Jarvez below. We’ll catch you again for Season Three. Remember Nerdles because we’ll be there to cover it just for you. Thanks!


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