The Walking Dead Video Game: Episode 3 Recap

As promised, Telltale has released “Long Road Ahead”, the 3rd of 5 episodes in The Walking Dead Video Game before August ended. I am telling you now that decisions have definitely become harder to make and trust doesn’t come cheap. If you want to refresh your memory, take a moment to read on Episode 1 and 2 here.

The game starts off with Lee and Kenny back in Macon to gather supplies from the pharmacy. A shrill cry by the end of the street stirs up the walkers. A girl has been hiding in one of the buildings but has been chased out by a walker. Lee thinks it’s best to put her out of her misery since she has been bit and a swarm of zombies already surround her. Kenny points out that it would be buy them more time to gather stuff if the walkers are kept busy by her screams and flesh. The choice between letting her suffer or risking the attention will determine the amount of time you have inside the pharmacy.

After collecting what they can, Lee and Kenny bring the stuff back to Lilly at the Motel. An argument follows (again??) between Lilly and Kenny and Lee gets stuck in the middle. Choose your responses wisely, Lilly will respond according to your previous decision to help Kenny kill her father or not. Kenny will also bring up Lee’s decision about the screaming girl earlier (Geez, thanks a lot Kenny). During the confrontation, Lilly mentions that someone has been stealing supplies.

Outside, let Lee talk to everyone. If you have saved Carley in episode 1, she will advise Lee to come clean about his past, not because she wants to ruin his image but rather the opposite of that. It’s better if they find out from him than from someone else at a bad time. Lee can say yes or no to this. Also, after talking to Lilly, Lee will have to investigate the missing supplies (drugs). Lilly hands you her only proof, a broken flashlight. She even threatens Lee by saying that if he doesn’t find the thief she’s just going to assume it’s him. As you head outside, Duck has been eavesdropping and wants in. You can choose to let him help or not.

During this time, you can choose to tell Kenny, Katjaa, Lilly, Ben and Clementine about your past. This will improve your relationship with that person. Ask around about the broken flashlight. Make your way to the leftmost corner by the fence, there will be broken pieces of glass that match the flashlight. By the wall, there is a pink, chalked X. Head over to Clementine to ask about the chalk then talk to Duck. He will be the one to find the chalk and scruff marks by the gate. Lee will head on outside to find a package by a grate on the right side. Someone has been giving out the drugs.

The Walking Dead Video Game: Episode 3 Recap

Let’s gather by the fire and tell stories of the undead.

Taking the stash to Lilly, they discuss what might have been going on. Suddenly the motor inn is raided by the bandits, demanding their package. Lilly heads out with the rifle while Lee tries to buy time by reasoning with the bandits. A shootout ensues. Kenny starts up the RV and instructs Lee to get everyone inside. I love how tense this becomes however the aiming system is a bit difficult to master and I died 2 times before I finally managed to cover Ben and Carley. On the other side, the noise attracted some walkers and you have to gun down some more bandits before Clementine can run to the RV.

As Katjaa and Duck head for the RV, a walker catches up to them and pins them down. Aim fast and aim good at the zombie’s head. You can then try to convince Lilly to come with you or not. While on the road, Lilly drills everyone about the stealing. She accuses Ben (and Carley if you chose her). Lee can choose to side with either or can just try to calm Lilly down. Just then, a walker gets stuck under the RV and Lilly commands everyone to come out to settle the issue. Honestly, I tried to make Lilly forget about the whole thing but she got even angrier. Outside, Lilly is fired up on beating the truth out of Ben (and Carley). In her rage, Lilly shoots Carley. If you chose Doug in episode 1, Lilly will shoot Ben but gets pushed out of the way by Doug and he gets shot instead. Lee ends up having to decide whether to leave Lilly or not.

Back inside, Katjaa shows Lee that Duck has been bit and asks Lee to tell Clementine.

Up ahead the road is blocked by a train. Explore inside the boxcar, around the coupler and around the engine. Lee will acquire a paper where instructions were written on but require a bit more work. Around this time, whether you left Lilly by the roadside or not, she will steal the RV. Let Lee, Ben and Kenny continue fixing up the train. A man named Chuck will introduce himself as the one using the boxcar as shelter. The group leaves on the train and heads for Savannah.

Duck coughs up blood during the trip and Katjaa will ask Lee to tell Kenny to stop the train. Up by the engine, Kenny is a mess. He is in denial. He feels that this is the price he has to pay for letting Hershel’s son die. You will now have to choose whether to calmly convince Kenny or enrage and fight him. The train is stopped either way.

The Walking Dead Video Game: Episode 3 Recap

Goodnight Duck..

Here is probably one of the most painful parts of the series: deciding who will shoot Duck. I chose Lee, since I kept hearing a voice in my head saying “No parent should ever have to bury their child” (from LOTR). Anyway, whoever you choose, Katjaa will bring Duck to the forest to say farewell. Since I chose Lee, Kenny walks with her to say goodbye as well. A gunshot resonates through the air followed by a man’s anguished cry. Lee runs toward them and is greeted by a shocking scene. Katjaa has shot herself.
Duck has been laid by a tree, making soft noises. Kenny mourns for his wife then stands beside Lee to watch Duck. You will need to choose to let Kenny shoot his son, make Lee do it or just let Duck die and come back undead.

Back on the train, Ben admits he was the one dealing with the bandits. He tells Lee that the bandits said one of his classmates and will exchange for him. Lee warns Ben to keep this to himself. Walking over to Chuck, Lee will be somewhat lectured by him regarding Clementine’s protection. Chuck recommends Lee to work out a plan, to teach Clem to shoot, and to cut her hair so it won’t be easily grabbed. Lee proceeds to do all of this.

Another road block ahead sets up two characters, Omid and Christa. A fuel truck is hanging by a bridge where the two are. They agree to help. Lee takes Clem with him to a nearby train station to look for something useful and they are attacked by walkers inside. I don’t know why but I feel for Clementine after seeing her shakily holding up the gun but not being able to shoot. The little girl is terrified, who wouldn’t be! Christa shows up and clearly communicates her disapproval of Lee’s methods of child care. They take the blowtorch back to the bridge.

While Lee and Omid work on detaching the tank, Ben spots a massive horde approaching. In the rush, Kenny gets the train going and Lee and Omid have to jump on. Omid injures his leg and Christa runs back to him. Lee will then choose who to save first but rest assured they both get on no matter what.
The next scene is Lee driving the train while Clementine sleeps soundly on a chair. Kenny comes in and discusses their plans upon reaching Savannah. Static slices through their conversation and a man’s voice emanates from the walkie-talkie inside Clementine’s bag. Chills run down my spine as the man greets Clementine and tells her that he is looking forward to seeing her. He mentions Clem’s parents and how happy he is that Lee and her are coming to Savannah. Kenny and Lee look at each other in shock.

This is where we leave our story. What were the choices you made? Any opinions about the new characters? Let me hear your thoughts! Comment down below!

Telltale’s The Walking Dead Episode 2 is available now for the PS3, Xbox, PC and Mac, and iPhone/iPad.

Image and Video credit: Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead