Dr. Oz and First Lady Michelle Obama Talk About The Nation’s Health

Today, Dr. Oz and First Lady Michelle Obama talk about the nation’s greatest national security concern (Dr. Oz says it’s obesity) and Mrs. Obama’s BIG announcement. (Please refresh this page every few minutes as we update this article with the best coverage because they talked about A LOT.)

The First Lady takes her seat next to Dr. Oz as he asks her about why she made tackling obesity one of her greater missions. She cites her family as the biggest motivator as she noticed her family eating out a lot. At one of her usual visits to the pediatrician, her doctor informed her that her children’s BMI had increased. That’s when she started taking out processed foods and sugary drinks from their diets and now her children are much healthier.

But one of the criticisms against Mrs. Obama is that she’s “taking the fun out of food.” She replies that that isn’t the case – it’s about balance because we’ve gotten so out of balance. Going to fast food places a couple of times a day just isn’t right. She draws TV as an example. When she and Dr. Oz were growing up, they only had about 7 channels and only a few hours of TV made for children. Nowadays, kids have 24/7 television and that doesn’t even include other screen time like on computers, phones, and tablets. She’s focuses on the youth, on our kids because as she says correctly, we’ll “move heaven and earth” for them. Plus, they’re definitely more inclined to change than us adults.

Dr. Oz shifts gears and talks a bit about Mrs. Obama’s political life. How does she deal with the stress, Dr. Oz asks. She replies that exercise helps a lot along with ample rest and sleep. Most of all, their kids are their best stress-relievers. Moving forward, Dr. Oz asks if President Obama’s administration were to end this November, would health be his legacy? Mrs. Obama mentions family as more of the centerpiece of his legacy than just plain health. Things like health reform, healthcare, and education are the core issues she talks about. Dr. Oz asks a personal question about Mrs. Obama’s biggest health fear. She says she worries about sudden illnesses that may be genetic and that we have no control over. Her father had MS. Plus, she had worried about her husband’s smoking but he’s quit now especially since his children grew older and wanted to keep his credibility with his own children.

Remember those dreaded (for me at least) physical fitness tests we used to take in school? (I could never get that one pull up completed). First Lady Michelle Obama makes her big announcement that they’ll be changing all of this. Intead of the mile-run, kids will be now doing what’s called a “shuttle.” Overall, this new test takes the intimdation out of the test, removing the idea that fitness isn’t about athleticism, making it more individualized for every child. Dr. Oz talks about Mrs. Obama’s own health and discusses her much talked about arms. What is the secret to Michelle Obama’s arms? Well, it ain’t about spending hours and hours in the gym. She says that it’s a three-legged strategy of nutrition, cardio, and flexibility.

But now it’s Dr. Oz’s turn as she’s prepared a sort of presidential fitness test for him. And, it’s all done with a jump rope. In the past, the First Lady has done push ups on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Today, she jumps rope with Dr. Oz. Though Dr. Oz is a bit disappointed to find out that he will not be challenging the First Lady in a jump rope competition, it turns out that by the end of their session, Mrs. Obama is clearly in much better cardio health than Dr. Oz. Frankly, Dr. Oz obviously doesn’t jump rope much as he looks like quite the awkward character jump roping.

First Lady Michelle Obama has another huge announcement and it has to do with the nation’s school lunch program. New legislation has been passed and we’ll be seeing it take effect this fall. The new legislation increases funding in school meals which hasn’t happened in over 30 years. Three children – Taylor, JT, and Rachel [sic] – join Dr. Oz and the First Lady on the set to do a taste test of 3 of the new school meals. Remember those old bean burritos? That’s supposed to be replaced by a whole grain turkey and cheese sandwich with some colorful veggies. Taylor gives says it’s good and asks Mrs. Obama a question: “Do your children get to watch TV a lot?” Mrs. Obama replies her kids don’t get any “screen time” during the week, 2 hours on Friday, 3 on Saturday, and 2 on Sunday. “Screen time” includes TV and other screens too like computers and phones.

The next meal replaced is the cheese pizza. The original was cheese pizza on white dough and some tatter tots. The new meal is a cheese pizza on whole grain and baked sweet potatoes. JT says its good and asks: “Do you get scared at night sleeping in the White House all alone since it’s so big?” Mrs. Obama says it’s quite cozy in the White Housie and teasingly says that they’re never really alone anyway. The third, old meal is the usual hotdog. The new meal is now whole grain pasta and more greens like broccoli and kiwis. Rachel says it’s really good and asks: “Does she get to walk around the White House in her pajamas?” Mrs. Obama’s says there’s a 2nd and 3rd floor of the White House that’s pretty private.

Dr. Oz viewers now get to ask the First Lady their own questions. The first is about what the Obama family likes to eat. Mrs. Obama says the President loves a good steak. Cheese pizza is on top of the list. One other question asks what activities the Obamas do to get their kids moving. Mrs. Obama says they do a lot of dancing and supporting their involvement in sports.

Today was the first time ever that Dr. Oz guested First Lady Michelle Obama, so he asks his loyal listeners to share their firsts. His viewers shares a variety of firsts: losing tons of weight, getting over fears like flying, having their first child, running their first marathon after years of smoking, and so many more. What’s one of your firsts?

Tomorrow, Dr. Oz has a fresh show full of your most embarrassing questions and secrets.
That’s our recap of Dr. Oz news for today on 9/12/12. More news to come tomorrow, so until then please do check out our OZ archives HERE.

Image & Cheat Sheet credit: Dr. Oz.