Dr. Oz and Kirstie Alley’s Weight Loss Secrets

Today on Dr. Oz, Hollywood’s comeback queen Kirstie Alley guests on the show to talk about her weight loss secrets. If you’ve seen pictures of Kirstie Alley throughout the years, then you’d know that she is probably also Hollywood’s most infamous yo-yo dieter. But since guesting on Oprah’s show in the last few years, Kirstie has sworn off her weight and has kept it off (despite the rumors and doctored photos of her in tabloid magazines). (Please refresh this page every few minutes as we update it at every commercial break.)

Dr. Oz asks her how she got so fat in the first place. Kirstie Alley says that as Hollywood actress, she finally came to the point where she stopped caring so much about what other people said or thought, and just wanted to be a mom and bake. And yes, it was being a mom and baking that made Kirstie Alley fat. Kirstie seriously jokes that baking and drinking 12 grape sodas a day is what made her fat.

Growing up, Kirstie says she never had any problems with her weight. She’d eat and her body would immediately burn it off on it’s own. It was never something she had to consciously think about as a child. She then reveals she had menopause at age 41 and was completely shocked because no one in her family or anyone else she knew had menopause at such a young age. But then again, she does admit that no one in her family had been a cocaine addict either. About her weight gain, Kirstie says that when she was gaining weight and was not happy with the way her body looked, “it was clear I was not going to have any sex unless he was blind.”

When she guested in Oprah, she never expected her photos to get lifted from that certain episode when she was in a bikini and jokes that the photographer probably needed a wide angle lens. But now she says she just doens’t give a s*** (bleeped), saying she has an incredible body for her age: she has both her legs, has low blood pressure, etc. After the Oprah show, the papparazzi have tortured her, Dr. Oz points out. She doesn’t care she says, though she does admit that these fabricated stories do hurt her weight loss company where she’s genuinely tried to help people.

As a yo-yo dieter, Dr. Oz shows what happens to the heart when someone diets on and off. Dr. Oz shows her a healthy heart compared to a damaged yo-yo dieter’s heart. The healthy heart is smaller, and more efficient. The yo-yo’d heart is large, thick, heavy, and cumbersome according to Kirstie. The good news is, Dr. Oz says, if your blood pressure is good, your cholesterol is normal, and your pulse is nice and strong, then the human body can heal itself from the damage that we do to it.

Kirstie says she became desperate to lose weight and felt she had to create something of her own to help herself. So she met up with a group of doctors, nutritionists, and other professionals to create a line of healthy, organic foods. Her line called “Kirstie’s Weight Loss Kit” or the “Kirstie Alley Rescue Me Kit” includes products like a gentle colon cleanser called “Relieve Me”, a calcium magnesium herbal tea called “Release Me”, and a liquid L-tryptophan called “Nightingale” for a good night’s sleep. Dr. Oz says he’s not endorsing the products she’s showing on the show, but he does share that he’s happy that Kirstie found something that worked for her.

Dr. Oz had asked Kirstie Alley to take some ladies to the market and show them how to properly shop for groceries. When picking out fruits, Kirstie says dull and plain are the best as all the shiny apples and other fruits are just waxed. Some of the things on their shopping list are olives (which Kirstie describes as “sex snacks”) and organic peanut butter. Bask in the studio set, Dr. Oz and Kirstie talk about her daily meals. Kirstie shares that she eats a lot of the same food and Dr. Oz says that’s the smart thing to do as long as it’s all proportioned well and is nutritional.

How many calories does Kirstie usually eat a day? Kirstie says she  eats approximately 1,500 calories a day when she wants to lose weight. She likes to keep her meals at 300 calories each, so that’s about 900 calories per day. That finally leaves her about 500 calories to eat in snacks. That is the sweet spot for her to lose weight, she says. If she gets any less – say like 1,200 calories – Kirstie reveals that her metabolism slows down and makes it even more difficult for her to lose weight.

As Kirstie Alley is the “Queen of Reinvention”, Dr. Oz has her join Chicago’s “The Fat First Wives Club” which is made up of divorced, overweight women. One woman gained 30 pounds after her divorce, another turned to food after her divorce, and all three of the women keep each other going – with a lot of food and drinking at that, too. Kirstie shares that she got a divorce because she wanted to one. Though she doesn’t know any of the women’s histories, she tells them that it’s all in the past now and gives her advice on how to get back on the dating scene.

First, she buys six cheap dresses and gets them all in different sizes. She says to buy cheap dresses they feel good in and eventually work down the sizes to boost their self-esteem. But how do you  spot a good guy especially at the market? Check out what’s in their grocery carts, Kirstie says. If he has beer and baloney, then he’s a player. If he has parmesan cheese and arugula, then he’s either gay or just the right gay. At the checkout counter, Kirstie says to have the guy check out their melons. Kirstie’s last tip is to take their attention off men. If the women are out having fun then men will naturally gravitate towards their energy.

Kirstie Alley was also on last year’s Dancing With The Stars and even made it to the Finals. In fact, she’ll be coming back to the show too as an “All Star” (Nerdles will be covering DWTS live, by the way), and Dr. Oz asks her for a few dance lessons. She takes the lead and shows him a few steps. After a while, she just tells him to stand still as she does all her hip-grinding all over him. Dr. Oz sure had a lot of fun on the show today. What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below. Til’ tomorrow!

That’s our recap of Dr. Oz news for today on 9/17/12. Tomorrow, we find out about your metabolism type and Dr. Joel Furhman’s “fountain of youth.” Until then please do check out our OZ archives HERE.

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