The Ellen Degeneres Show Recap: The Skinny Girl Bethenny Frankel, Kellie Pickler, and SYTYCD Finalists (9/17/12)

Today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, host of “Bethenny”, the Bethenny Frankel herself, returns and catches up with Ellen about having her own show. Kellie Pickler, American Idol contestant, makes her first television appearance after shaving her head. Yup! She shaved her head to show her support for a good friend who is battling cancer. Also on the show is the incredible story of eight people who climbed a mountain to save an abandoned German Shepard. Finally, the last four finalaists of So You Think You Can Dance perform live for Ellen and fans. (Please refresh this page every few minutes as we update today’s show.)

In her opening monologue, Ellen takes a look back at some of the past seasons of the 10 seasons of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. In her first season, Ellen buried a time capsule. She forgot where she put it she jokes, but fortunately one of her staff found it. The first thing she pops out of the cryogenically sealed (odd) canister is one of those old-school cellphones with the BIG antennae. The second item is a portrait of Ellen wearing nerdy lookin’ head gear with her mom. After that, Ellen pulls out an old manuscripts she had written but never finished called, “49 Shades of Grey.” A few more things are bags of beanie babies, the first pair of Ellen underwear (which looks like colonial undergarments), and a cow that pooped out straws.

Now the Top Four dancers of So You Think You Can Dance take over the dance floor. Will Ellen join them? Let’s hope so. There’s a lot of ballet twirling, jumping, doing splits in the air, poppin’, lockin’ and robot-ing, but Ellen just enjoys from the sidelines. Bummer.

Food Should Taste Good, a brand of multigrain chips, supports breast cancer research. She shares an entire bag of the chips with the entire audience – just one chip and one dip in salsa for each audience member. Seriously though, check them out as Ellen gives her full support to the brand. After which, Ellen moves on to “Classic Joke Monday” and reveals that they’ll be ending the segment once and for all (cuing the song “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men), but no worries as Ellen starts a new segment, “Classic Joke Tuesdays.” And finally, Ellen dances!

The first guest of the show, Bethenny Frankel, sits down for some drinks (The Skinny Girl Tangerine Dream) with Ellen. They talk about Bethenny’s first summer season of hosting her own show. She shares that she’s learned as much from the audience as they’ve learned from her. She wanted to come out on the show and talk about things others didn’t talk about like sex, divorce, money, etc. She even got Justin Bieber (who she calls the “Biebs”) to guest on her show because it was on her bucket list. They’re not allowed to say much specifically about the future of Bethenny’s show, but Ellen does say that it’s “safe to say” that the show will be back.

Ellen and Bethenny play Bethenny’s segment called “Let’s Go There.” Lisa, a 39-year old confesses that her family and friends think that her boyfriend is 58 but he’s really 78. Bethenny’s first question: “How is he in the sack?” Lisa is shocked but says yes (he might be watching). And yes, he’s rich. Bethenny’s advice? “The heart wants what the heart wants.” Go for it, she says.

The next guests share their story about saving a German Shepard from a rocky mountain top. When they first got to her, the dog was okay though moving just a little bit. It’s a touching story really about 8 complete strangers coming together to save this dog. They share the dog was up there for about 8 days at about 13,000 feet up when the original owners decided to leave her there after the dog got injured. The group renamed the dog, Lucky. A fitting name for a very lucky dog who was saved by the most generous and caring people. Before they leave, Ellen gives them all Ellen-ized canteen just in case they get stranded themselves, plus a $2,500 gift card from Columbia!

Kellie Pickler, the bald and the beautiful as Ellen says, joins her on the set. Kellie shares that her friend Summer and her family pretty much took Kellie under their wings. When Summer was diagnosed with breast cancer, the two made a pact to shave their heads together. Kellie says if you love someone, it’s important to help someone feel that they don’t have to “walk through the valley alone”, that it’s best to have a cancer buddy. The best part of the interview is when Ellen shaves her initials on the back of Kellie’s head, and it’s for real! Kellie is quite shocked, cursing here and there. Ellen tried to shave “EL” on the back of Kellie’s head, but ends up shaving “EV” instead. And for the first time since I’ve been watching Ellen, Kellie and Summer give Ellen a $20,000 check. Sweet!

That’s our recap of The Ellen DeGeneres show today on 9/17/12. We’ll have another recap to come tomorrow, so until then please do check out our Ellen DeGeneres Show archives HERE.

Image credit: The Ellen DeGeneres Show