Dr. Oz & Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s “Eat To Live”, Metabolism Types, and Losing Weight

Today on The Dr. Oz Show, how what you don’t know is making you fat and Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s “fountain of youth.” Catch it all as we recap today’s live just in case you miss anything.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman says we can all rid ourselves of exhaustion, pain, and pills FOREVER as long as we can learn to use food as medicine. Jessica took almost 10 prescribed medications daily and now takes nothing and is even more healthier. How did she and many others do it? Dr. Fuhrman, author of “Eat To Live”, explains that his theory of food being medicine reveals our false sense of safety behind pills and many other medications. Dr. Oz wants to get one thing clear – is Dr. Fuhrman saying we don’t need any pills at all? That we don’t need our heart pills? Our diabetes pills? Dr. Fuhrman replies with a confident, “Yes.” We don’t need these pills at all as long as can learn to use food as medicine.

How? How do we use food as medicine? The first step Dr. Fuhrman suggests is to turn our well-known food pyramid upside down. At the base of Dr. Fuhrman’s pyramid isn’t breads but vegetables. Dr. Oz says isn’t Dr. Fuhrman’s advice just like another diet? Another weight loss technique? Dr Fuhrman says “we can’t separate health and weight”…”it’s the same thing.” For example, when we eat a lot animal products, it basically tells our body to produce insulin which leads to fat creation and other diseases like heart disease and cancer. What’s Dr. Fuhrman’s bottom line really? In the first part of his interview with Dr. Oz, it sounds like Dr. Fuhrman wants us to be vegetarian or at least have our diets revolve more around greens than anything else.

“Dr. Fuhrman saved my  life,” Adrienne [sic] says about Dr. Fuhrman’s “Eat To Live” program. One thing is for sure, Dr. Oz points out, is that if you eat better not only do you lose weight but also feel better, too. Dr. Fuhrman says that once you devote yourself to the program, your body actually begins to crave healthier food. I could probably relate as when I’m away from the gym for a bit too long, my body begins to crave an exercise routine. It can seem legitimate that this could and would easily apply to diet and food, as well. Another success story shares that she thought a pill was the solution to everything when in fact it was all about eating the right kind of food.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman breaks it down and tells us what to eat. He says that a salad should be our main dish, and that we should have plenty of “G-BOMBS” (foods like Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries, and Seeds). Dr. Oz shows us what 400 calories of greens versus sweets look like in a canister. 400 calories of sweets barely fills up the canister so we don’t full, while 400 calories of greens fills up the canisters fill it up real good. The canisters represent our stomachs, and the greens keep us feeling fuller, longer.

Do you know your metabolism type? Not knowing our metabolism type can actually be making us fat. In fact, the right foods for our metabolic type can actually help us burn food faster. You can’t tell your metabolic type just by staring at someone. Dr. Oz has three women, all sisters, and has us guess their unique body type. Sarah is obsessed with chips and pretzels and loves salt. She says she’s easy going but gets anxious easily (that’s when she grabs a bag of chips). Dr. Oz says she’s a Metabolic Type A who has a strong appetite, crave fatty salty food, and think of themselves as chatty and outgoing. Jen is another sister and she says her go-to-snack is ice cream. She admits she feels tired in the middle afternoon and that’s when she grabs a cup of coffee. She’s a Type B. Type B’s have relatively weak appetites, crave sweets, are easily stressed out, and are highly ambitious. The last sister is Emily who loves it all – salty and sweet – whose fave food is chocolate covered popcorn. She’s a Type C who has a fluctuating, unpredictable appetite, who is fatigued and has body pains like back pain.

For Type A metabolic types, Dr. Oz prescribes a diet that’s 50% protein, 30% fats, and 20% carbohydrates. (Nope, you don’t get any chips.) Dr. Oz, however, advises that Type A’s go after dark meat, not white meat. For Type B metabolic types, Dr. Oz prescribes a diet that’s 70% carbs, 20% proteins, and 10% fats. Finally, for Type C metabolic types, Dr. Oz says they’re the luckiest of the bunch as they get to have the greatest percentage of fats in their diets.

Now Dr. Oz, for the first time, hands over his show to the audience, “I may regret this but I’m also excited.: And now, like soo many others on the internet, the entire Dr. Oz audience pulls of a Carly Rae Jepsen “Call Me Maybe” parody.

That’s our recap of Dr. Oz news for today on 9/18/12. Tomorrow, we find out about the secret world of binge eaters and how binge eating can be detrimental to our health. Until then please do check out our OZ archives HERE.

Image credit: Dr. Oz.