The Ellen DeGeneres Show Recap: Michael J. Fox Talks About Parkinson’s Disease and Psy Performs “Gangnam Style” (9/19/12)

Today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, one of my first fave actors and one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars, Michael J. Fox guests on the show along with The X Factor judge, L.A. Reid. Speaking of music, Korean pop sensation and YouTube star, Psy, performs his hit song “Gangnam Style” which has just broken the 200 million views mark.

In her opening monologue, Ellen shares how she finds the hilarious videos she shares on the show. She says she only has one staff member who does the job watching nothing but videos all day long – and the staff member is a cat. In another video, a guy is on a treadmill getting so into his music that he falls off. In the last video, she shows a mom and her son dancing to Psy’s “Gangnam Style” and they get invited on the show to do it live! (I wonder if the screen behind them opens up and the real Psy pops out to perform the song himself. Nope, it doesn’t happen.) Ellen jokes to tune in tomorrow when she teaches her mom the Dougie. Funny stuff.

Ellen then gives Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson a call at Google’s Headquarters where they’re shooting a movie called “The Internship” where the two have lost their jobs and end up interning at Google. Google is a pretty cool place to work as Vince and Owen talk about there being a pool, a “nap pod”, and joke that they even a Harry Potter-ish “quidditch arena”. The movie comes out next summer, so be on the lookout for that.

“Clumsy Thumbsy” is Ellen’s next segment where she talks about funny texting mistakes. My fave: “I should’ve never have taken that pill before work. I am so aroused I can’t even take it.” / “OMG, what pill did you take?” / “A benadryl! And I wrote drowsy!” / “Ha!”

My man, “Marty McFly” from “Back To The Future” and Michael J. Fox in real life, is on The Ellen DeGeneres Show for the first time ever. Michael, in 1998, revealed that he has Parkinson’s Disease. The toll the disease has taken on his body is pretty obvious as he sits down with Ellen but he’s still the same old guy. He’s getting back into television and you can also watch right now on “The Good Wife.”

Michael J. Fox has been dealing with Parkinson’s for 20 years, and Ellen asks how he deals with it. She asks does he ever get over it, forget about it? Michael says, “Yeah, today.” He also cites having a great family and great kids that help him get through it all. He’s got a great “carry on” attitude. He tells a story of a pregnant woman in Mozambique caught in a flood. She climbed a tree and gave birth to her child there, and held onto to her infant until she was finally rescued. Now, whenever her daughters come to him, complaining about something, she tells them, “A lady had a baby on a tree!” He’s still quite the funny guy and that’s great.

Michael shares a bit of his love story with his of 24 years, about how picked her up with a sleezy line, and fell in love with her when she gave him a snappy comeback. In usual Ellen fashion, she gives Michael a parting gift and it’s a replica of the same guitar he played in the movie, “Back To The Future.” She’ll sign it herself, have him sign it, and have all of her other celebrity guests sign the guitar and then auction it off on EBay and give the proceeds to Michael’s foundation. Great, great, effort.

L.A. Reid, judge on The X Factor, is up next and takes his seat next to Ellen. Mr. Reid being the stylish man that he is, Ellen gifts a multi-colored boxed set of Ellen underwear. Back in the day, L.A. Reid and Babyface were part of the same group called “The Deal.” Now he talks about working with Britney Spears and calls her “responsive.” Ellen calls him on his vocabulary and facial expression, and jokingly laughs and says he’s having more fun with her than he is with Simon. L.A. Reid talks about the mistake he ever made and that was when he dropped Lady Gaga for a record deal. You catch The X Factor every Wednesday and Thursday night, and of course, Nerdles is there recapping it, too.

Up next is Rachel Faust, a 24 year old teacher at a Title I school, tells her story about being positive despite the challenges she, her students, and her school faces. She describes one student who felt sad about not being able to perform well in one of Rachel’s classes because she hadn’t eaten lunch since the day before. That was one of the turning points of her young teaching career, and it inspires her to stick with the school’s students of which 99% live under the poverty line. She’s even spent $1,000 of her own money to set properly set up her classroom for her kids. Today, Ellen and JC Penny are giving Rachel and her school a $100,000 check! (It’s also Rachel’s b-day today.)

Before the show ends, Psy performs his hit song (that I still don’t understand because it’s in Korean), “Gangnam Style.” And, of course, the crowd loves it. It’s over 200 million views on YouTube is pretty good validation for the song’s popularity (though I see this as being another one-hit wonder).

That’s our recap of The Ellen DeGeneres show today on 9/19/12. We’ll have another recap to come tomorrow, so until then please do check out our Ellen DeGeneres Show archives HERE.

Image credit: The Ellen DeGeneres Show