Glee Recap: Brittany’s Out of The Cheerios & New Directions (9/20/12)

Britney Spears’ music gets a reboot tonight on Glee. The pop idol’s McKinley fan, Brittany Pierce, will be taking the lead on this endeavor, no question about it. In New York, Rachel’s homesickness is lessened with the appearance of Kurt…and more.

Brittany is immersed in herself: she’s going to make this school year her banner year. She delivers an impressive interpretation of Ms. Spears’ “Hold It Against Me”. Cue in Coach Sylvester, she’s not taking Brittany’s antics and low grades anymore. Brittany gets the ultimate punishment of being kicked out of the Cheerios.

In New York, Rachel faces her own storm in Cassandra July’s dance class. Cassandra doesn’t see anything great in the marriage of tango and Rachel Berry. Rachel has no choice but to miss out on this class.

Brittany copes up with her own storm in the comfort of food. Her depression alarms Mr. Shuester, who decides to bring back the magic of Britney Spears. The men of the New Directions inspire her with their rendition of “If I Was Your Boyfriend”.

Rachel and Kurt talk about sensuality; Kurt advises Rachel to prove her sexiness to Cassandra by going to her class sans the underwear.

The newbies in McKinley also face their own challenges. Marley’s got a thing for Jake and seem to like the idea of Jake’s offer to spend time together.

Rachel continues to ponder on her sensuality and suggests a routine with Brody. He likes it.

And what happens to Marley and Jake? They hit it off in the school field singing “I’m Crazy For You”.

Back in the choir room, Brittany’s friends attempt to intervene to bring her out of her depression. It might help her if she sings at the pep rally. Brittany thinks she will just lip sync.

Meanwhile, Rachel tries to prove to Cassandra July that she can do the tango. She goes sensual as she sings “Oops, I Did It Again”. Innocent on top of the table? Not! Cassandra ain’t impressed, and the two get into an “I’m young, you’re old” power struggle. Ultimately, the teacher sends the student out of the class.

Back in McKinley’s cafeteria, Jake gets into a fight with Marley and her mom’s bullies. Mr. Shuester hauls him into the choir room and finally meets his half-brother, Puck. Their first-time encounter’s short but stingy: whether Jake joins the glee club or not, he’ll always be Puck’s brother.

At the pep rally, Brittany’s zero energy messes the New Directions’ performance. Oops, they get caught lip synching! Mr. Shuester goes ballistic, prompting Brittany’s resignation from the glee club.

Back in NYADA, Rachel apologizes to Cassandra. As per school policy, Cassandra has no choice but to give Rachel a warning (instead of kicking her out of her class) and a menial punishment.

Inside the McKinley auditorium, Sam comforts Brittany. How will Brittany get back to the Cheerios? Coach Sylvester learns of Brittany’s plan: Mr. Shuester and Ms. Pillsbury will be tutoring her to pull back her grades, return to the Cheerios and graduate by the end of the school year.

Brody pays Rachel a visit and gives her a little extra lovin’. Hey, when is Finn coming back?

Marley and Jake chat in the corridor, only to learn that Jake’s dating a Cheerio. Tonight’s surprise? Jake finally joins the New Directions. To deal with Marley’s disappointment on Jake, she sings one Britney ballad, “Everytime”.

That’s a lot of conflict revolving around Britney Spear’s songs. Stay tuned next week!

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Image courtesy of Glee