CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Season 13 Premiere: D.B. Solves Granddaughter’s Kidnapping (9/26/12 Recap)

The premiere of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation‘s 13th season starts with a case directly involving CSI Supervisor D.B. Russell’s family.

D.B.’s granddaughter has just been kidnapped. He’s bringing out his gun. This time, it’s personal.

Finn contacts D.B. and informs him that she’s with Crenshaw . She’s sticking with the guy because she suspects he’s working for mob boss McKeen.

Outside D.B.’s house, Sara informs her supervisor that they suspect a cop in the kidnapping.

Captain Jim Brass pays McKeen a jail visit. Brass threatens him with retaliation if he finds out that McKeen has been behind the kidnapping all along.

Meanwhile, Julie Finlay takes a ride with Detective Crenshaw. He takes her to a place where there’s no phone signal. He brings her in a place where a party is currently happening.

Sara calls Nick; she needs his help. Nick, on the other hand, is a state of drunkenness when he gets accosted by the police.

Inside D.B.’s house, Sara finds some evidence of plaster with hair while Russell ponders on the threat he has received earlier: the word “karma”.

In jail, Sara tells Nick that he can quit anytime, but not tonight.

Meanwhile, Crenshaw draws Finn out of the party and brings her to a spot devoid of people. Crenshaw forces Finn to go inside a room, with a gun pointed at her. She sees Katie gagged and bound and another man (who later turns out to be Kimball). Crenshaw contacts D.B. who in turn learns that Finn is with Katie, his granddaughter.

Nick’s back in the lab and takes a look at the evidence. Sanders brings in a firearm discovered in McKeen’s car.

D.B. goes back to McKeen who demands a trade: Russell will bring back the $2 million “stolen” by Gilmore from McKeen in return for Katie’s freedom.

Based on the evidence, Nick and Sara discover a certain Lt. Kimball’s involvement in the kidnapping. It turns out that he’s McKeen’s henchman.

Finn looks for a way out of where she and Katie are kept prisoners. She locks the door from the inside. This alerts Crenshaw who forces his was way inside the room. Finn and Katie are nowhere in sight. Suddenly, Finn jumps off from the ceiling and attacks Crenshaw. She succeeds at first and escapes the room. He eventually catches up with her. As he was about to shoot Finn, help arrives. However, Finn loses Katie; Kimball is nowhere to be found.

D.B.’s daughter (Katie’s mom) blames her father for what happened to her daughter. She blames him for all the lies even when they were in Seattle.

Deep in his reverie, D.B. accosts McKeen and ends up shooting him. He’s brought back to reality by Nick. D.B. starts panicking with just an hour left from McKeen’s deadline. Nick tells Russell where to find Jack Gilmore.

D.B. and Nick find Gilmore who reveals that he’s already passed the money to McKeen. His attitude prompts Nick to shoot him in the head.

Brass admits to D.B. that he’s been keeping Gilmore pending an investigation. He reveals that McKeen used D.B. to find Gilmore because the mob boss couldn’t find him.

Finn finds D.B. studying the case in an effort to locate Katie. They realize that Kimball hasn’t killed Katie yet because he still wants to deliver the money to McKeen as a sign of loyalty. They realize that Kimball is still within the area, waiting for a chance to bring the money to his boss.

D.B.  realizes that the clue in finding Kimball and Katie is in the plaster on the wall, leading them to similar properties in the desert.

Brass catches up with Kimball in the parking lot, but Kimball shoots himself instead of giving up. Russell finds Katie hiding behind a cabinet inside the house.

D.B.   delivers the news to McKeen: he will be heading to a federal prison facility where he will be in isolation and the $2million dollars will be donated to the crime lab in his family’s name.

Greg Sanders asks Nick whether he’s quitting for good. Nick doesn’t answer.

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  1. innerjuju says

    It was a gruesome, dark episode. The worst was Sara Sidle snarling at everyone- has there been a less attractive actress on a network show??

  2. Nina Semingson says

    We were VERY disappointed in the season 13 opener. It was gruesom, violent & had lots of violence against women & children. It was very unrealistic showing the granddaughter so happy in returning home after all she had been through & seen. We, who have followed this series faithfully since the beginning, will not be watching anymore episodes.