Mad Money Play-by-Play RECAP: Next Week’s Game Plan & Cramer-Bull for President (9/28/12)

Tonight on Jim Cramer’s Mad Money, Coach Cramer asks “what happened to September being the worst month of the year?” when, in fact, September turned out to be terrific for the averages. So what’s the game plan for next week? Well, Coach Cramer won’t be watching China for once on Sunday; he’ll be watching the Eagles-Giants game.

On Monday, keep an eye on the ISM index and the German Purchasing index. On Tuesday, watch out for The Mosaic Co (MOS) and PVH’s Analyst Day. On Wednesday, watch out for Family Dollar (FDO), Monsanto (MON), and Marriot (MAR). On Thursday, we’ll hear from the European Central Bank so keep an ear out for that. Finally on Friday, Non-Farm Payroll numbers come out. The bottom line: Monday brings in a new month and a new quarter; if the big picture reports turn out badly the market could be in for another beating.

  • Select Comfort (SCSS): Go long, or go short? Coach Cramer says to stay away from this battlefield.
  • Nike (NKE): Down 12% from the year, Jim Cramer realizes that NKE is charging way too much for it’s sneakers. He shares that his charitable trust is scaling back on it.
  • Juniper Networks (JNPR): It’s getting beat up by Cisco.

On Excelis Inc. (XLS), a stock that wen through a break up of it’s water and military technology business to focus on industrial products, Jim Cramer says that recent criticisms against the stock are unwarranted and might actually be a good buy right now. XLS’s CEO, David Melcher, sits down with Cramer and says they have capabilities that are not platform dependent. About 70% of XLS’s revenue is from the DoD, and Melcher says their products are in-line with the DoD’s priorities going forward. One of their top priorities is also keeping their technology and their secrets away from problem areas like in China. Cramer’s final words: It’s an inexpensive stock even if we hit the “retaining wall.”


Jim Cramer LOVES gold. Tonight, he has a new speculative way to play the gold rally. If you can’t afford the gold bullion, Cramer says to play the GLD instead. Sandstorm Gold (SAND), a sort of “banker for miners”, is on Cramer’s radar tonight. SAND makes an initial upfront payment to a mining partner in return for a percentage of the future gold produced. This is Jim’s lower risk play with a lot of upside, and that’s why he likes it so much right now. If you’re like Cramer and think gold is going to 2,000/ounce, then SAND is a good play. He says to buy in half right now, wait for a pullback and then go all in.

  • Procera Networks (PKT): Jim Cramer says he will not opine on PKT – this week. Next week, he’ll compare PKT against another stock.
  • Achillion Pharma. (ACHN): This one is a winner, Jim says.
  • TriQuint Semiconductor (TQNT): Jim prefers another semi-conductor stock. Not this one.
  • Pitney Bowes (PBI): SELL. Do NOT buy.
  • Leap Wireless (LEAP): SELL. Do NOT buy. Jim prefers Sprint.
  • PDL BioPharma (PDLI): BUY.
  • Halcon Resources (HK): BUY.
  • Genworth Financial (GNW): Do NOT buy.
  • Clean Energy Fuels (CLNE): Just okay. Do NOT buy.
  • Cabela (CAB): BUY.
  • Novagold Resources (NG): “Too risky.” Do NOT buy.
  • Philip Morris Intl (PM): BUY.
  • Ford (F): Do NOT buy. “The international business is way too tough.”
Mad Money has been doing these funny bits in between segments, and the stand out one for tonight is Jim Cramer’s presidential campaign commercial as he (“a hardworking genius”) and a red costumed bull run for the presidency. Vote Cramer-Bull for President of the United States of America.

On Corrections Corp. of America (CXW), Jim Cramer says he would not own the stock right now and if you own it, you should “scale out of it.” On Splunk (SPLK), Cramer thinks it’s a pretty cool idea but is an added cost to businesses and the stock is like “lava” (not in a good way). Take the money and run, Cramer says. Next up, Jim Cramer shares positive tweets from his fans who commended him for his last show where Cramer apologized and tried to make amends for his past mistakes. On Home Depot (HD), Coach Cramer says it’s still not too late to get in on it.  On Lam Research Corp. (LRCX), Cramer says it’s dirt cheap and “darn smart” to be a buyer.


Jim Cramer gets in on the iPhone 5 Maps fiasco where Apple’s (AAPL) CEO, Tim Cook, had actually apologized for it. Cramer even says himself that he’s not going to upgrade to the new iPhone if the maps app is a downgrade. As for Research In Motion’s (RIMM) new Blackberry 10 wonders about the eventual release date (if it ever does come out) of it’s new hardware/software. However, Jim is convinced that RIMM’s M&A potential is high.

That’s our recap of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money today on 9/28/12. You can view Coach Cramer’s past advice and stock picks on Nerdles’ Mad Money archives HERE.

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  1. Cathy says

    Jim we are a fan but you might be a little late on Sand now that the radar has cleared and those big buildings blocking the sun light but better late than never this dog will still corner a varmit up a tree. Look JIM those young men at Sandstorm are real good at not burning bridges. Look who all the directors of Silver Wheaton where and where they all went there phones work up there GG and PPP AND DON’T FORGET ABOUT ALL MR. LUNA’S FRIENDS yeh those board of directors are hard to follow. The oil and gas seems to look like Gold over there in China, that’s a funny thing about land you can do a lot with it and it has yuan with that little guys picture all over it. Good Show don’t worry about the game yet there are a lot of batters left, another hint it is always good to have a player just in case the game goes into extra innings and that one big China energy deal that went down looks like there might need more fuel and the lunches with CVE are getting to be supper meetings to, kind of makes you wonder what the Keystone would have done, it is hard for us the USA to play in the game when we have to borrow the money from the other team because Ben B can’t print no more and that is going to make it hard for Obama to fix time , let Romney drill on FED LAND or we will be left way behind. I really like your show any thoughts on these super tanker contracts, the tribal land for a west bound pipeline is just about to go down but they have to store it till the ships come around they will not let that gas stay in the ground hard enough to transport how it is but where there is a will there is a way. Your thoughts, we are still way off on Obama’s green power 100 billion cost you know he will be over budget, he is even making the US NAVY THE BIGGEST FUEL USER IN THE WORLD BUY FUEL FROM DYNAMIC FUELS WHO IS OWNED BY TYSON FOODS AND SYNTROLEUM AND MANSFIELD BUT HE DOES NOT TELL THE PUBLIC THE NAVY RUNS ON HIGH DOLLAR 5 TO 6 TIMES A GALLON PRICE CHICKEN FUEL THAT THE TAX PAYER IS ALREADY PAYING AND I THOUGHT SOLYNDRA WAS A SECRET. I WISH YOU WOULD LOOK THAT UP FOR YOUR SHOW IT IS PUBLIC RECORD THAT IS STAYING HIDDEN CHECK THAT OUT, NOW THAT THE KEYSTONE WAS BLAMED ON THE EPA WHO DOES TYSON FOODS SUPPORT, WHY DID THE CHICKEN CROSS THE STREET ? TO GET TO THE WHITE HOUSE WHAT A TREAT.