Jason “Mayhem” Miller’s Disturbing Behavior During “The MMA Hour” That Has Gotten Fans Worried

On October the 8th, I took a time-out from my heavily loaded demands from work and planned on having a blast as “The MMA Hour” was about ready to go streaming live online with its first guest for the show. It was none other than one of my favorite former-UFC fighters, Jason “Mayhem” Miller who always put on a great show during his fights with his hilarious walk-in entrances to the octagon or even slapstick humor during the battle. What started as an oddly slow start for a comical presentation turned to a very alarming situation where it seemed surreal with Miller’s startling behavior.

Ariel Helwani knew beforehand that the mixed martial artist would come in to the show in character to promote his involvement in the upcoming comedy film, “Here Comes The Boom” which stars Kevin James and Salma Hayek, along with the special participation of actual cage fighters. One of them being Miller who played the role of “Lucky Patrick” who James gets the chance to test his hard-earned skills through his intensive training.

At first, it all seemed like the classic antics from Miller who loved fooling around and never took to seriously answering any questions asked of him. When Helwani began addressing his guest as “Mayhem“, the deranged one informed his host that “Mayhem” had actually left and was lost “in the woods”. This was the point where things got strange and twisted.

Helwani initially played along with the poorly executed act to which agitated the Leprechaun guest who started tampering with the studio equipment. Semi-worried, Helwani tried prying out his friend “Mayhem” out of the skit to actually get down to the real interview and look into the fighter’s life outside of the UFC and into whatever else was keeping him occupied. Miller neglected any and all attempts from the journalist and just spat out nonsense that didn’t really piece together a picture of whatever was being discussed.

Just to “try” to better paint a picture for you, it seemed like watching Charlie Sheen ranting off on anything and everything that just didn’t sound right at all from the get-go.

Miller stood up, started acting pretty violent, and seemed to almost make an attempt to inflict harm on a seated and shaken Helwani. Miller swarmed out of the set not more than 15 minutes into the interview.

To let you have a look for yourself at what transpired, click on the video below from MMA Fighting.

When “The MMA Hour” came back after the sudden and unintended break, Helwani reported that he had actually chased down Miller out of the studio to try to bring some sense to his old friend. Belligerent to the journalist’s plea, Miller kept walking and had no intentions of returning to the show. Miller even had the time to pose for a picture as a fan recognized him from his TV exposure in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

After seeing what had happened during the show, I was at a loss for words and turned to Twitter to check the validity of what I had just sadly witnessed. Turned out that THAT was not a staged setup for the show to garner ratings. It was an actual incident that needed serious attention as Miller clearly needed medical and psychiatric assistance (or help) after the bizarre appearance.

Quite recently he was arrested after allegedly breaking into the Mission Hills Church in Mission Viejo, California, ran amuck inside naked while trashing and vandalizing the place primarily with a fire extinguisher. Authorities found Miller reclined on a couch when they detained him.

I seriously hope that this series of odd showings are just part of Mayhem’s clowning around as he so flamboyantly wants to imprint on his in and out of the cage persona, but what I saw today shows of a person desperately crying for medical attention. Again, I wish this was just all part of a very bad joke just getting worse as it plays out; otherwise, well… I don’t want to think it leads to what you must be thinking already… Please get well, Mayhem.

Mayhem Miller's Disturbing Behavior During "The MMA Hour" That Foretells of a Nervous Breakdown

October 8, 2012 — On what was supposed to be an obnoxiously comedic appearance from former UFC Middleweight fighter, Jason “Mayhem” Miller (right), on “The MMA Hour”, the joke seemed to wear out and reveal an actually troubled individual who was in need of psychiatric assistance from medical experts. Old friend and host for the show, Ariel Helwani (left), took chase after Miller who stormed off the set and into the streets. Image Courtesy of MMA Fighting.

Photo/s Courtesy of MMA Fighting


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    LOL it’s publicity people. The fact that everyone is talking about it proves its a success. Whether you’ll actually watch this movie, probably have a better chance now than ever before. Knowing miller’s personality, this fits the bill. I love Patrick! #boom