Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 1 “Seed” Recap

Definitely worth the wait. If you recall, the last season left us with Rick’s group (minus Andrea) out in the open road. The episode starts out with the men scavenging and securing a house. Carl is with them and he even gets to shoot a walker in the head.

It’s amazing how even silence can make you feel the tension in the group and shortly they are forced to evacuate the house because of numerous walkers. Time has obviously passed, Hershel has become more hairy and the group was talking about how Lori’s baby is almost due.

They have stumbled upon the prison we saw in last season’s finale and Rick thinks its perfect. I love how it starts out action-packed and everybody’s in on it, even Carol. Carl has also become a pretty good shot. Rick does a suicide run to close the gate. A few moments of fun shooting down some zombies and all’s clear. Night falls and everybody is feeling pretty good, already making plans, wishfully thinking and singing.

We are also introduced to Andrea’s savior, Michonne, the bad-ass with the katana. The two have formed a companionship but Andrea has fallen ill and now depends on Michonne for survival.

Inside the prison, Rick and the men have secured a hallway and everyone got settled in cells. While the men feast on weapons they found, Lori has a talk with Hershel about the baby. She no longer feels the baby move and is scared that it has died but with everybody being infected, she fears that it might come back to life and eat her from the inside. I think that’s really plausible and Lori is right to make Hershel promise to “take care of it” if anything goes wrong. Disturbing but reasonable.

The men, and Maggie then scout and try to secure the area. Really dark hallways, a few dead walkers here and there until they reach a corner filled with a waiting horde. In the panic, Maggie and Glen are forced to detach and hide. The group comes back for them and Hershel gets bit in the leg.

Without hesitating, Rick chops off Hershel’s leg with an axe. Movement in the room makes Daryl jump into defense mode only to find a group of men watching the whole scene.

I can hardly wait for the next episode. I’m pretty anxious about what can happen to Hershel and we have yet to meet the governor. And Merle’s comeback! So much can happen but for the meantime, let me hear your thoughts! Comment down below!

Image credit: AMC’s The Walking Dead