Grey’s Anatomy 10/18/12 Recap: Love the One You’re With

Dr. Cristina Yang comes back from her vacation.  Dr. April Kepner  revirginizes, but can’t resist Dr. Jackson Avery. He proposes marriage. Dr. Callie Torres tries to save her patient’s foot.  Cristina, Meredith, and McDreamy refuse the plane crash settlement.

A fiancee, the love of her fiance Frank’s life, is a patient.  She says that she cringes when they cuddle.  They’ve never had sex, and can do so in two weeks.

A patient sobs because she might lose her foot.  She had just come from Mexico.  She doesn’t want her parents to come over. Her toes moved, so she might get to keep her foot.

Dr. Yang says that Patient Pop-Pop has an enlarged heart and cannot eat tater tots, not even a bite. She is against a high-risk surgery that could kill Pop-Pop.

Mexico Patient needs to go through a series of operations to keep her foot.

Thomas said that he googled Cristina and found out that she was in a plane accident.  He shows her his signature move, on Pop-Pop.

Dr. Torres says that the settlement is life-changing money.  Meredith and Cristina agree to it. Dr. McDreamy/Derek Shepherd wants to give it another day to think over.

Meredith tells Cristina that April is revirginizing.  Cristina thinks that this is will not last long.  She’s on the right track, as April and Jackson kiss and Jackson proposes to her.

16-year-old Mexico Patient’s mom wants Callie to keep Mexico in the hospital so she doesn’t go sailing again and lose her foot.

McDreamy visits the crashed plane and wonders what happens if they settle.

Miranda says that it is a horror movie is in the microwave.  She’s upset that Tuck let go of her hand when he went to school, without looking back.  Everyone’s off conquering new things, and she’s stuck.  She never noticed until Tuck let go of her hand. Dr. Richard Webber tells her to go out there and do something.

Cristina will go with what everyone decides on the settlement.

Callie finds Arizona on the floor.  Arizona fired her nurse.  Arizona is sitting in a pool of her urine.  She says that Callie did this to her. They scream at each other then cry in the shower.

McDreamy says that they can’t settle.  He saw the hangar of the plane.  He says that if they settle, they can’t control the results of the investigation. When they–the doctors–make mistakes, they make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Meredith agrees with Derek, that they shouldn’t take the money.

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Image Credit: Grey’s Anatomy