The 15-Second Teaser Trailer for Iron Man 3 is on its Facebook Fan Page 10/21/12!

I literally jumped off my seat when I heard the news that Tony Stark’s arc reactor on the “Iron Man 3″ Facebook Fan Page reached its maximum charge of 100 percent which meant only one thing: THE TEASER TRAILER HAS FINALLY SURFACED! As promised, Nerdles was in on it as the news broke and here it is for all you Iron Man fans out there!

Sadly, this video clip only previewed a mere 15 seconds of what we could be expecting from the third installment, but I was more than grateful for having this sneak peek of the finished product rather than nothing. Still, I hope the next trailer blows me literally off my seat like this breaking news almost did.

In this 15-second teaser (super-tease) trailer, we find two of our favored protagonists in Tony Stark aka Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and Miss Pepper Pots (Gwyneth Paltrow), a man with his back towards the camera (who is obviously “The Mandarin” who is played by Ben Kingsley), and of course the pride & joy and latest creation in the long line of body armor weaponized suits… The Mark 47 in action!

Though nothing much can be predicted from this extremely short clip, I already have some questions heading to the major launch of the (hopefully) much longer trailer on Tuesday, October 23rd. Why is “The Mandarin” holding and cocking a gun? With all his magic (from his rings… wait… his fingers don’t have rings on them… huh?), why resort to a petty handgun? Is this an origins story for “The Mandarin”? Will Iron Man use all 40 suits as I predicted in my storyline prediction? Why is the Mark 47 being used right away and what sets it apart from the other suits?

I have so many burning questions heading to the official release, but until then, I guess I’ll be like you craving for more like a hungry vampire in search of more blood… Do check back here on Nerdles for as we feed you with the freshest cut on this upcoming trailer to be released by Apple!

While waiting for more on the development of this story, here’s the link to that 15-second teaser trailer which you can access through the official “Iron Man 3″ Facebook Fan Page (you can tell if the page has over 10 million followers on it). After clicking on either the link or the picture of the arc reactor, just wait for the power gauge at the bottom to reach 100 percent where it the number will be replaced by “unlocked”. If you’ll still have difficulty finding the secret link to the trailer, try clicking here and hopefully if works. Cheers and hold on to your pants!

Tony Stark's Arc Reactor Has Released the Teaser Trailer for Iron Man 3 on its Facebook Fan Page 10/21/12

October 21, 2012 (1:00 PM ET) — Because the fans helped restore the power back into Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor on its Facebook Fan Page, the 15-second teaser trailer for “Iron Man 3″ has surfaced through a special link! Image Courtesy of Iron Man 3 / Marvel Studios / Paramount Pictures.

So what did you think of the find? Do leave a comment and I’ll be happy to get back to you on whatever inquiries you have about “Iron Man 3″.

Below are some of the cast and crew involved in “Iron Man 3″:

• Tony Stark aka “Iron Man” — Robert Downey Jr.
• Pepper Potts — Gwyneth Paltrow
• “The Mandarin” — Ben Kingsley
• James Rhodes aka “War Machine” — Don Cheadle
• Happy Hogan — Jon Favreau
• Jarvis — Paul Battany
• Aldrich Killian — Guy Pierce
• Chen Lu aka “Radioactive Man” — Xueqi Wang (refer to my storyline prediction)

**Update as of 2:25PM ET, I was successful in attaching the 15-second teaser trailer for your convenience! Enjoy this trailer!**

Photo/s Courtesy of Iron Man 3 / Marvel Studios / Paramount Pictures