The Red Band Trailer for the Evil Dead Remake Has Been Officially Released! Not For The Faint of Heart! 10/24/12

Fair warning! Please do not continue reading if you have a weak stomach for absolute gore in its rawest form as this article will discuss how the red band trailer for the Evil Dead Remake will bring back the forgotten evil of long ago! Here we go…

When I first watched the bootleg release of this trailer last week, I was already left shaken and scarred as to how far Director Fede Alvarez tried re-narrating the 1981 version of Sam Raimi’s horror baby by being more graphic with the gruesome “cut” scenes (if you know what I mean). I tried my best in describing the scenes of the bootleg trailer after it was pulled out due to copyright infringement. My efforts did little justice after just viewing the officially released trailer…

After having a closer and much clearer look of the disturbing scenes, that feeling of being uneasy and forever flawed returned, but this time I felt it seep through my skin and latch itself onto my bones.

Yeah sure “Paranormal Activity 4″ topped this weekend’s blockbuster ratings despite its highly repetitive thrill factors and fright tactics which, quite frankly, remained the same since the first part, but if you really want to get that perfect scare timely for the Halloween spirit, then by all means watch this trailer; however, I would like to reiterate that should you continue with the viewing, there is no going back… no return to innocence…

Screenshot 1 from the Red Band Trailer of the Evil Dead Remake

After being possessed by the unleashed evil from the Book of the Dead, Olivia (Jessica Lucas) turns to the camera to show her lovely smile. Image Courtesy of the Evil Dead / Tristar Pictures.

For those who aren’t familiar with the original story, a bunch of teenagers (or twenty-somethings) escape from the busy life in the city and head toward a remote cabin that belonged to one of their aunts. Upon arriving, they find that the cabin hasn’t been lived in for quite awhile, but is habitable nonetheless. Upon further inspection of the old dwelling , they find the Book of the Dead, “The Necronomicon”, and an old recording that bear the translation of the unholy tome. One of them opens the book and plays the tape which awakens the slumbering evil that has been dormant in the woods. One by one, they become possessed and turn against each other. Those who haven’t been turned try escaping for their lives, but the woods keep them from running away; thus returning to the only existent refuge they have: the cabin and their prayers for surviving the night.

Screenshot 2 from the Red Band Trailer of the Remake of Evil Dead

Now we know what’s got Mia’s (Jane Levy) tongue. Image Courtesy of Evil Dead / Tristar Pictures

Here’s the full cast for the motion picture:

• Mia — Jane Levy
• David — Shiloh Fernandez
• Olivia — Jessica Lucas
• Eric — Lou Taylor Pucci
• Natalie — Elizabeth Blackmore

Click on the video below at your own risk and Happy Halloween! Enjoy the hair-raising moment while watching the red band trailer of the remake for “Evil Dead”.

Evil Dead is set to unleash the forbidden gore of the Book of the Dead on April 12th, 2013. Let’s all watch it together now yah hear?

Photo/s Courtesy of Evil Dead/Tristar Pictures