Dr. Oz Shares Dr. Andrew Weil’s New 5 Health Essentials

Dr. Oz opens up the show taking us into the home of Dr. Andrew Weil. “The kitchen is the heart of the home,” Dr. Weil says as he gives a quick tour of his very large, handsome home. “You have to feed your soul as well as your body,” he says as he points out that he meditates first thing in the morning. It’s all quite like an MTV episode of Cribs Dr. Oz-style.

Dr. Weil, now on set of Dr. Oz’s show, shares that the number one thing we tend to get wrong is the body’s ability to heal itself. Then he goes on to give his Top Five Essentials:

1. Iodine. Dr. Weil says the mainstream diet doesn’t give us, especially women, enough iodine. Iodine controls metabolism, and “you name it, iodine is involved in it”, Dr. Weil says. Even loss of interest in sex is a result of iodine deficiency. Putting on The Purple Gloves, Dr. Oz and Dr. Weil take a look at a normal thyroid gland and an abnormally large thyroid gland with goiter. And it’s all in the eyes too as puffy eyes is an important sign of iodine deficiency. Better yet, take a look, or rather a feel of your neck. Grasp your neck with both hands right under your Adam’s apple, swallow, and if you feel your thyroid gland then go see a doctor. To get more iodine into your diet, dairies like milk and seafoods like fish are a good start. The best way? Dr. Weil says seaweed is best like kelp simmered in water as a broth.

2. Pistachios. These are an essential prebiotic (as opposed to probiotics) that the body needs. How much is needed exactly? 47 nuts. Pistachios, however, have fewer calories per nut and the fat content is “not so bad” and is of the healthy kind of fat. Included with pistachios, Dr. Weil adds DGL. DGL is an herbal suppressant and is for people with digestion problems like heartburn. The best dose to take it in tablet form 4 times a day, right before your meals and bedtime.

3. Besides poor diet, Dr. Weil says stress is the #1 hazard to our health. The biggest mistake, he says, is trying to distract ourselves from stress instead of getting to the root of it. The answer to all lies in the palm of your hand, Dr. Weil reveals with hand acupuncture. It’s simple and takes very little time. With the area between the thumb and forefinger, massage in a circular and twisting motion theater. Dr. Weil says it’ll only take a moment, and has a long tradition of healing in China. He also suggests his older 4-7-8 Breathing Technique.

4. Trendy raw food diets – do they work? Dr. Weil says it’s something we should think twice about as we need to know which foods are best raw and which foods are best cooked. Cooking does destroy food enzymes but the stomach does that anyway. Leafy greens are best eaten raw but other veggies like tomatoes are best eaten cooked as cooking releases essential nutrients. Garlic is a superfood, Dr. Weil says, and that is particularly do to a component in it called “allison” [sic]. Garlic is best eaten raw (if you can actually stomach it), Dr. Weil suggests, and in a salad will be best. As for your breath, Dr. Weil says if you eat it regularly there wont’ be much of a smell, but if you eat it suddenly, you’ll smell it. Asparagus is another food best eaten raw as cooking destroys an essential component called foley.

5. CoQ-10, a “no brainer” Dr. Weil says, is an important element of good health as it protects cells against oxidation. Used primarily by muscle cells, like heart cells, and also by the brain, CoQ-10 will help you feel and look younger. 120 mg a day (in a soft gel form) is best along with a meal with some fat in it. It would take 4 lbs of sardines, or 8 lbs of beef, or 10 lbs of peanuts just to get 120 mg of CoQ-10 a day. Dr. Weil takes this amount every day, and even uses it for aerobic health too. It’s his “superantioxidant.”

What doctor does Dr. Weil go to for his health? Dr. Tieraona Low Dog mixes her Native American roots with western medicine. She brings natural earth remedies to share on the show. Golden Root (rhodiola), at 100 mg daily for two weeks, will help boost energy. Prickly Pear fruit is an excellent remedy for diabetes as it prevents that rise in insulin after you eat.

Finally, Dr. Oz brings in fans of the show with their own essential health things to trade with another. The first woman brings in a small weight scale for food servings. She trades it for some health bands. Then there’s a three way trade with next women trading a jump rope for a kettlebell for a pedometer.

That’s the best of Dr. Oz today on 11/15/12. Tomorrow, we’ll be back with another recap of the best health news from The Dr. Oz Show. Until then please do check out our OZ archives HERE.

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