Revolution Recap: The Bold Move to Save Danny and Deliver Monroe to the Rebels (11/19/12)

Revolution pays homage to the music of Led Zeppelin as our protagonists zone in to Philadelphia, where General Monroe’s headquarters is located. Will Miles, Charlie, Nora and Aaron succeed in their attempt to get back Danny?

Miles and the others are currently in a rebel camp which is 20 miles away from Philadelphia. Miles tries to convince the head of the rebels, Colonel Starkey, to help him save Danny; in return, he will use his inside knowledge of Monroe’s camp to deliver the General into the rebels’ hands. The rebels agree: the assault will take place the following night.

Miles prepares Charlie for the worst: the assault might also be the end of their lives. Charlie’s optimistic, but Miles still has hesitations especially since they’re not sure whether Monroe’s army is already on their way to take them down.

Miles and the rebels pass through the train station. While walking, Nora tells Charlie that although Miles and Monroe were childhood friends who enlisted in the military at the same time, the two had a falling-out when Miles tried to assassinate Monroe. Miles couldn’t pull the trigger so he decided to leave instead.

The women stop chatting when Charlie steps on a booby trap. Nora gets everybody to leave as she attempts to de-activate the bomb; however, Miles and Aaron stay put. After some manipulation, Nora tells Charlie, Miles and Aaron to run fast in case the bomb goes off. It only takes a few seconds before the bomb explodes but the four are able to get away. However, the explosion seals off the entrance, leaving them with no other choice but to go forward.

Back in Monroe’s camp, Rachel Matheson is working on a device that aims to boost the power of the pendant. She explains to Captain Neville and Captain Burke that the pendant requires a booster, a gadget that amplifies the pendant in order to power equipment such tanks, as long as they’re within range.

Miles and the rebels face another challenge: with a limited supply of air, they can’t help but experience hallucinations. Aaron tells them that this is the last thing that happens before death. Miles, Nora and Aaron fall in the trap, each having to contend with personal issues and fears.

Miles rallies the group, telling them that the exit is just 10 minutes away. They face another obstacle when they arrive to a sealed exit. This forces them to look for another way. While doing so, Miles falls into another episode of hallucination: a face-off with Monroe reveals that he fears betraying his friends in the event that he flips to Monroe’s side.

Hope arrives when the group sees their torch burning more: an indication of fresh air coming in the tunnel. Colonel Starkey, the leader of the rebel group, powers his way through the locked door. He lets Miles pass first; soon as he gets through, Starkey guns down the other rebels. Charlie, Nora, Aaron and Ashley (the remaining rebel) escape the gunfire.

Starkey locks the door behind him and forces Miles to go up a flight of stairs. Starkey, as it turns out, is a militia who has infiltrated the rebel group. He plans to lead Miles back to Monroe’s camp.

Aaron forces his weight against the door and succeeds; they rush through to save Miles. Ashley attempts to shoot Starkey with an arrow but gets gunned down first. Charlie takes over and hits Starkey in the chest. He goes down but not before shooting Charlie.

Charlie wakes up and finds herself face to face with her father. Charlie tries to get her bearings: is this a dream? Ben tells her that everything she’s seen is all over. He tells her to take a rest. While doing so, she hears Miles’ voice, telling her to wake up.

Charlie does wake up, but she’s still in a room with Ben. Charlie is tempted to stay with Ben, but she tells her father that she needs to get back to the real world in order to save Danny.

When Charlie finally opens her eyes, she sees Miles. Charlie was indeed hit by a bullet, but it only grazed her head. Having recovered, she thanks Miles for saving him. She goes on to say that she was in a place that made leaving very difficult. But Miles’ voice made her go back to reality.

Having recovered from the fright of the previous events, Miles and his companions finally make their final ascent to the ground and into Monroe’s camp.

Meanwhile, Monroe visits Rachel in her workplace and tells her that he brought Dr. Bradley Jaffe to confirm if Rachel is indeed building a booster. Jaffe gives his opinion: Rachel is building a sophisticated time bomb. This angers Monroe; he tells Rachel that he’s not keeping his part of the deal anymore.

Rachel makes her appeal: she will build the booster. Monroe tells her that he has no need for her anymore now that he has Jaffe. The news stuns Rachel and forces her to kill her husband’s old colleague. She tells Monroe that he still needs her.

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