UFC on Fox 5: Henderson Vs Diaz 12/8/12 Results, Live Recap, and Play-by-Play Updates

In the main event for UFC on Fox 5, the Lightweight Championship belt is back up for grabs as two of the best fighters in the 155-pound division go head to head. With both men trying to stamp their legacy in the history of fights, a lot more than the title is at stake here.

Since entering the UFC, Benson “Smooth” Henderson has ransacked the elite gladiators of the lightweight division up until he claimed the championship from Frankie “The Answer” Edgar via unanimous decision victory in February of this year. In that highly contested match, the fight fans around world clamored for a rematch between the two since the judges’ call deemed questionable to garner a vote of “unanimous”.

The result of the rematch still ended in the hands of the judges which led to a split decision victory in favor of Henderson. Still a close fight, most viewers (including yours truly) believed that the triumph should have gone the other way.

With his last two title fights in question, Henderson plans on proving to the world of mixed martial arts (and even the UFC) why he should be considered the best in the division and should be respected as king of the hill. In making that happen, the unrecognized champion intends on slamming the door in the face of the number one contender and one half of the notorious brother-tandems in the business, Nate Diaz.

Having his fair share of ups and downs in both the 170-pound and 155-pound divisions through the years, Nate has matured and honed his fight skills to a T which had given him the opportunity to challenge for the belt. With spectacular performances against the likes of Takanori “The Fireball Kid” Gomi, Donal “Cowboy” Cerrone, and recently Jim Miller, the young Diaz has proven why it’s his time to rule as the new honcho of the herd.

Before these men engage in bloody battle for respect and the coveted championship, a couple of other men in the card also have the same goals of making an imprint in the fight world and prove they are the best and feared warriors in the land as the following try trampling over their counterparts across the cage:

 Mauricio “Shogun” Rua climbs faces Alexander “The Mauler” Gustafsson in what may have “number one contendership” bearings in the co-main event;
 “The Prodigy” BJ Penn comes out of retirement to stuff the upward momentum of the silent terminator-like Rory Macdonald; and
 Mike “Quick” Swick wants to proclaim that he belongs in the upper echelon of the division as he tries destroying Matt “The Immortal” Brown.

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Round 1

 Jorgensen starts with an inside leg kick which’s countered by a combination from Albert.
 The two get tangled and Albert gets dropped to the mat at 4:41 who tries for a leg lock, but fails.
 Jorgensen works inside Albert’s full guard to half-guard.
 Albert sweeps Jorgensen at 3:26!
 Jorgensen tries getting out of danger as Albert tries getting his opponent’s back!
 Jorgensen gets Albert back to the ground with the short scramble on the mat!
 Albert locks the triangle choke at 2:20!
 Jorgensen tries fighting out of the hold, but Albert tries going off an armbar!
 Jorgensen sits up to counter the pressure and escapes the hold at 1:27!
 Jorgensen gets to side control and works some ground and pound.
 Dangerous elbows from Jorgensen.
 Albert tries getting back up, but Jorgensen catches his back and amazingly gets the rear-naked choke!
 With just seconds before the round ended, Albert taps out!


DENNIS SIVER (20W-8L) (146LBS) VS NAM PHAN (18W-11L) (145.4LBS)

Round 1

 Siver starts his attack with a series of kicks both upstairs and downstairs.
 Phan eats all of those kicks and punches and moves onwards regardless of the damage.
 Siver clips Phan with a left hook at 3:50 that wobbles the latter.
 Siver connects with another straight right at 3:24!
 Siver catches Phan’s liver with his patented spinning back kick at 3:06!
 Siver continues with his shots as Phan tries figuring out where to come in to attack.
 Siver mixes up his strikes until he connects with a nice head kick at 1:39 where Phan tries tying up the fight, but negates anything to do with the tangle.
 Siver shoots at 0:57, but abandons it as Phan looks to defend it well.
 Phan incorporates kicks in his strikes.
 Siver times his spinning back kick that lands right on Phan’s liver at 0:14.
 Round ends.

Round 2

 Siver unloads with quick leg kicks followed by his swift punches.
 Phan connects on Siver’s chin that rocks him a bit, but Siver immediately recovers and returns the same amount of damage to his opponent that forces Phan to fall down.
 Phan gets back up right away.
 Siver fires with a right front kick that lands on Phan’s face at 3:00 to which Siver fires more head kicks, but shoots after seeing nothing seems to phase Phan.
 On the ground, Siver works in Phan’s half-guard and uses a lot of elbows on the grounded Phan.
 Siver switches it up by locking up Phan’s head and position and fires with full swings on Phan’s face.
 Phan tries escaping from the ground and pound where Siver gets the mount momentarily.
 Siver rains more damage on the mat as the horn sounds.
 Round ends.

Round 3

 Despite all the damage taken, Phan looks like he’s still fully energized.
 Siver gets the takedown at 4:25 and works inside Phan’s full-guard.
 Siver moves to half-guard as he softens Phan with punches
 Just like the previous round, Siver hammers down his heavy elbows and gets the mount, but Phan hip escapes.
 Siver throws a barrage of punches at 2:40 and Phan is just getting punished!
 Siver locks up Phan’s right arm by pinning it with his left leg while in Phan’s half-guard.
 Siver grinds Phan’s face in with unlimited thunderous elbows.
 Being durable, Phan hangs on despite all the damage he’s taken as the horn sounds off signifying the end of the fight.
 Round ends.

Final Result === Dennis Siver DEFEATS Nam Phan via UNANIMOUS DECISION (30-24, 30-25, 30-26 = Dennis Siver)


Round 1

 Trujillo takes the center of the octagon, but Levesseur gets the former up in the air and throws him down to the mat!
 Trujillo gets back up and brings both of them up against the cage with Levesseur still on him.
 Levesseur drops down for a single while Trujillo throws his elbows on his aggressor’s temple.
 Realizing and feeling the pain, Levesseur ties it back up until the referee breaks them apart at 3:01.
 Trujillo connects with a right hook that hurts Levesseur who clinches up and brings the fight back against the cage.
 Levesseur wears down Trujillo with knee strikes with short shots to the body.
 Trujillo, stuck against the cage, fires away with thunderous elbows and punches on Levesseur’s body and side of the temple!
 Levesseur ties it up until the referee breaks them up again at 0:46.
 Levesseur shoots in, but eats a huge knee to the face at 0:26!
 Trujillo pounds away at a hurt and grounded fighter until the horn sounds.
 Round ends.

Round 2

 Trujillo moves in to the center of the cage on a berserker-like feel.
 Levesseur throws a leg kick, but Trujillo fires away with punches at 4:32 that hurts Levesseur!
 Trujillo pounds him and locks a standing guillotine!
 Levesseur escapes by spinning out to which Trujillo turns the hold into a north-south choke!
 Levesseur hangs on on the mat and escapes with a scramble!
 Levesseur almost gets Trujillo down, but pushes the wrestler off.
 As the two get up, they re-engage and swing away!
 Trujillo comes out of the exchange unhurt as Levesseur looks like minced meat!
 Trujillo gets the fight down to the mat as Levesseur tried retreating to the comforts of the ground, but the former prevents it from happening and gets control of Levesseur’s back while on his knees.
 Trujillo fires with unforgiving punches to the face, but Levesseur turtles up and defends against them.
 Trujillo changes his technique by utilizing knee strikes to the body.
 After several unanswered knee strikes to the kidney, the referee stops the fight.

Final Result === Abel Trujillo DEFEATS Marcus Levesseur via TKO (KNEE STRIKES TO THE BODY) in the 2nd Round (Official Time of Stoppage: 3 minutes, 56 seconds)


Round 1

 After touching gloves, both engage immediately!
 Cruickshank throws quick leg kicks to which Martinez grabs one of the legs and pushes Cruickshank back up to the fence.
 They are broken up at 4:09 and reset.
 When they re-engage in the pocket, both fire with wild punches!
 Martinez pushes the fight back up against the cage.
 Cruickshank tries defending the control, but Martinez lets it go and launches a salvo of strikes at the cornered Cruickshank!
 Cruickshank fires back which forces Martinez to back up!
 Both put on a striking display using all punches and kicks!
 Cruickshank connects with a kick to the midsection that hurts Martinez who retreats to the comfort of the fence!
 Cruickshank tries finishing the fight by throwing everything he has in the tank!
 Martinez survives and they reset!
 With 0:24 seconds left, Cruickshank introduces one of his legs to Martinez’s face that rocks him!
 Cruickshank tries finishing the fight, but Martinez retaliates until the horn sounds.
 What a fight!
 Round ends.

Round 2

 Martinez gets one of Cruickshank’s legs as the latter tried attacking the midsection again.
 Cruickshank gets free and uses that tied leg to damage Martinez’s body!
 Martinez presses forward despite all the shots his face has eaten.
 Martinez eats Cruickshank’s forearm as he was moving in at 3:49.
 Martinez keeps his striking combinations regardless of the damage he’s taken in the previous round.
 Cruickshank looks to have quieted down with his attack until he launches a devastating right head kick to the side of the head that knocks out Martinez in highlight-reel fashion!

Final Result === Daron Cruickshank DEFEATS Henry Martinez via KO in the 2nd Round (Official Time of Stoppage: 2 minutes, 57 seconds)


Round 1

 Both swing early as Nijem goes for a takedown!
 As Nijem goes for the takedown against the fence, Proctor tries applying the standing guillotine.
 Proctor pushes off Nijem away from the fence while holding on to the hold.
 Proctor lets it go to strike, but Nijem gets the better of the exchange as Proctor covers up.
 The two reset away from the cage.
 Nijem connects with a powerful flying front kick that drops Proctor!
 Nijem smells blood and rushes in for ground and pound!
 Nijem immediately goes for Proctor’s back and tries sinking in the rear-naked choke.
 Proctor recovers on the ground and scrambles which allows them to get back up.
 Proctor’s all bloodied up!
 Nijem corners Proctor to the cage and tees off, but Proctor clips Nijem right on the button which hurt the former!
 Proctor tries going for the guillotine again, but Nijem is saved by the bell.
 Round ends.

Round 2

 Proctor connects again on Nijem’s chin at 4:50!
 Nijem retreats a bit to recover and leaps with a lead left that connects at Proctor’s chin too!
 What a brawl!
 With over 3 minutes remaining, Nijem lands more significant shots as the pace has slowed down.
 Both swing like there’s no tomorrow at 2:40 to which Nijem ties the fight up against the cage.
 Nijem gets the fight to the mat and works his way to gain better ground control.
 Proctor gets the advantage and postures up locking a improvised guillotine with a little over a minute left!
 Nijem gets up and forces Proctor to the mat at 0:38 with the hold still latched.
 Proctor releases the hold and moves to a kimura, but not enough time to finish the move.
 Round ends.

Round 3

 Nijem fires with a leg kick at 4:41.
 Nijem fires another body shot which is followed by an overhead.
 Nijem shoots for a takedown and gets it, but Proctor tries for a kimura.
 Nijem holds on to his shorts to defend the hold and gets his arm out of danger.
 Nijem sits up and mounts Proctor.
 Nijem softens up Proctor with punches and tries for a guillotine.
 Nijem takes Proctor’s back and still rains more punches.
 Proctor explodes and tries getting out of the situation, but Nijem gets Proctor back down and lands more punches.
 In a scramble, Proctor gets the better position and tries finishing the fight with a kimura to which he switches to an armbar!
 Nijem pulls his arm out again to land more ground and pound against the cage.
 Proctor gets the better position in the grappling as they break away and swing wildly again until the horn sounds off to end the fight.
 Round ends.

Final Result === Ramsey Nijem DEFEATS Joe Proctor via UNANIMOUS DECISION (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)


Round 1

 Assuncao launches with a spinning back heel kick that cuts nothing but air.
 Both exchange in the pocket with Easton connecting more.
 Assuncao connects with a head kick, but Easton just eats it and keeps his hasty pace.
 Nice counter short left by Assuncao as Easton tried moving forward at 2:54.
 Easton seems to have some difficulty moving inside Assuncao’s range.
 Easton moves forward with his combination which is met with another set of counter-strikes at 1:36.
 Assuncao changes it up by moving forward at 1:05.
 Assuncao ties his arms around Easton’s waist and tries going for the takedown, but Easton’s takedown defense is phenomenal.
 The fight goes to the fence for a few seconds until the fighters are broken apart at 0:08.
 Round ends.

Round 2

 Assuncao starts keeping the distance using leg kicks and heel kicks to Easton’s thigh section.
 Easton aggressively moves forward with a combination to break the rhythm to which plays in the favor of Assuncao.
 With 2:51 on the clock, Easton tries figuring out how to penetrate Assuncao’s counter stance.
 Easton finally corners Assuncao to connect with his attacks, but Assuncao clinches up and pushes Easton up against the fence.
 Assuncao knees Easton in the groin section which pauses the fight.
 As the fight resumes, Assuncao continues with his counterstriking mode which halts Easton’s entry.
 Easton moves in for a takedown at 0:39, but Assuncao stuffs it and back on their feet they go.
 Easton doesn’t connect with any of his strikes as Assuncao is more successful with his gameplan.
 Round ends.

Round 3

 Machida-like, Assuncao picks apart Easton’s assault in the opening minute.
 Since Easton is hesitating with his attack, Assuncao kicks his opponent in the midsection at 4:10.
 Assuncao goes for a single-leg takedown, but Easton defends well at 3:21.
 Easton drops to one knee momentarily, but gets back up as Assuncao tried going for a takedown.
 Assuncao repeats the process and tries for another takedown with just a little over 2 minutes on the clock.
 Easton throws those heavy hands, but Assuncao ducks under them and goes for another takedown at 1:30.
 Easton stuffs it and back in the pocket they go.
 Easton swings wildly again which forces Assuncao to retreat and slip to the mat.
 Easton tries capitalizing, but the evasive Assuncao escapes Easton’s attempt to be grounded and pounded.
 Round ends.

Final Result === Raphael Assuncao DEFEATS Mike Easton via UNANIMOUS DECISION (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)


Round 1

 Stephens runs for a flying knee, but Edwards moves away from it.
 Edwards throws a left kick at 4:31, but Stephens grabs on to it which drops Edwards to the ground.
 Edwards gets back up and back they go in the rhythmic exchange.
 Edwards begins to feel Stephens’s power by protecting himself from the heavy and life-threatening swings!
 Stephens moves in with a right hook, but Edwards connects with a shorter counter right hook that rocks Stephens!
 Stephens falls to the mat and hangs on until Edwards force-feeds the hurt fighter with a series of elbows that eventually knocks him out.
 The referee stops the fight.

Final Result === Yves Edwards DEFEATS Jeremy Stephens via KO in the 1st Round (Official Time of Stoppage: 1 minute, 55 seconds)


UFC on Fox 5: Henderson Vs Diaz 12/8/12 Results, Live Recap, and Play-by-Play Updates

December 8, 2012 — Tonight in the main event, the Lightweight Championship will be on the line as the reigning champion, Benson “Smooth” Henderson, defends his title for the second time against the number one contender and one-half of the notorious Diaz brothers, Nate Diaz. Also on the card, it’s Mauricio “Shogun” Rua versus Alexander “The Mauler” Gustafsson in the co-main event, which follows the intense action between “The Prodigy” BJ Penn and Rory Macdonald and Mike “Quick” Swick versus Matt “The Immortal” Brown. Image Courtesy of the UFC/Zuffa LLC/Getty Images.

MIKE SWICK (15W-4L) (170LBS) VS MATT BROWN (17W-11L) (170.2LBS)

Round 1

 Brown moves in for a right hook, but Swick counters and gets out of the forward attack at 4:32.
 Brown moves in again and tries shooting at 3:54 and gets it.
 Brown locks in a D’Arse choke then lies down to secure the hold like a guillotine.
 Swick hangs on and gets his head out at 2:42!
 Swick now works in Brown’s full-guard.
 Brown uses wrist control and tries attempting for a triangle choke on Swick and gets it at 1:41!
 Swick sits down and places his legs on Brown’s chest, but Brown tries going for an armbar as well.
 Swick intelligently survives Brown’s jiu-jitsu and gets a arm-in-guillotine at 0:26!
 Brown scrambles and back they go on their feet and against the cage as the horn sounds.
 Round ends.

Round 2

 Brown looks for the head kick at 4:40, but checks it.
 Nice elbow from Brown at 4:18 against the cage.
 Swick turns Brown to the fence and tries gaining control, but Brown moves out of the hold.
 Brown ties the fight up against the fence in the clinch and works his Muay Thai knees and elbows.
 Swicks turns Brown to the cage and gets a leg for a takedown, but lets it go.
 Both separate and back they go exchanging in strikes.
 Swick looks hurt from the damage done against the cage by Brown.
 Swick attacks first but hits nothing and Brown counters with a huge left hook that drops Swick to the ground lifeless.
 Brown does the finishing touches on his prey to secure the victory as the referee calls the end to the match.

Final Result === Matt Brown DEFEATS Mike Swick via KO in the 2nd Round (Official Time of Stoppage: 2 minute, 31 seconds)

BJ PENN (16W-8L-2D) (168.2LBS) VS RORY MACDONALD (13W-1L) (170.2LBS)

Round 1

 Macdonald feeds a knee as Penn moves in for a takedown, but that doesn’t harm the latter as much.
 Both battle for position against the cage until they break at 4:07.
 Macdonald utilizes leg kicks and jabs which keeps Penn at bay.
 Macdonald fires with a headkick at 3:32, but Penn moves in with a right hand!
 The crowd is going nuts with this fight with chants of “BJ”.
 Penn throws an overhead right that is successful at 2:50.
 Penn connects with a right that forces Macdonald to the cage at 2:17.
 Penn clinches up and gets Macdonald to the mat on one knee.
 Macdonald escapes the clinch and hits Penn with a swing that makes Penn adjust his mouthpiece.
 Penn seems hurt with Macdonald’s kicks and strikes against the cagewall.
 Nice aggressive elbow from Macdonald at 0:17.
 Round ends.

Round 2

 Penn looks really tired at the start of the round.
 Macdonald uses his straight jab effectively that forces Penn to back up.
 With 3:33 on the clock, the crowd begin shouting “Rory! Rory!”
 Penn tries attacking and lands a significant right hook at 3:04!
 Strong kick to Penn’s midsection at 2:34 which’s followed by another that shows in Penn’s face how painful those shots are already.
 The referee looks to step in, but Penn stays alive by countering.
 Macdonald mixes up his combos and ends it with a strike to Penn’s midsection.
 Macdonald taunts Penn by trash-talking and doing fancy footwork.
 Macdonald gets the takedown at 0:40.
 Macdonald works his ground and pound as Penn does head slaps to defend.
 Round ends.

Round 3

 Penn connects with a right hand at 4:47 and pushes Macdonald to the cage.
 Penn tries getting Macdonald to the mat, but the latter stuffs it well and uses it to turn the tables in his favor.
 They are broken apart at 3:46.
 Macdonald throws a spinning back head kick at 3:28, but misses and slips to the mat.
 Macdonald gets back up with a weakened Penn just letting him do so.
 Macdonald backs Penn against the cage teeing off again.
 Penn, being bloodied and looking like a punching bag now, still keeps his forward pressure despite not being as effective as Macdonald’s.
 As they end up against the fence, they are separated again at the 1-minute mark.
 Macdonald gets another headkick, but Penn keeps his composure in attacking.
 Macdonald drops his hands to further taunt the legend.
 With the 10-second clapper going off, Macdonald does further Ali-like footwork to mock Penn.
 Round ends.

Final Result === Rory Macdonald DEFEATS BJ Penn via UNANIMOUS DECISION (30-26, 30-26, 30-27)


Round 1

 Rua tries with his leg kicks while Gustafsson uses his lengthy reach.
 Gustafsson knocks down Rua with a stiff jab!
 Gustafsson enters Rua’s full-guard, but the latter locks in a ankle lock and tries ripping it apart!
 Gustafsson escapes!
 Gustafsson leans against the cage as Rua uses his knees to attack the former’s legs and lands one on Gustafsson’s head!
 Rua drops agains and tries for a heel hook!
 Gustafsson escapes again.
 Rua throws a kick and Gustafsson catches it and throws him down.
 They scramble and after a few seconds and get back up.
 Rua knocks down Gustafsson this time!
 What a fight!
 From the midpoint of the round, Gustafsson tees off at Rua who can’t seem to land anything significant anymore.
 Round ends.

Round 2

 In the opening seconds, Rua clips Gustafsson which wobbles him a bit.
 Nice leg kick by Gustafsson followed by a powerful overhead punch from Rua at 4:31!
 Another beautiful overhand left from Rua at 4:01.
 Gustafsson closes the distance and clinches up to use some dirty boxing.
 The two are separated from the fence at 3:13.
 After a powerful overhand right at 2:47, Rua clinches up and pulls guard, but Gustafsson doesn’t want anything to do with it.
 They get back up, but Rua connects with a straight jab at 2:11!
 As the two exchange in the center of the cage, Gustafsson gets the takedown at 1:48, but Rua uses his superior grappling and gets the upper-hand as they get back up.
 Gustafsson gets Rua back down again, but the latter gets right back up which’s met by a knee in the Muay Thai clinch!
 What a brawl!
 Round ends.

Round 3

 Good right hand by Rua at 4:40, but Gustafsson walks right through it.
 Gustafsson gets the fight to the ground, but Rua gets up.
 Gustafsson chases Rua and gets the latter’s back.
 Rua outmaneuvers Gustafsson and escapes.
 The two get back up but after a few swings, Gustafsson gets the takedown at 3:12.
 Gustafsson stands up looking for an entry point, but Rua gets up at 2:40.
 Gustafsson strikes to Rua’s midsection which looks to have hurt Rua as he backs up.
 Gustafsson gets to connect with more kicks and punches as Rua tries recovering from the previous liver shot.
 With 1:01 remaining, the two are separated from the clinch against the cage.
 Gustafsson connects with a beautiful front kick at 0:41!
 Rua clinches up to survive and Gustafsson gets the takedown as the horn sounds signifying the end of the fight.
 Round ends.

Final Result === Alexander Gustafsson DEFEATS Mauricio Rua via UNANIMOUS DECISION (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)


Round 1

 Henderson starts the attack with a leg kick.
 Henderson misses with a leg kick to which Diaz capitalizes and gets the former’s back and clinches to the cage.
 Henderson switches places with Diaz by pinning the latter against the cagewall.
 Diaz attacks with short punches while Henderson with knees to the legs.
 Henderson gets double underhooks and tries bringing Diaz down to the mat.
 Diaz defends and prevents the champion from doing so.
 Diaz pummels under and uses knees to Henderson’s body.
 On the break, Diaz uses an elbow that connects.
 Diaz get Henderson to the mat, but Henderson powers out of the danger and get Diaz to the ground.
 Henderson postures and lands several punches on the downed Diaz.
 Diaz gets back up after a scramble on the ground.
 Henderson fires with a leg kick that drops Diaz to the mat.
 Diaz gets right back up and Henderson does the same technique again. This time Diaz doesn’t fall and drops his guard to mock the champion.
 As the horn sounds, the two don’t separate and exchange words before the referee breaks them apart.
 Round ends.

Round 2

 Henderson throws another leg kick early on and the effect is immediate as Diaz almost wobbles.
 Henderson gets Diaz down to the mat while holding on to the side to fire away with some heavy ground and pound.
 Diaz eats them and gets back up.
 On the break, Henderson fires with a right headkick that Diaz just eats again.
 Henderson gets the fight into the clinch up against the cage where both try for a dominant position.
 When they break, Henderson throws an elbow that connects.
 Diaz tries scoring some points in the striking department, but Henderson attacks the weakened lead leg that can’t withstand anymore damage.
 As Diaz kept cautious of the leg kicks, Henderson throws a head kick that hurts Diaz!
 Diaz retreats while Henderson chases.
 Henderson egts the fight to the mat for the meantime and lands some ground and pound.
 Diaz is now cut on the bridge of his nose and above his right eye.
 With 0:33 on the clock, Diaz reverses and almost throws Henderson off his back.
 Diaz gets a mount momentarily, but doesn’t get anything done as the horn sounds.
 Rounds ends.

Round 3

 Henderson keeps his focus on the weakened lead leg, but Diaz punches in bunches to counter.
 Big takedown by Henderson at 4:09.
 They scramble and Diaz almost gets the top position, but Henderson gets out and they reset.
 Henderson gets the fight back down again while posturing up for elevated strikes to the bottom.
 Diaz gets a knee bar at 2:33 and turns it into a heel hook!
 Henderson scrambles and gets Diaz’s back and tries for the rear-naked choke!
 Diaz escapes and Henderson stands up!
 Diaz ties it up and goes for another leg lock and so does Henderson attempt as well!
 Nice right hook by Henderson at 1:14 that drops Diaz!
 Henderson swarms Diaz, but the latter claims he’s still okay.
 Henderson continues with heavy hands while Diaz tries desperately for submissions as the round ends.

Round 4

 Diaz drops guard to invite Henderson to enter his range unprotected.
 Henderson ties up the fight and gets the fight down to the ground at 4:25.
 Diaz tries rolling under, but Henderson gets his enemy’s back.
 They stand, but Henderson drags Diaz back to the mat.
 Henderson works some ground and pound off of Diaz’s back while turtling up.
 The same process occurs for the next few times: Diaz stands up, Henderson brings the fight back to the mat, Henderson pounds Diaz’s face and body for attempting submissions.
 Henderson continues to punish the downed Diaz and starts punching the latter’s knees and legs while postured up.
 Round ends.

Round 5

 Desperately trying for something, Diaz immediately taunts the champ to engage.
 Henderson obliges and clinches up against the wall with the champ as the aggressor.
 Henderson lifts and slams Diaz face first to the canvass at 3:30!
 Henderson tries finishing the fight, but the “never give up” spirit of Diaz remains.
 Diaz gets back right up with Henderson still clinging onto his back.
 While going for a kimura, Diaz brings the fight to the mat at 1:59.
 Henderson punches the unprotected face of Diaz which forces him to let go off the submission.
 Henderson attacks with a headkick at 0:56 as Diaz tried getting up!
 Diaz keeps the taunting up, but nothing more needs to be done by Henderson as he clearly wins this match.
 Round ends.

Final Result === Benson Henderson DEFEATS Nate Diaz via UNANIMOUS DECISION (50-43, 50-45, 50-45)

Click on the video below to view the live streaming of the post-fight press conference after the all cards have been fought. The special bonuses for the night will be announced as well as what lies ahead for each fighter after what transpired tonight.

===AWARDS OF THE NIGHT (Each Fighter Gets $65,000)===

**FIGHT OF THE NIGHT = Scott Jorgensen Versus John Albert**

**SUBMISSION OF THE NIGHT = Scott Jorgensen**

**KNOCK OUT OF THE NIGHT = Yves Edwards**

Check out these video highlights from the fights in the main card and from the post-fight press conference for tonight’s show.

Photo/s Courtesy of the UFC