The Voice Recap: Trevin Sings “Wind Beneath My Wings”; Three Finalists Next Week (12/10/12)

The Top 4 perform: Terry McDermott and Cassadee Pope of Team Blake; and Trevin Hunte and Nicholas David of Team Cee Lo. Exteena and Adam are teamless. Blake performs “White Christmas” with his entire team. Michael Buble sings from his Christmas album. Trevin sings “Wind Beneath My Wings;” followed by Nicholas with “You are So Beautiful;” Cassadee, “Stupid Boy;” Terry, “Let It Be.”

Michael Buble sings “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).” I’m always on the lookout for new Christmas songs; this one is not going to make my list.  The curlicue set is cute, though. The only Buble song I like is “Haven’t Met You Yet.” Michael’s Christmas special airs on NBC at 10 pm.

Carson Daly mentions friend Jenni Rivera of The Voice Mexico, who died in a plane crash.

Which contestant goes home tomorrow? Trevin? Which three contestants will make it to the finals? Who will be The Voice?

Trevin Hunte goes home to Georgia, where he moved from New York when he was 11-12. Trevin’s dad says that he kept singing with the radio when he was young. He tells his mom then dad that he loves them. He tells kids from his school that he was told that he would not amount to anything. He says that he feels that he’s unstoppable.

He sings “Wind Beneath My Wings.” I disliked it at title. Christina says that he sang it even better than she did at weddings. Adam said that he was just thinking that Trevin should sing this song and kill competition. It doesn’t do anything for me.

Howie Mandell, host of Take It All, is in the audience. His new show, which includes Secret Santa, airs right after The Voice.

Nicholas David goes home to his family of four. He listens to the heartbeat of Kid Number Five. He sings “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in the place where he used to sing.

Glassless, he sings “You are So Beautiful.” I am underwhelmed, given his previous performances, but he is much better at putting a new spin on old songs than Trevin is. It is just good enough to put him through. I wanted him to win The Voice, but I’m switching to Terry. Nick should try new songs for a change. Carson calls Nick’s performance “crazily inspirational.” Adam says that that’s all he cares about from anybody, and says that he likes Nick. Cee Lo says that Nick looks handsome, and that it was so beautiful.

In the Skybox, Christina Milian interviews Michael Buble, who coached Cassadee and Terry. Michael wishes he could say that he had something to do with their success.

Blake introduces his 16 team members to Producer Scott Hendricks. They sing “White Christmas,” so they’d always be connected. I like the look in Blake’s eyes as he sings it, like he is eyeing someone specifically. The Team Blake portion is all-cool and -touching.

Pop-rocker Cassadee goes back to his mom’s house in West Palm Beach, Florida, where she was surprised to see her boyfriend, grandpa and uncle. They go to a radio station that she had been listening to since she was a kid. She performs at a place where she used to sing with her band. She takes on Blake’s pick  “Stupid Boy” by Keith Urban. The lyrics remind me of Melanie Martinez. It is my first time to hear the song. Cassadee looks like an elegant mermaid. And oh, the subtly two-toned hairdo is more suited to her age than her adult beaded gown. Blake listens with his mouth in his clasped hands. The song is more lyrics than tune, but this is a good way to introduce a song to another audience. Christina says that Cassadee’s voice is always on-point and calls her a superstar. Blake says that Cassadee sings country songs because nobody else who’s ever been on the show can connect with a song like she does. I’d like to see her sing a more oomphy Carrie Underwood song, like “Before He Cheats.”

Scottish rocker Terry goes to his adopted home city, New Orleans. He surprises his son, the most moving part of this episode, especially when his son talks. He is in surprised tears when he sees his parents (I guess).

His “Let It Be” by The Beatles is the best performance of the night, but I am left wanting. I had expected a wow, newish–from this decade–song from the semifinals. Heck, something from this century would suffice.

Carson asks Adam to say something first, since the song means something to him. I wonder what Carson means. Blake says that few people can attempt that song, and Terry’s one of them, and calls the song perfection.

Tomorrow, the Top Four sing duets. And: Chris Mann, Juliet Simms and RaeLynn.

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  1. says

    I would love to have heard Amanda sing heart “Alone” or “Dreams”. Her presence was sorely missed this week.

    I’m sure they are planning on having Terry or Cassidy win. They are moderately talented, I don’t think either are exceptionally talented – but I think the backers of the show are genuinely uncomfortable with a third African American male winning – no matter that he has more talent than the two previous winners put together.

    Nick is a novelty, not very commercial.

    I still think Trevin has the most vocal talent and has performed a wider range of styles. I think he had to pull back too much on “Wind beneath my wings”. I liked it, but would have loved for Ceelo to have had him do “Nessun Dorma” or kate bushes “this woman’s work”. Hopefully, he survives. I hope you have some contacts that can get Cee lo to have him to one or both.

    • says

      You’ve a lot of talking points here. “Alone” by Heart is so typical of Amanda. She needs to break out like in “Dream On” if she were still around. Mix it up, do something dif like “Superwoman” by Karyn White. Aren’t “Dreams” by The Cranberries and “This Woman’s Work” more up Melanie’s alley?

      Who could blame them? Just like the lukewarm successes of the WGWGs at AI. Based on Jermaine Paul’s “I Believe in This Life” and Javier Colon’s “Time After Time,” which, incidentally, is Black Guy with Guitar, I’m inclined to agree with you in terms of vocal talent. But Javier has the stage presence. Yeah, I’d like to hear Trevin sing “Nessun Dorma.” Heck, I’d like to hear anyone with the chops, sing it. Always brings the house down. The performer I can think of now is the Filipino Robert Sena. Unfortunately, I can’t hyperlink you to the performance, as I can’t find it online.

      No, Kat, we’re not chummy chummy with Cee Lo, but this is the web. Anyone who drops by can see your comments.

      I think that people will not buy same-ol-same-ol, that’s why Gang Nam and Lady Gaga were hits. I think that Nick can be commercial, that he’s even more interesting than Buble.