Modern Family Recap: Phil, Claire, Cam, Mitch House Flip (12/12/12)

Claire Dunphy and her brother’s partner Cameron “Cam” Tucker see a lot that they can turn into a baseball field. Haley works for the first time. Cam, Mitchell, Claire and Phil look into the house-flipping business.

Haley Dunphy, Claire’s daughter, goes to work for the first time.

Cam dresses up as a scareclown.

Claire and Cam convert an empty lot into a baseball field. While shoveling, Claire confides in Cam that she wants to get a job and help the family.

Luke, Claire’s son, teaches, Manny Delgado, Gloria’s son, how to hit a ball.

Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, Claire’s dad Jay’s wife, uses a mike attached to her tummy, to talk to her baby. She also sings to the baby. Jay can’t take the “racket,” but doesn’t have the heart to tell her. He offers to take the mike and talks with him like he’s on the CB, and asks the baby to talk back.

When Gloria and Jay fight, Manny reminds them that stress is bad for the baby. When Gloria proposes that they not ever fight in front of the baby, Jay tells Gloria that her stinking sucks–er, her singing stinks.

Cam and Cam’s partner Mitchell, Claire and husband Phil, look at a house that they can flip. Cam wants to be the interior designer, and points out that if they all buy the house, they split the risk. Mitchell thinks that they can have no risk if they don’t buy the house at all. Phil tells Cam and Claire that he’ll try to convince Mitchell, but is really on Mitchell’s side. Mitchell tells Cam that Phil is not on board, either. Mitchell realizes that he can be Phil and just pretend to be on board.

Phil mistakenly texts Claire, “We need to shut this house thing down without them knowing it’s us.”

Phil apologizes to Claire for not being honest with her. She is upset that he doesn’t believe in her, when he believes in everything.

Mitch and Phil show up at the baseball field with flowers for Cam and Claire and find uniformed players in action. They finally decide to buy the house. Gloria sings the national anthem at the field. When Gloria is asleep, Jay tells their baby that he hopes that it doesn’t get its mom’s singing voice but get her confidence.

With Manny at bat, Gloria tells him to stand up straight. Jay tells him to bend his knees. Distracted, the ball hits his legs. Jay tells him that he’s going the wrong way.

Count on Sofia Vergara as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett to put the funny in labor. Modern Family returns on January 9 with husband Jay Pritchett at her side. Her son Manny Delgado is also around.

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Image Credit: Modern Family