The Doctors Recap 12/20/12: 70% of Make-Up Counters Contaminated

Shopping Dangers.

“It’s a scary world out there, especially when it comes to shopping.”–Dr. Stork.

You can get pink eye, E. coli and herpes from sampling make-up products. Mall migraines, joint pain, addiction, anxiety attacks, shopping cart emergencies. Overeating is not the only holiday risk. Which bacteria has the longest shelf life: E. coli, strep, staph? Have you lost your car in the mall? A gadget helps you find your car. Which produce are the dirtiest? Which ones have the most pesticides?

Sunda and  ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork hate shopping. Tara and Obstetrician and Gynecologist Dr. Lisa Masterson love shopping. Tara drives and doesn’t let Sunda go. Tara gets headaches in the mall.

Someone who works in the mall gets headaches. Bright lights can trigger headaches. Get cool shades, omega 3, and caffeine. Dr. Stork asks Sunda how she feels about shopping for diamonds. She has no problem with that. :)

Can you really shop until you drop? Tara was shopping everyday for three weeks. When you shop, you get excited, dopamine surges, and shopping can become an addiction. Dr. Stork suggests that she skip shopping every other day.

You can get bacterial and viral infections from make-up samplers like herpes, dermatitis, acne. 67-70% of make-up counters are contaminated with staph, etc.

A Doctors staff member went to a make-up counter. She got 62,300 bacteria, or 7 times more than before she tried on make-up. Dr. Stork says that she should be ok. Dr. Stork puts on make-up on Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears.

Everyone in the audience gets Aveda’s mascara which conditions lashes.

Which bacteria has the longest shelf life: E. coli, staph or streph? E. coli: 18 months.

E. coli were found in the rags used to wipe the food court table tops. Dr. Stork points out that the rags are dirty from previous tables. If your food drops on the table, don’t eat it. Use wipes on the table.

Clinical Psychologist Dr. Ramani  Durvasula, featured in My Shopping Addiction says that shopping becomes an addiction when you can’t live without it, you can’t afford it, people say that you’d rather send a gift than spend time with them. Dr. Durvasala suggests that Sunda spend non-shopping time with her friend.

Martha, an interior designer gets a sharp pain in her arch when she carries heavy things.

Nicole, a yoga instructor carries a 15-pound bag, which causes shoulder pain or shoulder bursitis. Chiropractor Jennifer Jara gives her stretches.

Asymmetric loads strain your spine. Bursa is a sac that can be inflammed so the tissues around it becomes painful. Orthopedic Surgeon Clint Soppe explains Motion Capture, which measures all of Nicole’s movements. Her avatar shows her leaning when she carries her bags.

I use the Healthy Back Bag, which has eleven pockets and feels like nothing.

1,000,000 cars are misplaced everyday. A hand-held device can find your car up to half a mile away. It uses radio-finding technology, ideal for baseball games. Press the button and get a higher tone when you’re pointing to your car. Everyone in the audience gets an Orbital Auto-Finder. I just take a photo of my car with the location number/letter.

When a kid tries to stand up or reach for something, he could fall from the cart. A four-foot fall can be fatal. Keep your kid away from the main part of the cart and always keep an eye on him.

68% of food samples have pesticide residue. Two audience members have 30 seconds to pick out the top five dirtiest produce items i.e. with the most pesticides. My guess is it would be the items that have the thinnest skins. According to the Environment Working Group, the “winners” are:

5. Strawberries

4. Peaches

3. Sweet bell peppers

2. Celery

1. Apples

You can use a clean paper towel, warm water, lemon to clean fruits. Also use clean cutting boards. Be careful of sponges, because they can be dirty.

Dermatologist Dr. Glynis Ablon says that the anti-aging No7  works in four weeks.Plastic Surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon adds that Vitamin C can also increase glycogen.

Retail therapy relieves stress, by upping your mood with endorphins. If you take a few laps around the mall, shopping can be good for your health.

Meality, Measured Reality, gives you your size in different brands.

Tomorrow: 20 Health Changes. Chef Rocco DiSpirito on lighter, flavorful Italian meals. Your washing machine load can make you sick; you could end up with 100,000,000 E. coli. A certain type of water can cause tooth decay. A 30-second facelift.

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