Dr. Oz’s New Year’s Tips For A New You (1/1/13)

Dr. Oz, surprisingly, begins the 2013 new year with a rerun. Despite the replay, today’s show is all about new beginnings as Dr. Oz helps us to restart our bodies and reverse the damage we’ve put on it from the last year. If you’ve got new year’s resolutions for 2013 and they’re about your health, then this is the episode to watch. Since this is a rerun, we’ve got a full recap of the episode already available on the link below.

Click HERE to read our full recap of The Dr. Oz Show’s season premiere.

Another first on the show, Dr. Oz has his entire studio audience put a on pair of purple gloves as each and every one of them will be holding an organ. The first organ up for show and tell is the heart. About the size of closed fist, we find out on the show that Latinas are especially susceptible to heart disease. Another organ featured specially on this episode is the thyroid. Now if you’ve got weight problems or your new year’s resolution is to lose weight, the thyroid is of critical importance. The thyroid gland converts fat into energy which gives us energy by burning the fat. Find out more and about other organs in our full recap in the links provided.

Now if you’re even more short on time and you can’t go through our short recap, Dr. Oz has provided us with breezy “cheat sheet” to help us restart our bodies in 2013. Check it out below:

Dr. Oz - Restart Your Body Cheat Sheet


Click HERE to read our full recap of The Dr. Oz Show’s season premiere.

That’s our recap of the best of Dr. Oz news for today on 1/1/12. More news to come tomorrow, so until then please do check out our Dr. Oz archives HERE.

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  1. Margaret Bush says

    Dr. Oz. I saw on my Facebook some samples that I could purchase by paying postage only that you recommend from Bella Labs. I gladly payed the postage but I am now being billed large amounts for purchases I did not knowingly authorize. What do you suggest I do? I love your show and respect you personally.