Dr. Oz & Dr. Ian Smith’s Shredder Diet – Lose 4 Inches and 2 Sizes in 6 Weeks (1/2/12)

Got a pair of fat pants? Today on The Dr. Oz Show, we get rid of them. Dr. Oz opens up today’s brand new episode by having his studio audience take their fat pants and trash them into the bin. Joined by Dr. Ian K. Smith, author of “Shred: The Revolutionary Diet”, we get the plan we need to “shred” that fat.

6 weeks, 4 inches, 2 sizes – that’s what Dr. Smith’s “shredding” diet promises. Like muscle confusion, Dr. Smith coins “diet confusion” to prevent your body from getting stuck in a cycle and keeping your metabolism always guessing, always burning. Basically, you want to turn your body – your metabolism – into a sort of seesaw so that it’s moving and burning fat.

Dr. Oz performs an experiment by taking 6 of his viewers on the shredder diet plan, and he says the results are amazing. The participants share that the first week or so is the toughest as it requires a few changes in their diet like what they eat and when they eat. Week #3 is the toughest as this is the phase that limits your calorie intake the most. By the end of the program, the results are as promised between the viewers: average inches lost, 4′; average size dropped, 2 sizes.

There are some important components of Dr. Ian’s diet. The first is meal spacing. Meal spacing means’ eating 4 meals a day with 2 snacks. The next is a calorie roller coaster. You start the program big by taking in a lot of calories and by Week #3, everything changes by taking in a lot less calories. Detoxing is next and it’s meant to cleanse your body. Foods like flaxseed and lemon water or natural hibiscus tea are important.

Dr. Ian shares his 3 S’s to losing weight and keeping it off for good. The first is a “Shredder Smoothie”. Basically, it’s a quick and easy healthy fruit drink that’ll help keep your nutrition going even if you’re busy during the day. The next are “Shredder Snacks” like a shrimp cocktail, chocolate banana, and an English muffin. The final secret is called “Shredder Soups” like Tristie’s Chicken Noodle Soup.

Believe it or not, your skinny jeans are keeping you fat, Dr. Oz says. Plus, if you’re waiting too long to wash your pants in between wears, you’re doing it wrong. Dr. Oz says you should wash your jeans for every 2 years. Also, if you’re eating while standing up, you’re eating 30% more food than if you were sitting down. In addition, stay away from frozen dinners. They’re just not good for you at all. But if you have to have ’em, keep them under 600 mg of sodium, under 300 calories, and less than 4g of saturated fat.

That’s our recap of the best of Dr. Oz news for today on 1/2/13. More news to come tomorrow, so until then please do check out our Dr. Oz archives HERE.

Image credit: Dr. Oz.